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Season 3

66 :03x01 - Two

The lone survivors of a nuclear war just happen to be a man and a woman from opposing sides.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Montgomery (1) as Woman | Charles Bronson as Man |
Uncredited: Sharon Lucas as Stunt Double

67 :03x02 - The Arrival

An airplane arrives totally empty of passengers and crew. The investigating officer determines that the plane is a collective figment of their imagination and takes extreme measures to prove so.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Grant Sheckly |
Co-Guest Stars: Fredd Wayne as Paul Malloy | Noah Keen as Bengston | Robert Karnes as Mr. Robbins | Bing Russell as George Cousins | Jim Boles as Dispatcher |
Uncredited: Robert Brubaker as Tower Operator
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Rod Serling

68 :03x03 - The Shelter

A news report turns a group of party goers into an angry mob when the host refuses to make room in his bomb shelter for his friends.
Co-Guest Stars: Larry Gates as Dr. William Stockton | Joseph Bernard as Marty Weiss | Jack Albertson as Jerry Harlowe | Peggy Stewart as Grace Stockton | Sandy Kenyon as Frank Henderson | Michael Burns (1) as Paul Stockton | Jo Helton as Martha Harlowe | Moria Turner as Mrs. Weiss | Mary Gregory as Frank's Wife | John McLiam as Neighbor
Writer: Rod Serling

69 :03x04 - The Passersby

A wounded Civil War soldier realizes the people around him are not just walking down a road away from battle, but toward their final reward.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as The Sergeant | Joanne Linville as Lavinia Godwin |
Co-Guest Stars: Rex Holman as Charlie | David Garcia as Lieutenant | Warren J. Kemmerling as Jud Godwin | Austin Green as Abraham Lincoln
Writer: Rod Serling

70 :03x05 - A Game of Pool

A legendary pool player is summoned by an eager young hustler, determined to make himself famous.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Jesse Cardiff | Jonathan Winters as James Howard "Fats" Brown
Director: Buzz Kulik

71 :03x06 - The Mirror

A mirror residing in the office for the president of a revolutionary country shows the images of his assassins.
Guest Stars: Peter Falk as Ramos Clemente | Will Kuluva as General DeCruz |
Co-Guest Stars: Antony Carbone as Cristo | Arthur Batanides as Tabal | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Garcia (as Rodolfo Hoyos) | Vladimir Sokoloff as Father Tomas | Richard Karlan as D'Allesandro |
Uncredited: James Turley as Offstage Voice | Val Ruffino as Guard | Dave Armstrong (2) as Stunt Double | Robert L. McCord as Offstage Voice
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Rod Serling

72 :03x07 - The Grave

A Western outlaw's final warning that he'd reach out and kill the hired gunman who hunted him becomes a challenge to the gunman's courage.
Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Conny Miller | James Best as Johnny Rob |
Co-Guest Stars: Strother Martin as Mothershed | Elen Willard as Ione Sykes | Lee Van Cleef as Steinhart | William Challee as Jasen | Stafford Repp as Ira Broadly | Larry Johns as Townsman | Dick Geary (1) as Pinto Sykes (as Richard Geary)

73 :03x08 - It's a Good Life

A town fears a six-year-old boy who possesses the power to change things with a thought inside his mind.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Mr. Fremont | Cloris Leachman as Agnes Fremont | Don Keefer as Dan Hollis | Bill Mumy as Anthony Fremont (as Billy Mumy) | Max Showalter as Pat Riley (as Casey Adams) | Alice Frost as Aunt Amy | Jeanne Bates as Ethel Hollis | Lenore Kingston as Old Woman | Tom Hatcher as Bill Soames
Director: James Sheldon
Story: Jerome Bixby | Teleplay: Rod Serling

74 :03x09 - Deaths-Head Revisited

A former Nazi officer from the Dachau concentration camp is put on trial by the ghosts of his tortured victims.
Guest Stars: Joseph Schildkraut as Becker | Oscar Beregi as Captain Lutze (as Oscar Beregi) |
Co-Guest Stars: Kaaren Verne as Innkeeper (as Karen Verne) | Robert Boon as Taxi Driver | Ben Wright as Doctor |
Uncredited: Chuck Fox as Dachau Victim
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Rod Serling

75 :03x10 - The Midnight Sun

The Earth grows warmer each day after falling out of its orbit and is drawn closer to the Sun.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Norma | Betty Garde as Mrs. Bronson |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Reese as Intruder | Jason Wingreen as Mr. Shuster | Juney Ellis as Mrs. Shuster | William Keene as Doctor |
Uncredited: Robert J. Stevenson as Announcer
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Rod Serling

76 :03x11 - Still Valley

A Confederate scout takes possession of a magical book that can freeze his opposition in place.
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Sergeant Joseph Paradine |
Co-Guest Stars: Vaughn Taylor as The Old Man/Teague | Mark Tapscott as The Lieutenant | Jack Mann as Mallory | Ben Cooper as Mr. Dauger |
Uncredited: Addison Myers as The Sentry
Director: James Sheldon
Story: Manly Wade Wellman | Teleplay: Rod Serling

77 :03x12 - The Jungle

A man feels hunted in the streets of Manhattan by jungle beasts after being threatened with death by an African native for violating tribal land.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Alan Richards |
Co-Guest Stars: Walter Brooke as Chad Cooper | Jay Adler as Vagrant | Emily McLaughlin as Doris Richards | Hugh Sanders as Mr. Templeton | Howard Wright as Mr. Hardy | Donald Foster as Mr. Sinclair | Jay Overholts as Taxi Driver

78 :03x13 - Once Upon a Time

A janitor from the 19th century is transported 70 years into the future after trying on his bosses' time machine helmet.
Guest Stars: Buster Keaton as Woodrow Mulligan |
Co-Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Rollo | James Flavin as First 1962 Policeman | Gil Lamb as Officer Flannagan | Jesse White as Repairman |
Uncredited: Milton Parsons as Professor Gilbert | Warren Parker as Clothing Store Manager | Harry Fleer as Second 1962 Policeman | George E. Stone as Fenwick

79 :03x14 - Five Characters in Search of an Exit

A ballet dancer, a major, a clown, tramp and a bagpipe player find themselves trapped in an enclosed cylinder with no recollection of how they got there or how to escape.
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Harrison (1) as The Ballerina | William Windom as The Major (as Bill Windom) | Murray Matheson as The Clown | Kelton Garwood as The Tramp | Clark Allen as The Bagpipe Player | Carol Hill (1) as Woman | Mona Houghton as Little Girl
Writer: Rod Serling

80 :03x15 - A Quality of Mercy

During World War II, a young gung ho American Lieutenant sets his sights on defeating a sickly, injured group of Japanese soldiers held up in a cave. Suddenly, the Lieutenant finds himself as a young Japanese soldier ordered to massacre a group of Americans, stuck in the same situation.
Guest Stars: Dean Stockwell as Lt. Katell/Lt. Yamuri | Albert Salmi as Sgt. Causarano |
Co-Guest Stars: Rayford Barnes as Andrew J. Watkins | Ralph Votrian as Hanacheck | Leonard Nimoy as Hansen | Dale Ishimoto as Sergeant Yamazaki | Jerry Fujikawa as Japanese Captain (as J.H. Fujikawa) |
Uncredited: Michael Pataki as Jeep Driver
Director: Buzz Kulik
Story: Sam Rolfe | Teleplay: Rod Serling

81 :03x16 - Nothing in the Dark

An old woman is the last remaining occupant at a condemned building, fearing she will meet "Mr. Death" if she exits.
Co-Guest Stars: Gladys Cooper as Wanda Dunn | Robert Redford as Harold Beldon | R.G. Armstrong as Contractor

82 :03x17 - One More Pallbearer

Three people are involved in an elaborate hoax to get them to apologize to a wealthy man whom they had all humiliated once during their lifetime.
Guest Stars: Joseph Wiseman as Paul Radin |
Co-Guest Stars: Katherine Squire as Mrs. Langsford | Trevor Bardette as Colonel Hawthorne | Gage Clarke as Mr. Hughes |
Uncredited: Robert Snyder as Second Electrician | Josip Elic as First Electrician | Ray Galvin as Policeman
Writer: Rod Serling

83 :03x18 - Dead Man's Shoes

After stealing a pair of shoes from a murdered gangster, a down and out man finds himself following in the dead mans footsteps.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Nate Bledsoe |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Devon (1) as Bernie Dagget | Joan Marshall as Wilma | Ben Wright as Chips | Harry Swoger as Sam | Ron Hagerthy as Ben | Florence Marly as Dagget's Woman (as Florence Marley) | Joseph Mell as Jimmy (as Joseph Mell) |
Uncredited: Eugene Borden as Maitre D' | Susie Garrett as Pianist

84 :03x19 - The Hunt

An old man and his dog are drowned while coon huntin' and must confront a gatekeeper who seems to be St. Peter at Heaven's door.
Guest Stars: Arthur Hunnicutt as Hyder Simpson | Jeanette Nolan as Rachel Simpson |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles Seel as Rev. Wood | Titus Moede as Wesley Miller | Robert Foulk as Gatekeeper (as Robert Faulk) | Dexter DuPont as Messenger | Orville Sherman as Tillman Miller
Director: Harold Schuster

85 :03x20 - Showdown with Rance McGrew

Jesse James' spirit returns to challenge an insufferable cowboy star for his shabby film treatment of villain characters.
Guest Stars: Larry Blyden as Rance McGrew |
Co-Guest Stars: Arch Johnson as Jesse James | Robert Cornthwaite as Director | Robert J. Stevenson as Bartender | Bill McLean as Prop Man (as William McLean) | Troy Melton as Cowboy | Jay Overholts as Cowboy # 2 | Hal K. Dawson as Old Man | Bob Kline (2) as TV Jesse James | James Turley as Stuntman (as Jim Turley)
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Rod Serling

86 :03x21 - Kick the Can

The spirit of an old children's game helps a group of elderly citizens recapture their youth.
Guest Stars: Ernest Truex as Charles Whitley | Russell Collins as Ben Conroy | John Marley as Mr. Cox | Hank Patterson as Second Old Man | Earle Hodgins as First Old Man | Marjorie Bennett as First Old Lady | Lenore Shanewise as Second Old Lady | Anne O'Neal as Third Old Lady | Burt Mustin as Third Old Man |
Uncredited: Marc Stevens as Second Boy | Gregory McCabe as First Boy | Eve McVeagh as Night Nurse | Barry Truex as Charle's Son

87 :03x22 - A Piano in the House

An old player-piano helps reveal the listeners' hidden character.
Guest Stars: Barry Morse as Fitzgerald Fortune | Joan Hackett as Esther Fortune |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Durant as Greg | Muriel Landers as Marge Moore | Philip Coolidge as Throckmorton | Cyril Delevanti as Marvin the Butler

88 :03x23 - The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

A young man is suspected of being evil after awakening during his own funeral.
Guest Stars: James Best as Jeff Myrtlebank | Sherry Jackson as Comfort Gatewood | Edgar Buchanan as Doc Bolton |
Co-Guest Stars: Lance Fuller as Orgram Gatewood | Dub Taylor as Mr. Peters | Ralph Moody as Pa Myrtlebank | Jon Lormer as Mr. Strauss | Ezelle Poule as Ma Myrtlebank | James Houghton as Jerry | Helen Wallace as Ma Gatewood | William Fawcett as Rev. Siddons | Mabel Forrest as Mrs. Ferguson | Vickie Barnes as Liz Myrtlebank | Patrick Hector as Tom

89 :03x24 - To Serve Man

Friendly aliens have shown mankind how to end war, famine and plague, now are invited to visit their planet.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Michael Chambers | Susan Cummings as Penny |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Kiel as Kanamit | Hardie Albright as Secretary General | Theodore Marcuse as Mr. Gregori | Bartlett Robinson as First Colonel | Carleton Young as Second Colonel | Nelson Olmsted as The Scientist | Robert Tafur as Senor Valdes | Lomax Study as Dr. Dennis Leveque | Jerry Fujikawa as Japanese Delegate (as J. H. Fujikawa) |
Uncredited: Will J. White as First Reporter | Joseph Ruskin as Kanamit | Jeanne Evans as Second Woman in Line | Adrienne Marden as First Woman in Line | Gene Benton as Second Reporter | Charles Tannen as First Man in Line | James Wellman as Second Man in Line
Director: Richard L. Bare
Story: Damon Knight | Teleplay: Rod Serling

90 :03x25 - The Fugitive

An old man with the magical ability to change his appearance befriends a crippled young girl.
Guest Stars: Susan Gordon as Jenny | J. Pat O'Malley as Old Ben |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy Kulp as Mrs. Gann | Wesley Lau as First Pursuer | Paul Tripp as Second Pursuer | Russ Bender as Doctor | Stephen Talbot as Howie Gutliff | Johnny Eimen as Pitcher
Director: Richard L. Bare

91 :03x26 - Little Girl Lost

Cries in the night have a couple searching for their six year old child who has slipped through a door into another dimension.
Guest Stars: Sarah Marshall (1) as Ruth Miller | Robert Sampson (1) as Chris Miller | Charles Aidman as Bill |
Uncredited: Tracy Stratford as Tina | Rhoda Williams as Tina's Voice

92 :03x27 - Person or Persons Unknown

A man is suddenly unknown by all, even his own mother.
Guest Stars: Richard Long as David Andrew Gurney | Frank Silvera as Dr. Koslenko | Shirley Ballard as Wilma #1 |
Co-Guest Stars: Julie Van Zandt as Wilma #2 | Betty Harford as Clerk | Edmund Glover as Sam Baker (as Ed Glover) | Michael Keep as Policeman | Joe Higgins as Bank Guard / Jim | John Newton as Cooper
Director: John Brahm

93 :03x28 - The Little People

A spaceman finds tiny inhabitants on a planet and forces them to recognize him as a God.
Guest Stars: Joe Maross as Peter Craig | Claude Akins as William Fletcher |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Ford (1) as Spaceman #1 | Robert Eaton (2) as Spaceman #2
Writer: Rod Serling

94 :03x29 - Four O'Clock

A cranky, callous man decides to shrink everyone he believes is evil two feet tall at exactly 4 p.m.
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Oliver Crangle |
Co-Guest Stars: Phyllis Love as Mrs. Lucas | Linden Chiles as Hall | Moyna MacGill as Mrs. Chloe Williams
Story: Price Day | Teleplay: Rod Serling

95 :03x30 - Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

A man known for telling tall tales discovers that no one believes him after being kidnapped by aliens.
Guest Stars: Andy Devine (1) as Somerset Frisby |
Co-Guest Stars: Milton Selzer as Alien #1 | Howard McNear as Mitchell | Dabbs Greer as Scanlan | Clem Bevans as Old Man / Pete |
Uncredited: Peter Brocco as Alien #3 | Larry Breitman as Alien #2

96 :03x31 - The Trade-Ins

An old couple considers exchanging their pain-racked bodies for a more youthful model, but can only afford one transplant right now.
Guest Stars: Joseph Schildkraut as John Holt |
Co-Guest Stars: Noah Keen as Mr. Vance | Alma Platt as Marie Holt | Theodore Marcuse as Farraday (as Ted Marcuse) | Edson Stroll as Young John Holt | Terence de Marney as Gambler #1 | Sailor Vincent as Gambler #2 | Mary McMahon as Receptionist | David Armstrong (1) as Attendant
Writer: Rod Serling

97 :03x32 - The Gift

Villagers keep a crashed space traveler in fear of his life.
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Horne as Williams | Nico Minardos as Doctor |
Co-Guest Stars: Cliff Osmond as Manuelo | Edmund Vargas as Pedro | Vladimir Sokoloff as Guitarist | Paul Mazursky as Officer | Henry Corden as Sanchez | Vito Scotti as Rudolpho |
Uncredited: David Fresco as Man #2 | Joseph V. Perry as Man #1 | Carmen D'Antonio as Woman | Lea Marmer as Woman #2
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Rod Serling

98 :03x33 - The Dummy

A ventriloquist fears that his dummy is too lifelike when he starts running his life.
Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson as Jerry Etherson | Frank Sutton as Frank |
Co-Guest Stars: George Murdock as Willy | John Harmon (1) as Georgie | Sandra Warner as Noreen | Ralph Manza as Doorkeeper |
Uncredited: Edy Williams as Chorus Girl | Bethelynn Grey as Chorus Girl | Rudy Dolan as M.C.
Director: Abner Biberman
Story: Lee Polk | Teleplay: Rod Serling

99 :03x34 - Young Man's Fancy

A newlywed longs for the carefree days of his youth and succeeds in making his past reappear, to the abashment of his new bride.
Guest Stars: Phyllis Thaxter as Virginia Walker-Lane | Alex Nicol as Alex Walker |
Co-Guest Stars: Wallace Rooney as Mr. Wilkinson | Helen Brown as Henrietta Walker | Ricky Kelman as Alex (age 10)
Director: John Brahm

100 :03x35 - I Sing the Body Electric

A widowed father buys a robotic grandmother to care for his three children in which one of them refuses to accept.
Guest Stars: Josephine Hutchinson as Grandma | David White (1) as George Rogers |
Co-Guest Stars: Vaughn Taylor as Salesman | Doris Packer as Nedra | Veronica Cartwright as Anne Rogers (age 11) | Dana Dillaway as Karen Rogers (age 10) | Susan Crane as Anne Rogers (age 19) | Paul Nesbitt as Tom Rogers (age 20) | Judee Morton as Karen Rogers (age 18) | Charles Herbert as Tom Rogers (age 12)
Writer: Ray Bradbury

101 :03x36 - Cavender is Coming

A luckless apprentice angel has one last chance to win his wings, by helping Agnes Grep, an inept and clumsy soul.
Special Guest Stars: Carol Burnett as Agnes Grep |
Guest Stars: Jesse White as Harmen Cavender |
Co-Guest Stars: Howard Smith as Polk | Frank Behrens as Stout | Sandra Gould as Woman | Albert Carrier as Frenchman | Barbara Morrison as Woman | Donna Douglas as Woman #3 | Danny Kulick as Child | Jack Younger (1) as Truck Driver | William O'Connell as Field Rep |
Uncredited: Roy N. Sickner as Bus Driver | Norma Shattue as Little Girl | Rory O'Brien as Boy | John Fiedler as Field Rep | Maurice Dallimore as Man | Pitt Herbert as Field Rep | Stan Jones (1) as Field Rep | Adrienne Marden as Woman
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Rod Serling

102 :03x37 - The Changing of the Guard

A teacher at a boy's school feels suicidal after being asked to retire.
Guest Stars: Donald Pleasence as Prof. Ellis Fowler |
Co-Guest Stars: Liam Sullivan as Headmaster | Philippa Bevans as Mrs. Landers | Tom Lowell as Artie Beechcroft | Russell Horton as Boy #4 | Buddy Hart as Boy #5 | Robert Biheller as Graham (as Bob Biheller) | Kevin O'Neal as Butler | Jimmy Baird as Boy #1 | Kevin Jones (1) as Boy #2 | Darryl Richard as Boy #6 | James Browning as Boy #7 | Pat Close as Boy #8 | Dennis Kerlee as Boy #9 |
Uncredited: Laird Stuart as Schoolboy
Writer: Rod Serling
Warning: The Twilight Zone guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1959
Ended: June 19, 1964
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