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The Twilight Zone: The Four of Us are Dying

Petty con-man Arch Hammer has the ability to change his face to look exactly like someone else's. He uses it to get money and women, but soon finds himself depending on it to survive.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 173-3618
Airdate: Friday January 01st, 1960



Cheap crook and grafter Arch Hammer arrives in town and checks into a hotel room. Hammer has a unique talent: he can concentrate and change himself into anyone he wants. Using newspaper clippings, he uses his ability to gain money and women. First he duplicates a dead trumpet player, Johnny Foster, and goes to the club where Foster used to play. He hits on Foster’s girlfriend, Maggie, who is surprised to see her dead boyfriend alive and well. Hammer/Foster explains that he faked his death and wants to start a new life and wants her to come along with him. He tells her to meet him at the train station later that night and they’ll head to Chicago together...

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