The Tick vs. the Breadmaster - Recap

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The Tick and Arthur are grocery shopping at Stuart’s Food Castle. The Tick thinks they should be patrolling instead but Arthur knows they need to buy food or they won’t be able to cook dinner later. While they are in the store, Stuart receives a phone call. Someone named The Breadmaster warned Stuart to evacuate the supermarket because a bread bomb was about to go off. It does and when the bread has finished expanding, the entire store is demolished!

In his bakery hideout, The Breadmaster and his henchman Buttery Pat are preparing more bread while he is on the phone with the Whitebread Baking Company. He accuses them of crimes against mankind by the sort of bread they bake and warns them that retribution will follow!

The Tick and Arthur are on patrol when they literally run into another bread bomb. This time it exploded inside the Whitebread Baking Company. They decide to visit the City Baking College to get more clues about who is behind all of these attacks. The dean says that he only knows of one baker capable of such crimes but he was expelled. Just then, The Breadmaster calls and threatens the College and immediately a professor comes to tell the dean that a suspicious loaf of bread has been found.

The professor leads the dean, The Tick and Arthur into the basement to see the loaf. It is indeed the bread bomb that Buttery Pat planted for The Breadmaster. The Tick tries in vain to disarm it. It goes off precisely at 5:00 and The Tick tries mightily to force it to not expand. Finally, in a desperate act he swallows it whole! It expands wildly inside his body but he eventually overcomes its effects. Secretly Buttery Pat witnesses this and reports back to The Breadmaster.

On hearing what The Tick did, The Breadmaster decides to accelerate his plans for The City. He phones Mayor Blank with demands for enormous quantities of flour, eggs, milk and sugar. The mayor capitulates and The Breadmaster arrives in a semi-truck pulling a trailer to receive each ingredient. The Tick and Arthur hear of the plans and decide to confront The Breadmaster at the sugar pickup.

When The Breadmaster arrives at the sugar refinery, The Tick and Arthur jump out to greet him. He and Buttery Pat respond by tossing dinner roll grenades at them. They manage to escape by trapping our heroes inside a roll but they proceed without their sugar. Also, Arthur discovers that they accidentally left their basket of grenades behind and also the recipe for a giant soufflé. Arthur does some quick calculating and figures out that a soufflé made with that amount of ingredients would be large enough to engulf the entire The City!

Arthur speculates that the most likely place for The Breadmaster to mix all of those ingredients together would be the Municipal Swimming Pool. He and The Tick confront The Breadmaster and Buttery Pat there and quickly defeat them using teamwork. But the self-baking soufflé goes off. They have only a short while before The City is destroyed!

Arthur realizes that a very loud noise would cause the soufflé to collapse, so they call upon The Human Bullet. He triples the normal charge in his cannon and fires The Tick over the soufflé. The resulting sonic boom destroys the soufflé, showering The City in a sort of soufflé snowfall.