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Season 4

103 :04x01 - In His Image

A scientist tries to correct his imperfections by building a mechanical likeness of himself, which includes of all the finer qualities he is lacking.
Guest Stars: Gail Kobe as Jessica Connelly | Wallace Rooney as Man | Katherine Squire as The Old Woman | George Petrie as Driver | James Seay as Sheriff | James Forster as Hotel Clerk | Sherry Granato as Girl | George Grizzard as Alan Talbot / Walter Ryder, Jr.
Director: Perry Lafferty

104 :04x02 - The Thirty-Fathom Grave

A submarine sunk 20 years earlier is apparently emitting sounds which haunt a man who believes he is responsible for its sinking.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Captain Beecham | John Considine as McClure | Mike Kellin as Chief Bell | Bill Bixby as O.O.D. | David Sheiner as Doc | Anthony D. Call as Lee Helmsman | Derrik Lewis as Helmsman | Conlan Carter as Ensign Marmer | Charles Kuenstle as Sonar Operator | Forrest Compton as ASW Officer | Henry Scott as Jr. O.O.D. | Louie Elias as Sailor #2
Director: Perry Lafferty
Writer: Rod Serling

105 :04x03 - Valley of the Shadow

A reporter must find a way to escape from what he has learned after he wanders into a peaceful village which holds a mystical secret that can create or destroy matter.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Philip Redfield | Natalie Trundy as Ellen Marshall | James Doohan as Father | Pat O'Hara as Man #4 | Jacques Aubuchon as Connelly | Morgan Brittany as Girl (as Susanne Cupito) | David Opatoshu as Dorn | King Calder as Man #3 | Bart Burns as Man #2 | Henry Beckman as Man #1 | Sandy Kenyon as Gas Attendent | Dabbs Greer as Evans
Director: Perry Lafferty

106 :04x04 - He's Alive

A young American hatemonger is inspired by the spirit of Adolf Hitler to rise to his own power.
Guest Stars: Howard Caine as Nick | Dennis Hopper as Peter Vollmer | Ludwig Donath as Ernst Ganz | Curt Conway as Benefactor | Paul Mazursky as Frank | Barnaby Hale as Stanley | Jay Adler as Gibbons | Wolfe Barzell as Proprietor | Bernard Fein as Heckler
Writer: Rod Serling

107 :04x05 - Mute

A group of people have developed a way of communicating by the power of telepathy, including a couple raising their daughter in a world void of speech.
Guest Stars: Barbara Baxley as Cora Wheeler | Irene Dailey as Miss Frank | Ann Jillian as Ilse Nielson | Frank Overton as Harry Wheeler | Oscar Beregi as Prof. Karl Werner | Claudia Bryar as Frau Nielsen | Robert Boon as Holger Nielsen | Eva Soreny as Frau Maria Werner | Percy Helton as Tom Poulter

108 :04x06 - Death Ship

An astronaut won't believe that he and his crew may already be dead after seeing a duplicate spaceship crash landed on the planet surface.
Guest Stars: Fred Beir as Lt. Mike Carter | Jack Klugman as Captain Paul Ross | Ross Martin (1) as Lt. Ted Mason | Mary Webster as Ruth | Tammy Marihugh as Jeannie | Ross Elliott as Kramer | Sara Taft as Mrs. Nolan
Director: Don Medford

109 :04x07 - Jess-Belle

Jess-Belle enlists the help of a local witch to cast a spell on Billy-Ben Turner to fall in love with her and forget his fiancé Ellwynn. But the spell does have a drawback that strikes at midnight.
Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Jess-Belle | James Best as Billy-Ben Turner | Laura Devon as Ellwyn Glover | Jeanette Nolan as Granny Hart | Virginia Gregg as Ossie Stone | George Mitchell as Luther Glover | Helen Kleeb as Mattie Glover | Jim Boles as Obed Miller | Jon Lormer as Minister
Director: Buzz Kulik

110 :04x08 - Miniature

A shy bachelor becomes obsessed with a tiny, beautiful doll he sees in a museum exhibit, insisting that she is alive.
Guest Stars: Lennie Weinrib as Buddie | Barbara Barrie as Myrna | Robert Duvall as Charley Parkes | Pert Kelton as Mrs. Parkes | William Windom as Dr. Wallman | John McLiam as Museum Guard | Claire Griswold as The Doll | Nina Roman as The Maid | Richard Angarola as The Suitor | Barney Phillips as Diemel | Joan Chambers as Harriet | Chet Stratton as The Guide
Director: Walter Grauman

111 :04x09 - Printer's Devil

A wily old man, hired by a bankrupt newspaper editor, has the knack of predicting headline stories and claims to be the Devil.
Guest Stars: Robert Sterling as Douglas Winter | Ray Teal as Mr. Franklin | Camille Franklin as Molly | Doris Kemper as Landlady | Charles P. Thompson as Andy Praskins | Burgess Meredith as Mr. Smith | Pat Crowley as Jackie Benson
Director: Ralph Senensky

112 :04x10 - No Time Like the Past

Paul Driscoll believes he can alter history by traveling back in time and changing three particular events, Hiroshima, murdering Hitler and convincing the captain of the Lusitania to change its course. Failing, he decides to live in a simpler time but must not change any events, no matter who may be hurt by this.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Harvey | John Zaremba as Horn Player | Robert Cornthwaite as Hanford | Marjorie Bennett as Mrs. Chamberlain | Malcolm Atterbury as Professor Eliot | Lindsay Workman as Bartender | Tudor Owen as Lusitania Captain | James Yagi as Japanese Police Captain | Dana Andrews (2) as Paul Driscoll | Patricia Breslin as Abigail Sloan
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: Rod Serling

113 :04x11 - The Parallel

Major Gaines lands his spacecraft back home and soon realizes that he is in a parallel world. A trip back into space and another landing seems to bring him safely back to Earth. That is until he tells of his story and hears a report of a recent UFO sighting containing a 'Colonel' Gaines.
Guest Stars: Paul Comi as Psychiatrist | Steve Forrest as Robert Gaines | Jacqueline Scott as Helen Gaines | Frank Aletter as Col. Connacher | Philip Abbott as General Eaton | Shari Lee Bernath as Maggie Gaines
Writer: Rod Serling

114 :04x12 - I Dream of Genie

A mild-mannered clerk finds Aladdin's lamp but decides that using his one wish for wealth, power or the girl of his dreams would be a waste of the lamp's power.
Guest Stars: Howard Morris as George P. Hanley | Bob Hastings as Sam | Patricia Barry as Ann | Molly Dodd as May | Milton Parsons as P.R. Man | Jack Albertson as Genie | Mark Miller (1) as Roger | Loring Smith as Watson | Joyce Jameson as Starlet | James Millhollin as Masters | Robert Ball as Clerk
Director: Robert Gist
Writer: John Furia

115 :04x13 - The New Exhibit

After a wax museum decides to discard the likenesses of their famous murderers, their custodian retrieves them and stores them in his own basement.
Guest Stars: Robert L. McCord as Burke | Martin Balsam as Martin Lombard Senescu | Will Kuluva as Mr. Ferguson | Margaret Field as Emma Senescu | William Mims as Dave | Milton Parsons as Henri Desire Landru | David Bond (1) as Jack the Ripper | Bob Mitchell as Albert W. Hicks | Billy Beck as Hare | Phil Chambers (1) as Gas Man | Leonard Bremen as Van Man | Eddie Barth as Sailor | Marcel Hillaire as Guide | Craig Curtis as 2nd Sailor
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Jerry Sohl

116 :04x14 - Of Late I Think of Cliffordville

A bored businessman makes a deal with the Devil to start his life over in an earlier time period with $1,400 to work with.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Bill Feathersmith | Julie Newmar as Miss Devlin | John Anderson as Diedrich | Christine Burke (1) as Joanna Gibbons | John Harmon (1) as Clark | Wright King as Hecate | Guy Raymond as Mr. Gibbons | Hugh Sanders as Cronk
Writer: Rod Serling

117 :04x15 - The Incredible World of Horace Ford

A toy manufacturer returns to his old neighborhood where he sees visions of his childhood and those he slighted as kid.
Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Horace Ford | Nan Martin as Laura Ford | Ruth White (1) as Mrs. Ford | Phillip Pine as Leonard O'Brien | Mary Carver as Betty O'Brien | Jim E. Titus as Horace (child) | Jerry Davis (2) as Hermy Brandt | Vaughn Taylor as Mr. Judson
Director: Abner Biberman

118 :04x16 - On Thursday We Leave For Home

The leader of an expedition on an asteroid tries to convince the others that Earth is not worth returning to.
Guest Stars: Shirley O'Hara as Colonist | James Whitmore as William Benteen | Tim O'Connor as Col. Sloane | James Broderick as Al | Lew Gallo as Lt. Engle | Madge Kennedy as Colonist | Russ Bender as Hank | Danny Kulick as Jo Jo | Mercedes Shirley as Joan | Paul Langton as George | Jo Helton as Julie | Anthony Benson as Colonist | John Ward (1) as Colonist
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Rod Serling

119 :04x17 - Passage on the Lady Anne

A couple intent on saving their marriage, go aboard a cruise ship filled with old couples and an ageless secret.
Guest Stars: Wilfrid Hyde-White as McKenzie | Alan Napier as Captain Prothero | Lee Philips as Allan Ransome | Joyce Van Patten as Eileen Ransome | Gladys Cooper as Mrs. McKenzie | Cyril Delevanti as Officer | Don Keefer as Spiereto | Cecil Kellaway as Burgess

120 :04x18 - The Bard

A TV writer conjures up the spirit of William Shakespeare to act as his co-writer but end up in a struggle with network heads over what makes "great TV."
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Bramhoff | Judy Strangis as Cora | Jack Weston as Julius Moomer | John Williams (1) as William Shakespeare | Burt Reynolds as Rocky Rhodes | John McGiver as Shannon | Henry Lascoe as Mr. Hugo | Doro Merande as Sadie | Clegg Hoyt as Bus Driver | Marge Redmond as Secretary | William Lanteau as Dolan
Writer: Rod Serling
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1959
Ended: June 19, 1964
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