Natural Ally - Recap

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The scene opens in Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire, Northern England where citizens await for the arrival of King Henry VIII, Queen Catherine and Lady Mary. Charles Brandon gets reminded of the past of Lord Darcy and the other happenings of the abbeys in the past episodes. In the Kings office, Culpeper answers the door to allow Queen Catherine in to which she tells him that she will see him “later”. On the brink of war, King Henry takes a moment to seduce Catherine after she says that he doesn’t have time for her, but you can tell that her mind is elsewhere. The Newly appointed member of the order Earl of Surrey tells Charles of the history of the castle and the people who used to live in it. He talks of the corruption of the realm. While the King is signing paperwork, Culpeper and Catherine find the time to continue their affair in the same castle as the King.

In the next scene you see the King limping up to a stage to hear the confessions of the people of Yorkshire as they beg for the forgiveness of the King. King Henry replies that he forgives them all of their trespasses. Queen Catherine misses the announcement and Lady Mary gets the spotlight as she blesses all the people and comforts them. This makes Henry look at Mary with more admiration then he has had been. Francis Dereham, an old “friend” stops in to visit Queen Catherine to blackmail her to get employment. We now see how her past is slowly becoming her present. We all knew of the queen’s risqué past in previous episodes but with a former lover in her stewardship, this ought to hold house for many juicy secrets in the future.

King Henry talks to the messenger to the King of Scotland and tells him not to start a war with England to which the servant replies that no such preparations or thoughts have ever come to the Kings mind. Catherine informs Henry of her new secretary. Upon hearing that, King Henry only smiles and asks if she is going to start dictating letters. Charles starts to see the ghost of Lord Darcy. Francis Dereham visits Joan Bulmer and tries to talk about old times. Joan tries to warm Francis not to spoil things. Charles walks through the dungeons and is haunted by the spirits from his past. He is visited by the ghost of Lord Darcy. They talk about the victims of the massacre and Darcy tells him of his suffering and Charles’ imagination is making him see his ghost. He asks for Darcy’s forgiveness to which he is not forgiven.

Back at Windsor Castle, Prince Edward and Princess Elizabeth sit down and Elizabeth teaches him Latin. Elizabeth tells Edward that he is going to be a great ruler some day. Back at the castle Culpeper asks about Catherine’s new servant and it is apparent that he is a little jealous and attempts to smack the queen. Catherine confesses to Culpeper of having a “store of other lovers besides him” and commands him to get out. King Henry, Mary, and Queen Catherine visit the abbey of York to hear the people as they beg for forgiveness. King James is one his way to England and it seems that the peace treaty is going to go forth. Lady Rochford questions the new guest Francis Dereham to Joan Bulmer. Joan warns Lady Rochford that it is the same man that she has spoken of to which Lady Rochford replies “God help us all.” The Queen seems out of sorts with dinner with her ladies in waiting and servants when Francis gets a little too familiar with the queen and her ladies in waiting. While Mr. Phil, one of the queen’s servants, warns the newcomer to not to talk to the queen in such a rude manner, Francis Dereham confesses to having sexual relationships with the queen prior to her being queen.

Edward gets fever in the middle of the night and John Seymour is alerted. The other servants confront Francis Dereham and he confesses to have relationship with the queen. Prince Edward gets a kind of tertian fever and his life is in danger. John Seymour and others hide this from Kind Henry in hopes that he will recover and no harm is done. A peace treaty is in the making with King James of Scotland and King Henry of England. The King addresses Catherine to ask if she is with child yet. He is put off when she replies no. Drunken Francis Daren keeps acting like a fool and is acting inappropriately with the queen and her subjects. The servants try to keep the servant at bay that results Francis punching one of them in the face. Lord Surrey and Charles Brandon talk to each other and Charles reads a poem about old friends long gone that Surrey wrote. Surrey tells Charles to not to dwell on the past and to move on. The Queen patches things up with Thomas Culpeper and says that she loves him and Culpepper tells her to get rid of Francis Dereham and they continue their affair. Prince Edward is still dangerously ill.

King Henry waits for the arrival of King James. However, this is interrupted by a messenger telling that a Scottish Army is raiding the lands of England. The King tells his servant to rally up an army and smashes the present for King James on the floor. The messenger returns to a distraught king to almost get killed as he tells the King that his son is dangerously ill at Windsor castle. King Henry immediately rushes to the side of his son, Prince Edward and cries for him. Lady Mary prays for her brother and Culpeper and Katherine continue their affair without the slightest of remorse. The King falls asleep by his son’s side and is awaken by Prince Edward. His fever has broken and he recovers. King Henry sets up a Mass to praise God for the health of his son and announces in a letter his appreciation of Katherine and her devotion to him for the priest to read. During the Mass, a letter is placed by someone on the seat of King Henry and the episode ends. Tune in next week to find out!