The Tick vs. Mr. Mental - Recap

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The Tick and Arthur are at a seedy dive known as the Evil Eye Café. Although the patrons at every other table are the sort of scum and villainy that he usually tries to bring to justice, The Tick seems completely unaware. Instead he is thoroughly enjoying the cabaret singer. Arthur questions why they were sent an invitation for a free night as the café. The Tick brushes the question off as the kind act of a citizen that they helped in the past.

Soon the main act comes on stage: Mr. Mental and his assistant, Mynda. He was the one who sent the invitation to The Tick. He claims to be the world’s greatest mentalist and he has designs on controlling The Tick’s mind. Mr. Mental wows the audience with identifying objects from a distance while blindfolded. Next, he asks for a volunteer from the audience and then chooses The Tick. He hypnotizes The Tick and makes him cluck like a chicken and then releases the mind control. The Tick and Arthur leave the café.

Later that evening, Mr. Mental and Mynda drive out on a pier and look across the water to an island. A facility on the island, Pendecker Laboratory, holds something that Mr. Mental wants. With this device, his mind would become the most powerful force on Earth!

At Arthur’s apartment, The Tick is asleep. Mr. Mental calls out to him by mental telepathy and tells him to go to the Pendecker Laboratory to steal something called the Thinking Cap. He also gives him express instructions to eliminate anything that tries to get in his way. The Tick starts off by smashing the door to the apartment, since it was in his way. This wakes Arthur up and he follows and tries in vain to stop The Tick or find out what he is doing.

Partway through his journey, the mind control is temporarily severed and all The Tick can tell Arthur is that he was having a crazy dream about Mr. Mental giving him directions. And the last thing he says is that he was supposed to “go for a swim” and then the mind control begins again. The Tick continues his unwitting trek towards breaking and entering.

Arthur goes to the diner and recruits Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin and Crusading Chameleon to help him stop/help The Tick. Together they figure out that the need to go to the waterfront in order to find The Tick. Meanwhile, The Tick has arrived at the island and very quickly overcome every security measure that Pendecker Laboratory has in place. He grabs the case marked “Thinking Cap” and heads back across the river. Arriving back on the other side, he is confronted by Arthur and the others. They are unable to stop him.

Arthur puts himself directly in The Tick’s path and because of their special bond, The Tick is able to resist destroying Arthur. This angers Mr. Mental so he dredges up The Tick’s worst nightmare in order to break down his resistance. It turns out that The Tick is most afraid of having a day job in an office! The Tick gives up all resistance after having a taste of the 9 to 5 workday.

The Tick makes his way to the motel where Mr. Mental is staying and Arthur, Sewer Urchin and Crusading Chameleon trail along at a distance. Once Mr. Mental has donned the Thinking Cap and started its gas-powered engine, he quickly discards The Tick with a burst of mental energy. The three other heroes show up and try to stop Mr. Mental but are defeated quickly. Mr. Mental leaves, levitating, to take over the world.

When The Tick wakes up, Arthur explains to him what happened. Arthur also realizes that Mr. Mental is too powerful with the Thinking Cap, so they need to disable it. Since it’s powered by a combustion engine, they’ll just need to pull the choke and flood the engine! They concoct a plan.

The Tick and Arthur race to confront Mr. Mental in a city plaza. The Tick comes at him full force but is stopped in mid-air! Then Sewer Urchin emerges from a manhole and grabs hold of Mr. Mental’s legs. Next, Crusading Chameleon jumps on him and holds on for dear life. Finally Arthur grabs hold. But Mr. Mental is able to use his mental powers to cast them off. Then he rolls them into a hero ball and prepares to send them over the outfield wall!

Just then, The Tick recovers and jumps on Mr. Mental and refuses to let go despite mental power attacks. He pulls the choke and the Thinking Cap shuts off. When they all fall to the ground, the Thinking Cap falls off Mr. Mental’s head and bursts into flames. Mr. Mental is completely subdued. The heroes celebrate with coffee at the diner.