Bottom of the Pot - Recap

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We left “The Tudors” last week with the placement of a letter by an unknown hand. Joan Bulmer and Lady Rochford are starting to have second thoughts about the meeting of Catherine and Culpepper. The Scene opens with King Henry having a meeting with John Seymour speaking of the letter that was given to him during Mass. The King calls it a letter of living Forgery and intended as malice. John Seymour is commanded to investigate and Queen Catherine is confined to her chambers until her name is cleared. The queen is dancing with her ladies in waiting when the soldiers take all of her servants besides Lady Rochford. Francis Dereham is under arrest and Sir Richard starts to investigate further. First he interviews Joan Bulmer. We find more of the past of the Queen when Henry Mannax is revealed to be the lover of Catherine before the King with intention to be married and under fear of death by the Duchess and he is told that he is forbidden to even think of marriage. In tears Joan reveals the intimate details of Catherine’s past to which she reveals that it was Francis Dereham who then became Catherine’s lover. Next we see smug boy turned quiet, Fransis Dereham being interviewed by John Seymour and he says that he only played games nothing all. However, the topic of Carnal Knowledge of Catherine Howard is under question. Francis denies it to which he is then brought to the torture room and obliges to tell the truth. Not so smug now we see.

King Henry and Charles Brandon are playing cards and the King talks of the “accusations” that are under Catherine. The king warns him to watch what he says and wins the card came. In the room of Catherine, both Lady Rochford and Catherine are crying. Francis and John Seymour are at it again and Francis tells that he was pre-contracted between Catherine but admits that he went to Ireland and she was already in court with the King. John then asks if he had any more relationship upon obtaining employment. He says “On my honor” and tells that he did not have any other relationship with Catherine. However, John questions his honor it is clear to see.

Ambassador Chapuis visits the Lady Mary to tell about Queen Catherine being confined in her chambers under suspition. Mary is convinced that she is guilty of not being innocent. She also admits, despite the Howard family being good Catholics that she is not a good catholic, a bad wife, and a horrible Queen. Back in the home of John Seymour, he speaks to Tom Seymour and his wife the Lady Hartford about Catherine calling her a “very loose woman”. Newly Pregnant Lady Hartford tells that Catherine was not innocent and it was easy to see. (Like she could talk) John Seymour tells that he needs to be hard on Catherine because he was the one to agree as well to allow her to be queen. We also find out that the baby Lady Hartford is Tom Seymour! What a twist that is going turn out to be. Back at the castle, Catherine and a haggard looking Lady Rochford want to know why they are confined. Sir Edward tells of the arrest of Francis Dereham and the interrogation of the maids that attended to the Duchess. Fear strikes Catherine as you can see in her eyes. Her past has been revealed.

King Henry enters the hall with his lords and discusses the accusations. John Seymour tells that the accusations are true by his results of the interrogations. He tells that Henry Mannex did not receive Catherine’s “Maiden Head” or betrothal to him but she gave it to Francis Dereham. There is proof is that they spent nights naked and that Francis did no wrong because he was Pre-contracted to her before she was queen. And after that, the relationship ended. But Catherine took the Francis as her personal secretary and usher. He tells that she had committed betrayal in thought and, if she had the chance, that she would betray King Henry in act. Thomas Seymour enters the chambers of Catherine and tells that all her servants are to be taken away from her and even her title as queen because of her actions. She is also told that she is to be escorted from the castle. Catherine begs to speak to the King. Thomas tells that he will not speak to her. However, Catherine runs to the King and begs to speak to him. Meeting him in the hall, he walks away without a word. Feeling betrayed, Henry asks for Bishop Gardner to speak to. Back at the dungeon, Francis Dereham is tortured. The first was by ripping off a fingernail. Catherine is place in confinement in a type of church and the King is offering mercy towards Catherine if she openly admits her quilt. Bishop Gardner needs to ask her “questions” and upon hearing this, Catherine starts to have a mini-panic attack. She states that her offenses are worse now then before since the mercy that is offered from King Henry. Back in the dungeon, and with fingernails removed, Fransis Dereham is thrown in his cell. Bishop Gardner speaks of Francis Dereham to Catherine. The plot starts to simmer when she tells that there was no pre-contract with him. It starts to boil when, before the bishop leaves, Catherine tells that the sex between Francis Dereham was not consensual and was violent. (She’s playing the Rape Card?!) Bishop Gardner reports back to Charles and John Seymour. Charles admits that it might not be Francis Dereham who is at fault remembering when he saw Catherine looking at Culpepper but doesn’t say anything. Francis Dereham is still being tortured because John Seymour is certain that he has had relationships with Catherine even after she was queen. He tells that someone else succeed to win Catherine’s affection. Sir Thomas Culpepper the Kings groom is named.

Sir Richard interrogates Catherine and brings up Culpepper. She admits having meetings with him and him calling her his “Sweet little fool”. But, she denies having any relationship with him. She puts Lady Rochford under fire by saying she encouraged Catherine to do so and that Lady Rochford spread a rumor that Culpepper and Catherine were lovers. Thomas Seymour interrogates Culpepper and he denies having a relationship with Catherine. However, the plot thickens when Culpepper says that it was Catherine who urged him on. He said that it was Lady Rochford who urged it on as well like a lady of a brothel. Thomas Seymour interrogates Lady Rochford who is wondering why she is to blame. She admitted that she had to stand guard over them because they were meeting in secret and tells that they had “Carnal Knowledge” (there is that funny saying again) of each other every time. John Seymour meets with the king and the other lords and discusses the progress in which he tells he is only scraping the surface of the accusations that involve Catherine and tells about Culpepper and his betrayal. With their frequent meetings that are backed by the ladies in waiting, they retrieved a letter from the room of Culpepper from Catherine. She writes about saying that it “makes her heart die that she cannot always be in his company.” The King blames the lords about offering Catherine to him as his as a wife and saying that he is sad that he has had so many wives. Lady Hartford has the child and his name is Thomas. (Named after his father, of course) Lady Rochford looses it in the prison cell and starts smearing a sort of mud (we hope) all over the walls.

Charles and the King meet King and Henry quotes Solomon, speaking about Catherine, calling her sharp as a sword. Charles shared a letter that King Francis wrote to the King, saying that King Francis says that Henry needs to forget about the woman and move on. And that the “honor” of men should never be brought down by women like Catherine. King Henry almost to tell the King to F-off, but tells Charles to write a thank you letter. Derahn is to be hung and drawn and corded. Culpepper is to be beheaded. Lady Rochford was found guilty but because of her recent insanity, she could not be executed. However, King Henry says that she is to be executed anyways and to pass a bill to make it legal. (It’s good to be the King) King Henry tells that it was Charles who placed Catherine in front of him to begin with among others and asks if there are any regrets. Catherine is dancing in the church while both Francis and Culpeper are publically humiliated. As he is executed, the letter that Catherine wrote to him is narrated. Culpepper begs that people pray for him. (This coming from a guy who raped a Par keeper’s wife and kills him) To this the people just laugh. Catherine narrates about what scandals her and Francis Derahn did while in the Duchess’s home. While Culpepper is beheaded swiftly, Francis Derahn is drawn and corded. All this and Catherine is under the mercy of the king until Charles reads Catherine her sentence and she is taken to the tower of London.

In the tower, Catherine is forced to see the heads of Francis Derahn and Tomas Culpepper on spikes as she passes. King Henry tells that he is going to have a party and takes off his ring. Catherine is going to be executed. (Ah, sweet justice) Her requests are that she can have the block to which she will be executed on so that she could practice. Back in the King’s hall, he has a party with a lot of “eligible maidens” and it turns into a big indulgence of lust. (Once again, it’s good to be the King) Catherine is alone with her wooden block naked as she practices how she will lay on it. Execution day comes and both Catherine and Lady Rochfod move up the stage. Catherine’s uncle Lord Earl of Surrey looks at Catherine with disgust. A recently crazed Rochford asks for forgiveness before she is executed. She is beheaded swiftly as Catherine watches. Catherine’s friend Joan Bulmer is in the front watching. Catherine wets herself as she speaks to the crowd saying that she says that she’d rather die the wife of Culpepper instead of a queen. Her last words are “Life is very beautiful” as the picture fades with the axe coming down on her head.