Moment of Nostalgia - Recap

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Last season before the abrupt end of it after only eight episodes, a lot has happened. The death of the only woman King Henry truly loved in child birth, the upraising of many English citizens over the destructions of Abbeys and we all remember the execution of Thomas Cromwell. Another season starts with everyone hating the England summer and the first scene opens in Whitehall Palace in London in August1540, where we get to hear the Spanish Ambassador, Chapuis, narrates about what has happened in recent years. The scene changes to King Henry admiring his new bride Catherine, who decided that posing in a bed of roses naked was a good way of getting the King’s attention. This is followed by her urging the King to bed to which the King obliges. The next scene shows the King next entering to show off his new queen with a little greed. Chapuis and Charles Brandon talk to amend ways and reconcile their differences and talk about the death of Thomas Boleyn. King Henry brags even more of his new queen and tells about his love and devotion towards her innocent and pure virtue (Yeah Right!). He is a little inappropriate in his conduct but hey, he’s the King. The nobles of the court take to be insulting a little bit but know this is how the King behaves. Henry Howard, The Earl of Surrey, is introduced and we find out that he is the Uncle of Catherine and also a wild man and poet. Charles is told by the king to dance with Catherine while Henry and the new French Ambassador, talk of the arrangement of marriage to The King of France’s 2nd song Henri to the Lady Mary. King Henry ignores the request and brags that his new bride is only 17 and takes the bragging to a rude and crass level calling the King of France jealous of his new bride. We see that Culpepper, the King’s steward, has taken an interest in Catherine as he watches her dance around.

Catherine shows that she is immature with her position and is playing school games with her ladies in waiting. She receives n letter from a Joan Bulmer asking to be part of her court. The Earl of Surrey gets familiar with Charles Brandon and he confesses that he finds the court full of liars and wolves and admits that he hates all of them, especially the Seymour family. Charles asks of his intentions. The Earl admits that he is a Howard and that he will do anything to make it to the top. The King decides to go hunting and regardless of the lack of dead animals, he is a happy man. Charles and the King talk about Charles’s wife. Surrey is given a high position by the king as Lord Earl of Surrey to which many of the others are disgusted at the appointment.

Lady Mary visits the new queen to, which you can tell, that she is more mature then the Queen. Catherine tells that she wants to be friends and tells her that she is her step-daughter. She offers that she stays, but Mary declines. Catherine of course takes this as an insult to her. Joan Bulmer enters the scene and gloats over the success of Catherine. She demands that she gives her a position or else she will be miserable and starts to reminisce about Catherine’s past. Catherine obliges and tells her to be careful of what she says. New reports come in of the disturbances between the French and England. Henry takes a stand and shows that he is not going to be taken for a fool and demands that a group go and see the King’s intentions with England. Catherine continues acting like the child she is and Culpepper enters in the room ordered by the king. He tells her that she is going to a very big Castle and that she is to behave while there. Catherine tells about people staring at her to Culpepper and that she is not used to it. Knowing the past of the girl, that is highly doubtful! Culpepper lets her know that he “looks upon the queen” and that there is no help for it.

In the bedroom of the King, Catherine puts on a “sexual” puppet show for the king. And this shows that she is not as innocent as she is portrayed to be by the other residents. Anyone, including the King should no that she is not as pure as she pretends to be. The next scene shows the King leaving on his vacation with Catherine and informs his subjects that work is to be done and complains about the heat. They talk about people who are currently kept in the Tower of London. The queen’s cousin Lord Deka is one of bunches in the tower accused of murder. They all are to be executed but as for Lord Deka, he is to be dragged in public and hung on display as a disgrace to his position. Lady Hartford, John Seymour’s wife, is visited by The Earl of Surrey. He tells that he is leaving on business and wanted advice, but admits that to her that he really wanted to come for other reasons. He has to come to call on her upon hearing of her past. It is apparent that he wants more then being “introduced”.

Catherine gets ready to go with and the King introduces Prince Edward to her. You can tell that the King is protective of his only son when he instructs that he should never be cold. Lady Elizabeth also meets Catherine and she shows more politeness then Lady Mary has shown her. Catherine gives Elizabeth the present that Henry gave Catherine. It is apparent that he is not happy but hides it well. Back in the home of John Seymour, he and his wife Lady Hartford talk of the encounter of the Earl of Surrey and John displays his hatred for him. The King and Queen arrive at the Old Castle House in Berkshire. Sir Richard arrives with news of the French. War has not been talked about and that all they want is peace and happiness. King Henry confesses that he wanted more then just peace. Everyone looks on Catherine but it is Culpepper who takes an even more interest in Catherine. Later that night, Catherine complains to Henry that Lady Mary doesn’t show her with respect. The King reassures Catherine that Lady Mary will like her in time and not to worry about it. But you can see it troubles her greatly. After the King leaves, Joan Bulmer sneaks in talk about Catherine’s risqué past. She talks about her fooling around with men before being with the King. She tells Joan that she needs to swear on that she doesn’t reveal her past as she wants to keep it hidden.

Culpepper talks how Catherine is a fireball to the other servants and tells that he imagines her naked. Sir William warns Culpepper and leaves. He is disgusted by what he was saying. This preempts Culpepper and he talks about going out to “quench the thirst” of thoughts of Catherine from his mind to his friends. It is clear that Catherine is feeling something for Culpepper too as she stares out the window below to him. Culpepper and his “band of thugs” go up on a homestead and meet a woman. Finding out that no one is around she is sexually assaulted and Culpepper claims that he is the Gentleman of the King. The men then find a creek to wash off and laugh about what happened. The Par Keeper, Mr. Roper meets up with Culpepper and tells that he is going to take Culpepper to the sheriff. He tells him that he is going to call on the Sheriff himself and Culpepper tries to silence for a gold crown. He denies it and Culpepper kills him before he can go. His men are shocked of his actions.

The Earl of Surrey and Lady Hartford meet and she tells that she wants to be “good friends” with him. He then takes this as an invitation and reaches up her skit and gropes her impolitely. He then tells her that he is not afraid. The ladies of Catherine and Catherine herself are in the middle of a mud fight when the King arrives to see them. Laughing he called for her and tells that she needs to wash up after which he puts an apple in her mouth. She can now pull off a pig in the mud pit. The King returns to London and finds out that all his wishes were carried out including the renovations made on the castle. Feeling in good spirits, the King pardons 500 people under treason and said it is God’s way to forgive. King Henry denies the arrangement of Lady Mary and the Prince Henri as a way of entrapment of the King of France. Henry tells that Catherine is to get all the properties of Jane Seymour and other estates now because she is queen and she is to be treated as such. The episode ends with Catherine acting like the child dancing in the rain. The king looks on her with admiration as well as Culpepper also who looks on her not with admiration, but with lust in his eyes.