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Season 5

121 :05x01 - In Praise of Pip

Bookie Max Phillips learn that his son Pip, a soldier in Vietnam, has been critically wounded. Distraught over the upbringing of his son, Max offers God his own life for Pip's.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Max Phillips |
Co-Guest Stars: Connie Gilchrist as Mrs. Feeny | Bobby Diamond as Pvt. Pip | Bill Mumy as Young Pip |
Uncredited: S. John Launer as Moran | Ross Elliott as Doctor | Stuart Nisbet as Surgeon | Russell Horton as George Reynold | Gerald Gordon as Lieutenant | Kreg Martin as Gunman
Writer: Rod Serling

122 :05x02 - Steel

A small-time promoter desperately in need of money takes the place of his broken-down robot in a prize fight where humans are barred from participating.
Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Steel Kelly | Joe Mantell as Pole |
Co-Guest Stars: Chuck Hicks as Maynard Flash | Merritt Bohn as Nolan | Frank London as Maxwell |
Uncredited: Tipp McClure as Battling Maxo | Larry Barton as Man's Voice
Director: Don Weis

123 :05x03 - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

No one can see the gremlin tearing apart an airplane's wing, except a newly released mental patient.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Bob Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine White as Julia Wilson | Ed Kemmer as Flight Engineer (as Edward Kemmer) | Asa Maynor as Stewardess |
Uncredited: Nick Cravat as Gremlin
Director: Richard Donner

124 :05x04 - A Kind of a Stopwatch

A stopwatch with the ability to halt all movement in the world falls into the hands of an insufferable bore.
Guest Stars: Ken Drake as Man | Dick Wessel as Charlie | Sam Balter as TV Announcer | Ray Kellogg as Attendant | Doris Singleton as Secretary | Herbie Faye as Joe the Bartender | Leon Belasco as Potts | Richard Erdman as McNulty | Roy Roberts as Mr. Cooper
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Rod Serling

125 :05x05 - The Last Night of a Jockey

An out-of-work jockey, tired of being the little man, begs to become a giant of a man so everyone would look up to him.
Guest Stars: Mickey Rooney as Grady
Writer: Rod Serling

126 :05x06 - Living Doll

An angry man vows to destroy his step-daughter's new doll, which he believes is mocking him.
Guest Stars: Tracy Stratford as Christie | Mary La Roche as Annabelle | Telly Savalas as Erich Streator | June Foray as Talky Tina
Writer: Jerry Sohl

127 :05x07 - The Old Man in the Cave

Survivors of a nuclear holocaust live day by day on the advice from someone they have never seen.
Guest Stars: Don Wilbanks as Furman | Natalie Masters as Woman | Leonard P. Geer as Douglas | Frank Watkins as Harber | Josie Lloyd as Evelyn | John Marley as Jason | James Coburn as Major French | John Anderson (1) as Mr. Goldsmith
Writer: Rod Serling

128 :05x08 - Uncle Simon

To inherit her insufferable Uncle's estate, a woman learns she must serve his latest invention, which is endowed with his own persona.
Guest Stars: Dion Hansen as Robot | John McLiam as Police Officer | Ian Wolfe as Schwimmer | Cedric Hardwicke as Uncle Simon Polk | Constance Ford as Barbara Polk
Director: Don Seigel
Writer: Rod Serling

129 :05x09 - Probe 7 - Over and Out

A space traveler from a doomed planet meets up with a female companion on his new homeland.
Guest Stars: Barton Heyman as Lt. Blane | Richard Basehart as Col. Adam Cook | Antoinette Bower as Eve Norda | Harold Gould as Gen. Larrabee
Director: Ted Post
Writer: Rod Serling

130 :05x10 - The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms

A modern day National Guard unit find themselves in the middle of Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of Little Big Horn.
Co-Guest Stars: Ron Foster as Sgt. William Connors | Warren Oates as Cpl. Richard Langsford | Randy Boone as Pfc. Michael McCluskey | Greg Morris as Lieutenant Woodard | Jeff Morris as Finnigan (as Jeffrey Morris) | Wayne Mallory as Scout | Robert Bray as Captain Dennet |
Uncredited: Jacques Shelton as Corporal | Lew Brown as Sergeant
Writer: Rod Serling

131 :05x11 - A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain

A wealthy old man mocked by his young, money-hungry wife begs to receive an experimental youth serum from his brother/doctor.
Guest Stars: Patrick O'Neal as Harmon Gordon | Ruta Lee as Flora Gordon | Walter Brooke as Dr. Raymond Gordon
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Rod Serling
Story: Lou Holz

132 :05x12 - Ninety Years Without Slumbering

An old man is obsessed with keeping a grandfather's clock wound, fearing he will die if the clock runs down.
Guest Stars: Chuck Hicks as Mover #2 | Dick Wilson (2) as Mover #1 | Carol Byron as Carol Chase | William Sargent as Dr. Mel Avery | James T. Callahan as Doug Kirk | Carolyn Kearney as Marnie Kirk | Ed Wynn as Sam Forstmann
Director: Roger Kay

133 :05x13 - Ring-A-Ding Girl

A gift from her hometown fan club gives a movie star premonitions of her future.
Guest Stars: Bill Hickman as Pilot | Lou Gerson as Cici | George Mitchell as Dr. Floyd | Vic Perrin as State Trooper | Hank Patterson as Mr. Gentry | David Macklin as Bud Powell | Mary Munday as Hildy Powell | Maggie McNamara as Bunny Blake | Bing Russell as Ben Braden | Betty Lou Gerson as Cici

134 :05x14 - You Drive

After a motorist hits a newspaper boy on a bicycle and drives away, he hides his crime but discovers that his car won't let him forget that he is guilty.
Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as Oliver Pope |
Co-Guest Stars: Helen Westcott as Lillian Pope (as Hellena Westcott) | Kevin Hagen as Pete Radcliff | Totty Ames as Muriel Hastings | John Hanek as Policeman
Director: John Brahm

135 :05x15 - The Long Morrow

An astronaut scheduled for a long journey in space breaks the suspended animation device designed to keep him young, so he can age at the same rate as the woman he loves.
Guest Stars: William Swan as Technician | Edward Binns as General Walters | George MacReady as Dr. Bixler | Mariette Hartley as Sandra Horn | Robert Lansing as Commander Douglas Stansfield
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: Rod Serling

136 :05x16 - The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross

A man schemes to trade age, wisdom and riches with others and become the fellow his girlfriend desires.
Guest Stars: Vaughn Taylor as Mr. Maitland | Douglas Dumbrille as Mr. Halpert | Doug Lambert as Albert | Ted Jacques as Bartender | Seymour Cassel as Jerry | Kathleen O'Malley as Nurse | Gail Kobe as Leah Maitland | Don Gordon as Salvadore Ross | J. Pat O'Malley as Old Man
Director: Don Seigel

137 :05x17 - Number Twelve Looks Just Like You

A young woman does not want to conform to a state controlled transformation of flawless beauty.
Guest Stars: Pamela Austin as Valerie/Marilyn (after operation)/#8 | Suzy Parker as Lana Cuberle/Simmons/Doe/Grace/Jane/Patient/#12 | Collin Wilcox as Marilyn Cuberle | Richard Long as Uncle Rick/Dr. Rex/Sigmund Friend/Dr. Tom/Attendant
Director: Abner Biberman

138 :05x18 - Black Leather Jackets

A motorcycle gang who set up residence in a quiet neighborhood is really a front for an advanced party of an alien invasion.
Guest Stars: Irene Hervey as Martha Tillman | Michael Conrad as Sheriff Harper | Wayne Heffley as Mover | Tom Gilleran as Fred | Shelley Fabares as Ellen Tillman | Lee Kinsolving as Scott | Denver Pyle as Stu Tillman | Michael Forest as Steve

139 :05x19 - Night Call

A phone call awakens a bedridden spinster during a stormy night, which happens to be from her long-dead fiancé.
Guest Stars: Martine Bartlett as Miss Finch | Nora Marlowe as Margaret Phillips | Gladys Cooper as Elva Keene

140 :05x20 - From Agnes - With Love

The world's most advanced computer seems to have the soul of a woman and has fallen in love with its programmer.
Guest Stars: Don Keefer as Fred Danziger | Byran Kane as Assistant | Nan Peterson as Secretary | Ralph Taeger as Walter Holmes | Sue Randall as Millie | Wally Cox as James Elwood | Raymond Bailey as Supervisor
Director: Richard Donner

141 :05x21 - Spur of the Moment

A young woman meets up with her future but older self while horseback riding, unaware of the significance until it's too late.
Guest Stars: Jack Raine as Reynolds | Marsha Hunt as Mrs. Henderson | Philip Ober as Mr. Henderson | Diana Hyland as Anne Henderson | Roger Davis (1) as David Mitchell | Robert Hogan as Robert Blake

142 :05x22 - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

The hanging of a Confederate spy during the Civil War seems to have gone wrong as the rope snaps, plunging him to freedom.
Guest Stars: Louis Adelin as Unknown | Pierre Danny as Unknown | Jean-françois Zeller as Unknown | Stéphane Fey as Union Soldier | Anker Larsen as Unknown | Anne Cornaly as Mrs. Farquhar | Roger Jacquet as Confederate Spy
Director: Robert Enrico

143 :05x23 - Queen of the Nile

The truth is exposed by a magazine columnist over the apparent agelessness of a movie actress.
Guest Stars: Ann Blyth as Pamela Morris | Lee Philips as Jordan Herrick | Celia Lovsky as Viola Draper | Frank Ferguson as Krueger |
Uncredited: James Tyler as Mr. Jackson | Ruth Phillips as Maid
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Jerry Sohl

144 :05x24 - What's in the Box

A man tries to explain to his wife, her death he witnessed after turning on the TV set.
Guest Stars: Joan Blondell as Phyllis Britt | William Demarest as Joe Britt | Sterling Holloway as TV Repairman |
Co-Guest Stars: Sandra Gould as Woman | Howard Wright as Judge | Herbert Lytton as Dr. Saltman |
Uncredited: Tony Miller (1) as Announcer | Douglas Bank as Prosecutor | Ron Stokes as Car Salesman | Ted Christy as Panther Man | John L. Sullivan (3) as Russian Duke
Director: Richard L. Bare

145 :05x25 - The Masks

A wealthy old man gets revenge on his greedy, spiteful family by making them wear masks during Mardis Gras, emulating their most hideous trait.
Guest Stars: Bill Walker (1) as Butler | Willis Bouchey as Dr. Samuel Thorne | Brooke Hayward as Paula Harper | Milton Selzer as Wilfred Harper | Alan Sues as Wilfred Jr. | Virginia Gregg as Emily Harper | Robert Keith (1) as Jason Foster
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Rod Serling

146 :05x26 - I Am the Night - Color Me Black

A community of bigots want answers when the sun fails to rise over their town on the morning an execution is to take place.
Guest Stars: Michael Constantine as Sheriff Charlie Koch | Paul Fix as Colbey |
Co-Guest Stars: George Lindsey as Deputy Pierce | Ivan Dixon as Rev. Anderson | Eve McVeagh as Ella Koch | Terry Becker as Jagger |
Uncredited: Douglas Bank as Man #1 | Ward Wood as Man #2 | Elizabeth Harrower as Woman
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Rod Serling

147 :05x27 - Sounds and Silences

A man who annoyingly enjoys loud noises suddenly finds pain in the slightest of sounds.
Guest Stars: Renee Aubry (1) as Secretary | Francis DeSales as Doctor | William Benedict as Conklin | John McGiver as Roswell G. Flemington | Michael Fox as Psychiatrist | Penny Singleton as Mrs. Flemington
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Rod Serling

148 :05x28 - Caesar and Me

A down-and-out ventriloquist begins taking advice from his dummy on how to steal money, witnessed by a little girl.
Guest Stars: Jackie Cooper as Jonathan West |
Co-Guest Stars: Morgan Brittany as Susan (as Susanne Cupito) | Sarah Selby as Mrs. Cudahy | Don Gazzaniga as Detective | Stafford Repp as Pawnbroker |
Uncredited: Ken Konopka as Mr. Miller | Sidney Marion as Watchman | Olan Soule as Mr. Smiles
Director: Robert Butler

149 :05x29 - The Jeopardy Room

A KGB agent plays games with a defector, whose life he's been ordered to take, by giving him three hours to find and defuse a bomb he has hidden in his room.
Guest Stars: Martin Landau as Major Ivan Kuchenko | John van Dreelen as Commisar Vassiloff |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Kelljan as Boris
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Rod Serling

150 :05x30 - Stopover in a Quiet Town

After a night of partying, a couple awakens to a strange house in unfamiliar town, with no people in sight and a sound of a little girl's voice.
Guest Stars: Barry Nelson as Bob Frazier | Nancy Malone as Millie Frazier |
Co-Guest Stars: Denise Lynn as Little Girl | Karen Norris as Mother
Director: Ron Winston

151 :05x31 - The Encounter

A samurai sword with a curse of revenge of its murdered master falls into the hands of a Japanese gardener.
Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Fenton | George Takei as Taro
Director: Robert Butler

152 :05x32 - Mr. Garrity and the Graves

A con man convinces the citizens of an Old West town that he can raise their dead family members from the cemetery.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Jensen | Percy Helton as Lapham | Norman Leavitt as Sheriff Gilchrist | Patrick O'Moore as Man | John Mitchum as Ace | Kate Murtagh as Zelda Gooberman | John Cliff as Lightning Peterson | J. Pat O'Malley as Gooberman | John Dehner as Jared Garrity
Director: Ted Post
Writer: Rod Serling

153 :05x33 - The Brain Center at Whipple's

An entire staff is fired by a heartless industrialist and replaced by machines, which soon revolt.
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as Dickerson | Paul Newlan as Hanley | Dion Hansen as Robot | Burt Conroy as Watchman | Thalmus Rasulala as Technician | Richard Deacon as Wallace V. Whipple
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Rod Serling

154 :05x34 - Come Wander with Me

A folk singer becomes obsessed with taping a ballad he heard sung by a backwoods girl.
Guest Stars: John Bolt as Billy Rayford | Bonnie Beecher as Mary Rachel | Gary Crosby as Floyd Burney | Hank Patterson as Old Man
Director: Richard Donner

155 :05x35 - The Fear

A woman calls in a police report of a giant visitor from outer space.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Trooper Robert Franklin | Hazel Court as Charlotte Scott
Director: Ted Post
Writer: Rod Serling

156 :05x36 - The Bewitchin' Pool

Two children escape their bickering parents by wandering into a world of happiness from the bottom of the swimming pool.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Radio Announcer | Georgia Simmons as Aunt T | Tim Stafford as Jeb | Mary Badham as Sport | Dee Hartford as Gloria | Kim Hector as Whitt | Tod Andrews as Gil
Warning: The Twilight Zone guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1959
Ended: June 19, 1964
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