Season 3

27 :03x01 - That Mustache Feeling

The Tick is suddenly sporting a mustache, much to Arthur's concern. It turns out the mustache is a living weapon left over from the Cold War era that takes over the mind of its victims. Jim Rage and the ladies of Project: SHAVE come to The City in pursuit of the mustache.
Guest Stars: Brad Garrett as Jim Rage | Danny Mann as Dinosaur Neil | Rob Paulsen as Captain Mucilage (Civic-Minded Five) | Roger Rose as Four-Legged Man (Civic-Minded Five leader)
Director: Hank Tucker

28 :03x02 - Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding

In a plot to take over The City, Chairface Chippendale, switches Dinosaur Neil's anti-growth medication with placebos, and increases the amount of stress generated at his wedding by employing the services of El Seed to mutate the flower arrangements, and The Breadmaster, to plant a cake bomb. And then in one final plot, Chairface hires the Indigestible Man to plant the electronics he needs to take over Neil's body!
Guest Stars: Ed Gilbert as The Indigestible Man | Pat Musick as The Bee Twins | Danny Mann as Dinosaur Neil | Estelle Harris as Arthur's Mother | Tony Jay as Chairface Chippendale | Kevin Schon as Big Shot | Jess Harnell as The Breadmaster
Director: Hank Tucker

29 :03x03 - Sidekicks Don't Kiss

Arthur is on a date with Carmalita only her old baseball team, The Aztecs, try to kidnap her. They nab Arthur instead, so the Tick and Carmalita have to follow them to some Aztec ruins in Mexico. The Tick picks up a pet, "Speak" while he is there.
Guest Stars: Jess Harnell as Speak | Jennifer Hale as Carmalita | Phil Austin (1) as Wally the Aztec | Phil Proctor as Himself
Director: Hank Tucker

30 :03x04 - Tick vs. Arthur

Baron Violent is tearing up The City, using his strength-enhancing belt. After he is defeated, Arthur begins using the belt but he succumbs to its influence towards making the user mean. The Tick has to stop Arthur at all costs!
Guest Stars: Kevin Schon as Feral Boy (Civic-Minded Five) | Susan Silo as Jungle Janet (Civic-Minded Five) | Rob Paulsen as Captain Mucilage (Civic-Minded Five) | Roger Rose as Four-Legged Man (Civic-Minded Five leader) | Pat Fraley as The Carpeted Man (Civic-Minded Five) | Brian Peck (2) as Baron Violent
Director: Hank Tucker

31 :03x05 - Devil in Diapers

Mr. Mental returns in this episode to steal a mind-altering device to animate his thoughts, the problem, he needs a place to build it. It makes perfect sense to live with the Tick. Using his mind powers, he makes the Tick think that he's a baby!
Guest Stars: Mark Hamill as Julius Pendecker | Jim Cummings as Mr. Mental (adult) | Jennifer Darling as Mynda
Director: Hank Tucker

32 :03x06 - Tick vs. Filth

Sewer Urchin finally is the hero in this episode as he battles his arch enemy, Lou Salazar the Sewer Czar and his army of Filth!
Guest Stars: Chuck McCann as Filth Soldier #2 | John Mariano as Lou Salazar the Sewer Czar | David L. Lander as Filth Soldier #1
Director: Hank Tucker

33 :03x07 - Tick vs. Europe

The Tick switches places with Éclair, a superheroine from Belgium, in the name of international relations. The Breadmaster decides to take over The City with gingerbread men in the Tick's absence. Meanwhile, The Tick goes disco dancing in Belgium, with Éclair's sidekick, Blitzen and has to fight some European supervillains.
Guest Stars: Candi Milo as Blitzen | Pat Fraley as Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy | Lisa Raggio as Eclaire | Xander Berkeley as Octo Paganini | Phil Proctor as The Fortissimo Brothers | Martin Jarvis as The Breadmaster
Director: Hank Tucker

34 :03x08 - Tick vs. Science

Chairface Chippendale plans to steal a body-switching device from a mad scientist convention by sending Professor Chromedome to do his dirty work. Through all the chaos that ensued in the acquisition of the device, The Tick wound up in a zebra, Arthur wound up in a giant tongue, and Chromedome wound up in the Tick. Chromedome ran back (in the Tick’s body) to Chairface in eight minutes flat (and lifted up a dump truck along the way) to the shock of his employer. Chairface then used the device to switch himself into the Tick's body and Chromedome into Chairface's.
Guest Stars: Hamilton Camp as Professor Chromedome | Tony Jay as Chairface Chippendale | Steve Susskind as Dr. Vahtoss | Jennifer Hale as Carmalita
Director: Hank Tucker

35 :03x09 - Tick vs. Prehistory

The Tick and Arthur find themselves stuck in the past 3.5 million years ago! They join up with a tribe of apemen who are subsequently captured and forced to work in a hotel by the owner, a humanoid from the distant future.
Guest Stars: Jess Harnell as Speak | Maurice LaMarche as The Hotel Manager
Director: Hank Tucker

36 :03x10 - Tick vs. Education

The Tick is teaching a class of student super heroes when a company mascot named Uncle Creamy begins to exact revenge against his former employer, the local ice cream factory for accidentally turning him into a living ice cream cone. The company hires a second mascot to replace and fight Uncle Creamy and the Tick and his class get involved.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Sarcastro | Paul Eiding as Gesundheit | Jim Belushi as Fleener | Danny Mann as Mr. Exciting | Bobcat Goldthwait as Uncle Creamy | Laraine Newman as The Flying Squirrel | Kevin Schon as Baby Boomerangutuang | Jess Harnell as Speak
Director: Hank Tucker
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Comedy | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:30 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1994
Ended: November 24, 1996
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