Season 2

37 :02x01 - King Nine Will Not Return

A shot down bomber pilot crash-lands in the desert. After regaining consciousness he finds that his crew members have disappeared.
Guest Stars: Bob Cummings as Captain James Embry |
Co-Guest Stars: Gene Lyons as Psychiatrist | Paul Lambert as Doctor | Jenna McMahon as Nurse
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Rod Serling

38 :02x02 - The Man in the Bottle

A genie grants an impoverished pawnbroker four wishes which hasn't exactly turned out as he had hoped.
Guest Stars: Luther Adler as Arthur Castle | Vivi Janiss as Edna Castle |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Ruskin as Genie | Olan Soule as I.R.S. Agent | Lisa Golm as Mrs. Gumley |
Uncredited: Peter Coe as First German | Albert Szabo as Second German
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Rod Serling

39 :02x03 - Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

An insignificant hood assigned to murder an old man, finds his reflection from a mirror confronting him about having the guts to pull off the caper.
Guest Stars: Joe Mantell as Jackie Rhoades | William D. Gordon as George
Director: Douglas Heyes
Writer: Rod Serling

40 :02x04 - A Thing About Machines

A mean-spirited writer is sure that the machines in his home are out to destroy him.
Guest Stars: Richard Haydn as Bartlett Finchley |
Co-Guest Stars: Barbara Stuart as Edith Rogers | Barney Phillips as TV Repairman | Henry Beckman as Policeman | Jay Overholts as Intern | Margarita Cordova as Girl
Writer: Rod Serling

41 :02x05 - The Howling Man

A man swears that he can hear someone howling inside the monastery that he has taken refuge in during a storm. After first denying the claim, the inhabitants reveal that they have the Devil himself captured inside.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Brother Jerome | H.M. Wynant as David Ellington |
Co-Guest Stars: Robin Hughes as The Howling Man | Frederic Ledebur as Brother Christophorus | Ezelle Poule as Housekeeper
Director: Douglas Heyes

42 :02x06 - The Eye of the Beholder

A woman awaits the final results of her face surgery intended to fix her freakish features.
Guest Stars: Maxine Stuart as Janet Tyler | William D. Gordon as Doctor | Jennifer Howard as Janet's Nurse |
Co-Guest Stars: George Keymas as Leader | Joanna Heyes as Reception Nurse | Edson Stroll as Walter Smith | Donna Douglas as Janet Tyler (revealed)
Director: Douglas Heyes
Writer: Rod Serling

43 :02x07 - Nick of Time

A newlywed husband becomes obsessed with a penny fortune-telling machine that makes accurate predictions about his upcoming life.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Don Carter | Patricia Breslin as Pat Carter | Guy Wilkerson as Counter Man | Stafford Repp as Mechanic | Walter Reed as Nervous Man | Dee Carroll as Nervous Woman
Director: Richard L. Bare

44 :02x08 - The Lateness of the Hour

A young woman, tired of the routine of her family's life, asks her father to dismantle their robot servants.
Guest Stars: Inger Stevens as Jana |
Co-Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Dr. Loren | Irene Tedrow as Mrs. Loren | Tom Palmer (1) as Robert | Mary Gregory as Nelda | Valley Keene as Suzanne | Doris Karnes as Gretchen | Jason Johnson as Jensen
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Rod Serling

45 :02x09 - The Trouble with Templeton

An aging actor, reflecting on the happier days of his youth, gets a sobering look of his past.
Guest Stars: Brian Aherne as Booth Templeton |
Co-Guest Stars: Pippa Scott as Laura Templeton | Sydney Pollack as Arthur Willis | Dave Willock as Marty | King Calder as Sid Sperry | Larry J. Blake as Freddie (as Larry Blake) | David Thursby as Eddie | Charles Carlson as Barney Flueger |
Uncredited: John Kroger as Ed Page
Director: Buzz Kulik

46 :02x10 - A Most Unusual Camera

A stolen camera produces a picture that predicts the future for the petty thieves who had taken it.
Guest Stars: Fred Clark as Chester Diedrich | Jean Carson as Paula Diedrich | Adam Williams as Woodward |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcel Hillaire as Pierre
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Rod Serling

47 :02x11 - The Night of the Meek

A down and out department store Santa gets his wish to be the biggest gift giver of all, and bring joy to those who need it most on a special Christmas Eve.
Guest Stars: Art Carney as Henry Corwin |
Co-Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Mr. Dundee | Robert P. Lieb as Flaherty | Val Avery as The Bartender | Meg Wyllie as Sister Florence | Kay Cousins Johnson as Irate Mother | Burt Mustin as Old Man |
Uncredited: Larrian Gillespie as Elf | Andrea Darvi as Kid talking to Santa Claus
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Rod Serling

48 :02x12 - Dust

A man set to be hanged for killing a young girl while he was drunk, may get a reprieve after an unscrupulous man offers to sell the condemned man's father a magic dust which he claims will make those sprinkled with it feel forgiveness.
Guest Stars: Thomas Gomez as Sykes | John Larch as Sheriff Koch | Vladimir Sokoloff as Gallegos |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Alonso as Luis Gallegos | Paul Genge as John Canfield | Dorothy Adams as Mrs. Canfield | Jon Lormer as First Townsman | Andrea Darvi as Estrelita Gallegos (as Andrea Margolis) | Douglas Heyes, Jr. as Farmer Boy (as Douglas Heyes) |
Uncredited: Duane Grey as Rogers | Dan White (1) as Second Townsman
Director: Douglas Heyes
Writer: Rod Serling

49 :02x13 - Back There

A man finds himself back in time to April 15, 1865 and tries to warn the town of President Abraham Lincoln's upcoming assassination.
Guest Stars: Russell Johnson as Peter Corrigan |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Hartman as Police Sergeant | Bartlett Robinson as William | John Lasell as John Wilkes Booth | James Lydon as Patrolman | Raymond Bailey as Balding Card Player | Raymond Greenleaf as Bespectacled Card Player | John Eldredge as Fourth Card Player | James Gavin as Policeman | Jean Inness as Mrs. Landers | Lew Brown as Officer | Carol Eve Rossen as Officer's Wife | Nora Marlowe as Chambermaid | Pat O'malley as Attendant
Writer: Rod Serling

50 :02x14 - The Whole Truth

A used car salesman finds himself unable to tell a lie after buying a haunted car from an old man.
Guest Stars: Jack Carson (1) as Harvey Hunnicut | Loring Smith as Honest Luther Grimbley | George Chandler as The Old Man | Jack Ging as Young Man |
Co-Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Irv | Patrick Westwood as The Premier's Aide | Lee Sabinson as The Premier | Nan Peterson as Young Woman |
Uncredited: Ray Reese as Man Buying Car
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Rod Serling

51 :02x15 - The Invaders

An old woman in an isolated farmhouse is terrorized by two tiny men from outer space.
Guest Stars: Agnes Moorehead as Woman |
Uncredited: Douglas Heyes as the Astronaut
Director: Douglas Heyes

52 :02x16 - A Penny For Your Thoughts

Buying a newspaper, timid bank clerk Hector Poole flips the paper man a coin, which by landing on its edge has suddenly given him the ability to read minds.
Guest Stars: Dick York as Hector B. Poole |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Tobin as Mr. Bagby | Cyril Delevanti as L.J. Smithers | June Dayton as Helen Turner | Hayden Rorke as Mr. Sykes | James Nolan as Mr. Brand | Frank London as The Driver | Anthony Ray as The Paperboy | Patrick Waltz as The Security Guard
Director: James Sheldon

53 :02x17 - Twenty-Two

During a young woman's stay in a hospital, a recurring nightmare finds herself guided towards Room 22, which happens to be the morgue.
Guest Stars: Barbara Nichols as Liz Powell | Jonathan Harris (1) as Doctor | Fredd Wayne as Barney |
Co-Guest Stars: Arlene Martel as Nurse In Morgue (as Arline Sax) | Mary Adams as Day Nurse | Norma Connolly as Night Nurse | Wesley Lau as Airline Agent | Angus Duncan as Ticket Clerk |
Uncredited: Jay Overholts as P.A. Voice | Joseph Sargent as Ticket Clerk #2 | Carole Conn as Nurse Jameson
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Rod Serling

54 :02x18 - The Odyssey of Flight 33

An unlikely break of the time barrier finds a commercial airliner sent back into the prehistoric age.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Captain Farver | Paul Comi as 1st Officer Craig | Sandy Kenyon as Navigator Hatch | Wayne Heffley as Second Officer Wyatt | Harp McGuire as Flight Engineer Purcell |
Co-Guest Stars: Betty Garde as Lady Passenger | Beverly Brown as Janie | Nancy Rennick as Paula | Jay Overholts as Male Passenger | Lester Fletcher as RAF Captain
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: Rod Serling

55 :02x19 - Mr. Dingle, the Strong

Visiting Martian scientists choose a timid earthling as the subject of their experiment, endowing him incredible superhuman strength.
Special Guest Stars: Don Rickles as Bettor |
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Luther Dingle |
Co-Guest Stars: James Westerfield as O'Toole | Eddie Ryder as Joseph G. Callahan (as Edward Ryder) | Douglas Spencer as 1st Martian | Michael Fox as 2nd Martian | Donald Losby as 1st Venusian | Gregory Irvin as 2nd Venusian (as Greg Irwin) | Douglas Evans as 2nd Man | Phil Arnold as 1st Man | Frank Richards as 3rd Man | James Millhollin as Jason Abernathy | Jo Ann Dixon (1) as Nurse | Jay Hector as Boy |
Uncredited: Bob Duggan as Photographer
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Rod Serling

56 :02x20 - Static

An ancient radio picks up mysterious signals from decades earlier, rekindling the romance for a pair of elderly lovers.
Guest Stars: Dean Jagger as Ed Lindsay | Carmen Mathews as Vinnie Broun | Robert Emhardt as Professor Ackerman |
Co-Guest Stars: Arch Johnson as Roscoe Bragg (as Arch W. Johnson) | Alice Pearce as Mrs. Nielsen | Clegg Hoyt as Shopkeeper | Stephen Talbot as The Boy | Lillian O'Malley as Miss Meredith | Pat O'malley as Mr. Llewellyn |
Uncredited: Jay Overholts as Man # 2 | Bob Crane as Disc Jockey | Bob Duggan as Man #1 | Eddie Marr as Real Estate Pitchman | Diane Strom as Girl in Commercial | Roy Rowan as TV/Radio Announcer | Jerry Fuller as Rock & Roll Singer
Director: Buzz Kulik
Story: OCee Ritch

57 :02x21 - The Prime Mover

A man uses his friend's psychic ability which can move objects with his mind, to make a fortune in Las Vegas.
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Ace Larsen | Buddy Ebsen as Jimbo Cobb |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine White as Kitty Cavanaugh | Nesdon Booth as Phil Nolan | Clancy Cooper as Truck Driver | Jane Burgess as Sheila | Robert Riordan as Hotel Manager | William Keene as Desk Clerk | Joe Scott as Croupier
Director: Richard L. Bare

58 :02x22 - Long Distance Call

A toy telephone is the only remaining link between a young boy and his recently deceased grandmother.
Guest Stars: Philip Abbott as Chris Bayles | Lili Darvas as Grandma Bayles | Patricia Smith (1) as Sylvia Bayles |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Mumy as Billy Bayles | Jenny Maxwell as The Baby Sitter | Reid Hammond as Mr. Peterson | Henry Hunter as The Doctor | Lew Brown as The Fireman |
Uncredited: Robert L. McCord as 1st Fireman | James Turley as 2nd Fireman | Jutta Parr as Nurse
Director: James Sheldon

59 :02x23 - A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

A 19th-century Western settler sets off on his own to search for water to help his dying son, but instead finds he had stepped into the modern era.
Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson as Christian Horn |
Co-Guest Stars: John Crawford as Joe | Evans Evans as Mary Lou | Ken Drake as Man | Edward Platt as Doctor | Miranda Jones as Martha Horn | Jennifer Bunker as Woman | Robert L. McCord as Sheriff (as Robert L. McCord III) | John Astin as Charlie
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Rod Serling

60 :02x24 - The Rip Van Winkle Caper

To escape the police, four thieves create a plot to live in suspended animation for 100 years along with their stolen gold bars.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as DeCruz | Oscar Beregi as Farwell (as Oscar Beregi) |
Co-Guest Stars: Lew Gallo as Brooks | John Mitchum as Erbie | Wallace Rooney as Man on Road / George | Shirley O'Hara as Woman on Road |
Uncredited: Robert L. McCord as Brooks's Stunt Double | David Armstrong (1) as DeCruz's Stunt Double
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: Rod Serling

61 :02x25 - The Silence

A loquacious man takes a bet for half a million dollars that he can't keep silent for exactly one full year, and goes to extreme lengths to make sure he wins the wager.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Col. Archie Taylor | Liam Sullivan as Jamie Tennyson | Jonathan Harris (1) as George Alfred |
Co-Guest Stars: Cyril Delevanti as Franklin | Everett Glass as First Club Member | John Holland as Third Club Member | Felix Locher as Second Club Member
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Rod Serling

62 :02x26 - Shadow Play

A convicted man swears that his life is only a recurring nightmare that ends and begins over again with him being executed.
Guest Stars: Dennis Weaver as Adam Grant | Harry Townes as Henry Ritchie |
Co-Guest Stars: Wright King as Paul Carson | William Edmonson as Jiggs | Anne Barton as Carol | Bernie Hamilton as Coley | Thomas Nello as Phillips | Mack Williams (1) as Father Beaman | Gene Roth as Judge |
Uncredited: Jack Hyde as Attorney | Howard Culver as Jury Foreman | John Close as Guard
Director: John Brahm

63 :02x27 - The Mind and the Matter

A book about "using the powers of your mind," gives an unhappy man the ability to create an ideal world merely by willing it.
Guest Stars: Shelley Berman as Archibald Beechcroft | Jack Grinnage as Henry | Chet Stratton as Rogers |
Uncredited: Jeane Wood as Landlady
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Rod Serling

64 :02x28 - Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up

Seven people gathered at a diner all claim to have been passengers for a bus trip although only six should be on board, leading to panic after a UFO was sighted in the area.
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Ross | Jean Willes as Ethel McConnell | Jack Elam as Avery | Barney Phillips as Haley | John Archer (1) as Trooper Bill Padgett | William Kendis as Olmstead |
Co-Guest Stars: Morgan Jones (1) as Trooper Dan Perry | Gertrude Flynn as Rose Kramer | Bill Erwin as Peter Kramer | Jill Ellis as Connie Prince | Ron Kipling as George Prince
Writer: Rod Serling

65 :02x29 - The Obsolete Man

A librarian is scheduled for elimination after being deemed obsolete in the eyes of a futuristic society.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Romney Wordsworth |
Co-Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Chancellor | Josip Elic as Subaltern | Harry Fleer as Guard | Barry Brooks as First Man | Harold Innocent as Second Man | Jane Romeyn as Woman
Writer: Rod Serling
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1959
Ended: June 19, 1964
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