The Tick (1994)

The Tick (1994)

Originally a comic book series by Ben Edlund in 1988, "the Tick" took off with success after its television debut in 1994. Although the characters and story lines are based on the books, the two are completely different. The Tick is the protector of The City, and there is a lot to defend against: The Idea Men, a group of people who want to be rich and lazy by robbing banks, Dinosaur Neil, a man who transforms into a destructive prehistoric beast, a murderous baker named the Breadmaster, and an extravagant millionaire, named Chairface Chippendale, just to name a few. With all the antics that went on throughout the series, it's no wonder it lasted three seasons!

Episode Info

Final: 3x10 -- Tick vs. Education (Nov/24/1996)

The Tick is teaching a class of student super heroes when a company mascot named Uncle Creamy begins to exact revenge against his former employer, the local ice cream factory for accidentally turning him into a living ice cream cone. The company hires a second mascot to replace and fight Uncle Creamy and the Tick and his class get involved.
Townsend ColemanTownsend Coleman
voiced The Tick
Micky DolenzMicky Dolenz
voiced Arthur (S01)
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Arthur (S02-S03)
Kay LenzKay Lenz
voiced American Maid
Cam ClarkeCam Clarke
voiced Die Fledermaus
Jess HarnellJess Harnell
voiced Sewer Urchin
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Various
Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry
voiced Various
Gail MatthiusGail Matthius
voiced Various
Miriam FlynnMiriam Flynn
voiced Various


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1x6: The Tick vs. El Seed recap: It is a beautiful morning in The City. The Sun is shining. The birds are singing. The flowers are opening up… and attacking little old ladies! Saplings are stealing a work truck! Trees are attacking golfers! And The Tick and Arthur are fighting off attacking cacti at Angry Hank's Texas Fat Pig Bar-BQ! Plants all over The City have begun to move about independently and aggressively against humans... read more.

1x5: The Tick vs. the Breadmaster recap: The Tick and Arthur are grocery shopping at Stuart’s Food Castle. The Tick thinks they should be patrolling instead but Arthur knows they need to buy food or they won’t be able to cook dinner later. While they are in the store, Stuart receives a phone call. Someone named The Breadmaster warned Stuart to evacuate the supermarket because a bread bomb was about to go off. It does and when the bread has finished expanding, the entire store is demolished!.. read more.

1x4: The Tick vs. Mr. Mental recap: The Tick and Arthur are at a seedy dive known as the Evil Eye Café. Although the patrons at every other table are the sort of scum and villainy that he usually tries to bring to justice, The Tick seems completely unaware. Instead he is thoroughly enjoying the cabaret singer. Arthur questions why they were sent an invitation for a free night as the café. The Tick brushes the question off as the kind act of a citizen that they helped in the past... read more.

1x3: The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil recap: A new day is dawning over The City. The Tick greets the dawn with a soliloquy extolling his virtues. Just then, Arthur’s alarm clock goes off. He stumbles to the kitchen wearily to get his coffee before he and The Tick head out for their morning patrol. But The Tick has a surprise: they’re going to take the day off! The Tick wants to visit Dinosaur Grotto, which is a working dig site for dinosaur bones... read more.

1x2: The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale recap: It is night in The City and The Tick and Arthur are on patrol. Nothing happens until eventually a burglar alarm sounds. They move to investigate and find three criminals stealing a crate from the Superweapons Laboratory (Very Deadly). The Forehead, Boils and Zipperneck are not particularly concerned when The Tick arrives and confronts them. In fact, the even laugh at him. At The Forehead's command, Zipperneck begins brawling with The Tick. Arthur arrives and confronts The Forehead and Boils, so Boils goes after him... read more.
Recurring Guests

Rob Paulsen as The Caped Chameleon (15 eps)
Jess Harnell as The Human Bullet (13 eps)
Pat Fraley as German Shepherd (12 eps)
Kevin Schon as Big Shot (12 eps)
Jim Cummings as Mr. Mental (8 eps)
Pat Musick as Mad Nanny (Meriam Brunch) (8 eps)
Maurice LaMarche as The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight, Jim The Doorman (7 eps)
Roger Rose as Four-Legged Man (7 eps)
Tony Jay as Chairface Chippendale (5 eps)
Susan Silo as Jungle Janet (5 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Comedy | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1994
Ended: November 24, 1996
• Das tickt (Used In Germany)
• il ticchettare (Used In Italy)
• la auditoría (Used In Spain)
• le tictaquer (Used In France)
• o carrapato (Used In Portugal)
• tick (Used In Norway)
• Ο κρότωνας (Used In Greece)
• тиканье (Used In Russia)
• ダニ〔かちかちという音〕 (Used In Japan)
• 標記 (Used In China)
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