The Tick vs. The Idea Men - Recap

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The episode opens with The Tick and his sidekick Arthur sitting on comfy chairs in a television studio. They are being interviewed by an off-screen host who sounds like Dick Cavett. They describe how their partnership began, which is presented in a flashback narrated by The Tick.

It is now several years earlier and Reno, Nevada is the site of the annual National Super Institute. Heroes from all over compete in a sort of superpowers-talent show to be awarded guardianship of a city in need of protection. The judges have just awarded New Rochelle to The Blowfish Avenger when The Tick bursts into the auditorium knocking down the doors and causing the other heroes to leap to safety. He is pushing a large metal object, which he places none too gently on the stage.

The Tick announces himself and presses a button on the object, which then opens up to reveal many dangerous components that are all poised to attack whoever might occupy on the seat in the middle. He pushes a lever to turn on the contraption and it comes to life! But the whirring gears only manage to cause a single small hammer to tap The Tick in the middle of his forehead. As he is rubbing his head from the pain, a large bomb hanging overhead drops and explodes upon contact. The Tick is unharmed by the explosion and the auditorium has nearly been leveled, but the screen displays The City as The Tick's official town to protect.

After the opening sequence, we see that The Tick is on a bus bound for The City at night. He sits in the dark narrating his life out loud to himself, which disturbs the other passengers who are trying to sleep.

In The City, Arthur sits at his desk in the accounting office of a large firm. He is wearing white tights and a mask with long "ears". His boss comes over to fire him, stating that his work is fine but his "stupid bunny outfit" must go. The fact that Arthur proclaims that he is not dressed as bunny but as a moth, complete with attachable wings does nothing to save his career. But he is destined for greater things!

The Tick arrives in The City and announces his arrival out loud to no one. He immediately notices a very tall building and feels compelled to go to the top... in an elevator with normal citizens. Then he begins patrolling by leaping off the building onto smaller buildings and then from building to building causing a little minor damage along the way. By chance, he meets Arthur by falling down through the pavement up to his waist in front of him. Unharmed as usual, The Tick invites Arthur to join him for lunch and thus their adventures begin!

After an explosion somewhere in The City interrupts their lunch, The Tick and Arthur head for the Rive Droite Savings and Loan. Little do they know that they are competing with every other superhero in town to solve the crime and catch the bad guys. When our heroes arrive, the S&L building has a huge hole, through which several masked men wielding tommy guns are emerging. The Tick picks up Arthur and leaps up to the roof of the building, but he comes crashing down through it into the middle of the first floor. The criminals surround him, mumbling loudly because their metal full headmasks make them unintelligible since there are no mouth holes. The Tick makes short work of the villains by knocking them out of the building with a desk. But as he pulls Arthur up from his cowering position, the bad guys get away in their blimp.

A news reporter shows footage of the blimp getting away and proclaims that the masked men are known as "The Idea Men". She also tells the viewers that The Idea Men were thwarted this time by a mysterious superhero in blue, but The Tick didn't stick around long enough for her to catch his name.

Arthur takes The Tick back to his apartment, which becomes their new superhero headquarters... much to Arthur's chagrin and at the expense of several of his furnishings as The Tick is rather clumsy. The Tick decides to watch TV in order to understand the needs of The City better. He stumbles across a live news broadcast from the local dam. The Idea Men have taken the dam hostage for unknown reasons because no one can understand them with their masks on. They produce a crude sign which explains that they intend to blow up the dam and flood The City if they don't receive money.

The Tick leaps into action after waking Arthur... and so does every other superhero in town! It's a race to see who will stop The Idea Man first. The Tick takes time to teach Arthur how to fly by pushing him off the top of a building. Thankfully, he had put his wings on first. Just as they are nearing the dam, the unexpected happens: The Tick runs out of buildings to leap on.

Stymied as to what to do next, The Tick and Arthur encounter another superhero on top of the building. Die Fledermaus wears a bat costume but uses zip-lines to "fly" from building to building, so he is stuck too. American Maid also arrives on the same rooftop and begins to bicker with Die Fledermaus. Apparently they used to date and never resolved their issues. The Tick and Arthur make their onward, leaving the former lovers in a heated argument. But in the shadows lurks another, rather well-armed hero who calls himself Big Shot.

The news reports that Mayor Blank has arrived at the dam with ransom money to pay off The Idea Men. Meanwhile, The Tick and Arthur arrive on the scene in a taxi. Several other heroes also arrive at various places around the dam around the same time. Our duo make their way inside the dam and see that after The Idea Men got their money, they started the timer on the bomb anyway!

The Tick comes up behind the bad guys and knocks them all down. He then interrogates one of them because his mask has opened. The Idea Man explains that they thought it would be a good idea to get a lot of money illegally so that they wouldn't need to work every again. The Tick demands that he shut off the bomb but the villain says that it can't be shut off. The Tick grabs the bomb to start defusing it by breaking it open and reaching inside. The Idea Men see this and begin to flee from the impending explosion.

Just then, the mysterious maniac with lots of guns bursts into the dam building, guns blazing. which also prevents The Idea Men from escaping. The Tick chides him for being so violent and then realizes that he too is about to explode. While The Tick runs off with the bomb still stuck on his hand, Big Shot sobs to Arthur about his mother's inability to show him love.

Now the Idea Men have made their way to the top of the dam and are starting to climb ropes into their blimp when The Tick emerges from a doorway with mere seconds left on the bomb's time. The bad guys dive over the edge of the dam just before the bomb explodes. Although their blimp goes down in flames, all of The Idea Men were apparently wearing parachutes so none of them perished. The Tick is, of course, unharmed and the dam is still intact. So good has triumphed over evil once again!