The Tick vs. El Seed - Recap

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It is a beautiful morning in The City. The Sun is shining. The birds are singing. The flowers are opening up… and attacking little old ladies! Saplings are stealing a work truck! Trees are attacking golfers! And The Tick and Arthur are fighting off attacking cacti at Angry Hank's Texas Fat Pig Bar-BQ! Plants all over The City have begun to move about independently and aggressively against humans.

The source of all of this mayhem is a daisy plant villain calling himself El Seed. He has it in not only for humans but all members of the animal world for how they have treated plants since time began. He, along with the help of the Bee Twins, plans to “liberate” all plants using a vitalizing formula. And to do it more efficiently, he has rented a crop duster!

The Tick and Arthur are on patrol when El Seed buzzes them in his crop duster, so they follow him. He begins spraying his vitalizer formula on the plants in the park. When The Tick and Arthur see the park trees begin to move, they come to realize that the plane is responsible for the recent plant attacks. The Tick jumps on the plane as it passes low over the city skyscrapers. While struggling to gain control of the plane from El Seed, The Tick is accidentally splashed with the vitalizer formula! He falls from the plane and El Seed escapes.

Arthur sees The Tick fall and goes to make sure he’s alright. Although a little disoriented, The Tick is unharmed. But the trees grab Arthur. Just then, the Civic-Minded Five arrive on the scene to help out the people under attack in the park. Jungle Janet rescues Arthur and he tells her of the crop duster. They both notice that The Tick still seems dazed and has begun sprouting various flowers and vegetables on his body!

Meanwhile, El Seed is feeling depressed over spilling all of his vitalizer on The Tick. He feels like a failure, but the Bee Twins encourage him to make more and lead his army of plants. He realizes that he was trying to start his revolution in The City when instead it should start in the plant-laden countryside!

Back in The City, Arthur takes The Tick to the emergency room. The doctor examines him and announces that The Tick only has 12 hours before becoming a vegetable! Arthur wonders what they can do but The Tick has it all figured out. El Seed must have an antidote, so they just need to find him.

Arthur knows that there is only one place nearby to rent a crop duster, so he and The Tick make a visit to Jeff’s Pay ‘n’ Spray All Night Crop Duster Rental. Jeff tells them that El Seed rented the plane and is staying at an old abandoned greenhouse. Just as they are nearing the greenhouse, El Seed makes a sweep with the crop duster. The cornfields surrounding the heroes suddenly come to life, forming ranks as a corn army!

Arthur devises a plan. He has The Tick control his vegetable growth to produce corn. Then Arthur dons a couple of ears himself. Now they appear to be corn soldiers like the rest! El Seed begins addressing the corn army from the greenhouse. The Tick and Arthur defeat the Bee Twins and head for El Seed. The Tick grabs him in the middle of his speech and demands the antidote. He reluctantly shows them where it is and Arthur sprays The Tick in the nick of time!

Arthur realizes that the antidote will also work on the corn army, so he and The Tick board the crop duster and spray the fields. The corn soldiers re-root themselves wherever they now stand. The Civic-Minded Five quickly apprehend El Seed. The Tick and Arthur fly off into the sunset. But we see that the saplings have driven their stolen work truck all the way to Las Vegas!