The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale - Recap

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It is night in The City and The Tick and Arthur are on patrol. Nothing happens until eventually a burglar alarm sounds. They move to investigate and find three criminals stealing a crate from the Superweapons Laboratory (Very Deadly). The Forehead, Boils and Zipperneck are not particularly concerned when The Tick arrives and confronts them. In fact, the even laugh at him. At The Forehead's command, Zipperneck begins brawling with The Tick. Arthur arrives and confronts The Forehead and Boils, so Boils goes after him.

Meanwhile, American Maid has been watching from a nearby building top. She jumps down and saves Arthur from Boils just as The Tick takes care of Zipperneck. But The Forehead gets away with the contents of the crate: a metal briefcase. American Maid is upset. She blames The Tick and Arthur for ruining her surveillance mission. It seems that American Maid intended on following the goons back to the hideout of their boss, whoever that might be.

Fortunately, Arthur finds an invitation on Boils. There is going to be a huge birthday party and crime boss Chairface Chippendale is the man of the hour! He claims that he will commit the greatest crime ever at the party. American Maid knows that she has to foil Chairface's plot but she needs help. She reluctantly agrees to let The Tick and Arthur tag along.

A little bit later, The Forehead arrives at a secluded clifftop mansion. Final preparations are being made for the big party that night. An eccentric German scientist, Professor Chromedome, is very eager to receive the contents of the stolen briefcase. The Professor and Chairface Chippendale himself discuss the uses of the Geissman lenses. They are said to focus light so intensely that ordinary light sources will produce deadly heat rays!

Back in The City, The Tick and Arthur are waiting on a street corner. Suddenly, a manhole cover moves and Sewer Urchin emerges. He greets our heroes and asks if there is any crime fighting action afoot. Catching a whiff of Sewer Urchin's stench, The Tick decides to save the noses of the three above-ground heroes and he "secretly" tells Arthur not to reveal the plan either. Sewer Urchin drops back underground in a huff.

Just then, American Maid arrives in a rocket-powered catering van. While she drives, she has the other heroes don catering jumpsuits and explains that they are going to infiltrate the party as caterers. When they arrive at the mansion and begin serving the guests, things are going fairly well. That is, until The Tick decides to forcefeed a handful of crab puffs to a rude guest. At the same moment, The Forehead recognizes American Maid, so she springs into action.

The action is short-lived because Professor Chromedome pulls a lever, releasing a steel cable that captures all three heroes in one loop! They are left dangling helplessly above the party while Chairface reveals his really big crime plot. He plans on using the Geissman lenses in a heat ray gun superweapon with the intent of carving his name into the Moon's surface!

When the heroes announce their intentions to stop him at all costs, Chairface opens a trapdoor in the floor. He tells them that he has a pit full of alligators below that are hungering for heroes on a rope! With a flip of a switch, Chairface sends the heroes descending slowly but surely towards the ferocious reptiles. Things look pretty dire for the good guys!

At the last second, The Tick notices a grate on the side of the pit wall. He get the other two heroes to swing them all over and saves them by grabbing hold with his teeth! He then opens the grate with his forehead and they escape. Up above in the mansion, the criminals are oblivious to what happened in the pit. The superheroes follow a tunnel and emerge on the cliffside below the mansion. They begin winding upwards along the cliff face only to view the first firing of the Geissman heat ray superweapon. It carves a large "C" into the face of the Moon! Hurry as they might, they are still too far away from the mansion to prevent "H" from becoming a lunar landmark!

When the trio arrives at the mansion, The Tick and American Maid begin arguing about which of them has the better plan to stop Chairface. Arthur realizes that he must do something, so he sneaks into the weapon chamber through an unlocked window. He manages to pull the firing mechanism out of the heat ray superweapon: an ordinary flashlight just before a lunar "A" is completed! He then tries to sneak away but he is immediately surrounded by the party going criminals. He meekly whispers "Help".

Still arguing with American Maid outside the mansion, The Tick picks up Arthur's call with his super-sensitive antennae. He enters the weapon chamber from above and begins brawling with all of the criminals at the party. Chairface tries to run away but he is confronted by American Maid. He grabs a sword from a display on the wall and she counters with a wooden folding chair.

As The Tick fights with most of the criminals and American Maid is beginning to get the better of Chairface, Arthur stands still, feeling powerless. Just then a criminal named Dean, who has the strongest hands in the criminal world, grabs The Tick about his head! Arthur then forms a plan to use the Geissman heat ray against the criminals and save The Tick! He has to deal with the one criminal still unaccounted for: Professor Chromedome. Arthur shines the flashlight in his eyes and makes the superweapon swivel in order to knock the Professor off the platform.

The Tick manages to overcome Dean and American Maid disarms Chairface. But Chairface Chppendale isn't the most notorious criminal mastermind for nothing! He presses a button, which gives him access to a handheld ray gun. He points it at American Maid and all seems lost until The Tick points the Geissman heat ray directly at Chairface. He immediately surrenders!

As the police are whisking him away, Chairface vows to escape from prison and exact revenge on the superheroes. American Maid drops the guys off on the street corner where she picked them up and drives away into the night after admitting that The Tick and Arthur did an okay job on this mission. The Tick is hopeful of working more with American Maid since she has a good heart.

But we see at the end that the Moon has most of "CHA" permanently carved into it.