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The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil - Recap

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A new day is dawning over The City. The Tick greets the dawn with a soliloquy extolling his virtues. Just then, Arthur’s alarm clock goes off. He stumbles to the kitchen wearily to get his coffee before he and The Tick head out for their morning patrol. But The Tick has a surprise: they’re going to take the day off! The Tick wants to visit Dinosaur Grotto, which is a working dig site for dinosaur bones.

On the bus ride to Dinosaur Grotto, Arthur reminds The Tick that his sister is coming for dinner tonight. Dot is apparently concerned over Arthur’s choice to live the superhero lifestyle and Arthur want to impress upon her that he is still as normal as he ever was. The Tick agrees to not act too superhero-like at dinner.

At the Grotto, The Tick and Arthur take a guided tour. It is led by the chief paleontologist, who dresses in a dinosaur costume and calls himself Dinosaur Neil. He is impressed that superheroes are interested in learning more about dinosaurs. An assistant approaches Dinosaur Neil with an Apatosaurus femur bone and he invites the heroes back to his tent to see his experiments.

In his tent, Dinosaur Neil shows them how he is growing dinosaur tissue cloned from the DNA found in the bones he digs up. The tissue must be kept in a solution of acetylsalicylic acid in order to prevent uncontrolled growth. While he is distracted explaining the concept, he accidentally eats the dinosaur tissue instead of his pasta salad! A tense moment passes as they wait to see if anything happens. Nothing does.

Dinosaur Neil sees the heroes to the park exit and says that it’s too bad they have to leave so soon since there are nighttime festivities, including fireworks. But Arthur explains that they have to get back to cook dinner for Dot. When he is shaking Dinosaur Neil’s hand, Arthur notices that Neil now has green skin and claws on his hand. But he doesn’t say anything, so he and The Tick head back to The City.

Later that evening at Dinosaur Grotto, Neil is in the medical supplies tent trying to open a bottle of aspirin. We see that he has completely transformed into a dinosaur (but still with a mustache). He is unable to open the aspirin, so he storms out of the tent in a rage.

At Arthur’s apartment, The Tick is tossing a salad while Arthur runs around frantically trying to get the meal prepared. Dot arrives and Arthur lets her in. The Tick tries to greet her warmly but she is not easily won over.

Back at Dinosaur Grotto, we see that Dinosaur Neil has now grown to enormous size! He heads toward The City.

At Arthur’s dinner, Dot commends him on dinner. The a movie is playing on TV in the background. Dot is still unimpressed with The Tick and the whole superhero concept. A news bulletin breaks in over the movie. Sally Vacuum reports that Dinosaur Neil is now 70 feet tall and loose in The City. She interviews Die Fledermaus, who says that the superhero community is just going to do nothing and let the National Guard take care of Neil. Hearing all of this, The Tick is just itching to jump into action but he stays true to his word and tries to stay cool.

The police try to entice Dinosaur Neil to exit The City by offering him some dinosaur-sized trousers! Meanwhile, Mayor Blank at City Hall calling the National Guard. Shortly after this, Dinosaur Neil rumbles by outside Arthur’s window. Arthur decides he can take it no more! He apologizes to Dot and tells The Tick that they should try to do something about Dinosaur Neil.

The Tick and Arthur hurry to get on a rooftop ahead of Neil. The Tick tries to talk to Neil, but he only roars and tries to flatten him. As Neil heads away from them Arthur ponders Neil’s earlier statement about acetylsalicylic acid being used to inhibit the growth of the dinosaur tissue. He suddenly realizes that it’s ordinary aspirin! Now if only they can get their hands on a dinosaur-sized aspirin.

They head to Ban Pharmaceuticals, where the pharmacist begins measuring the correct dose for a 180 ton dinosaur. Meanwhile, The Human Bullet is having a cookout with his wife and son in their backyard. He see National Guard helicopters pass overhead, so he has his son fire him towards The City. Back at the pharmacy, The Tick and Arthur get the aspirin and they race to reverse Dinosaur Neil’s transformation. But they realize it might be too late because the National Guard has arrived with helicopters and tanks. Just as the general is about to give the order to fire, Arthur tries to convince him to let them try the aspirin first.

The Tick runs over beneath Dinosaur Neil’s feet but he soon realizes that he has no plan on how to feed the aspirin to Neil. No matter, because Neil bends down and gobbles up The Tick and the aspirin! Neil tries to chew The Tick up but he’s too tough to go down easily. The Tick manages to toss the aspirin down Neil’s throat into his stomach. But at that very moment, The Human Bullet arrives on the scene and hits Dinosaur Neil squarely in the gut. This causes him to expel the aspirin back up into his mouth, where it lodges under his tongue. The Tick has a battle with Neil’s tongue but finally overcomes it and tosses the aspirin down Neil’s throat once more.

Outside, the General is about to give the order to fire since no one is aware that The Tick has survived. Just then, The Tick forces Neil’s mouth open and jumps down. Neil begins to shrink rapidly and is soon normal sized and only resembles a dinosaur due to his dinosaur costume.

Back at Arthur’s apartment, Dinosaur Neil has joined The Tick, Arthur and Dot for dinner. The Tick gives full credit to Arthur for coming up with the aspirin plan, so Dot is impressed. While The Tick and Arthur do the dishes, Dot and Neil dance in the living room.