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The Twilight Zone: Mirror Image

A young woman is frightened by the sight of her double that keeps appearing in a bus depot.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x21
Production Number: 173-3623
Airdate: Friday February 26th, 1960

Director: John Brahm
Writer: Rod Serling


Guest Stars
Vera MilesVera Miles
As Millicent Barnes
Martin MilnerMartin Milner
As Paul Grinstead
Joseph Hamilton (1)Joseph Hamilton (1)
As Ticket Agent (as Joe Hamilton)
Naomi StevensNaomi Stevens
As Bathroom Attendant
Therese LyonTherese Lyon
As Old Woman
Ferris TaylorFerris Taylor
As Old Man
Edwin RandEdwin Rand
As Bus Driver
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


On a stormy night, private secretary Millicent Barnes waits at a bus depot. She checks the time and goes over to speak with the ticket agent. Millicent asks about the bus to Courtland and why it's overdue, and the ticket agent says that due to the rain there's no way to tell when it's coming in. The ticket agent irritably complains that he already told Millicent the same thing several times, even though Millicent insists that it's the first time she asked. As she complains about his manners, Millicent notices that her suitcase is on the floor behind the agent. She turns around confirms that her suitcase is also next to the bench where she was sitting. Millicent goes back to her bench, puzzled...

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Episode Notes
Rod Serling said that this story was based on a real-life experience that he had.

In the original story " The Mirror Image", the washroom attendant was actually a woman working at the lunch counter.

Episode Quotes
Millicent Barnes: Excuse me.
Ticket Agent: Hmm?
Millicent Barnes: The bus to Courtland...
Ticket Agent: What about it?
Millicent Barnes: Well, it was due a half an hour ago.
Ticket Agent: Yep, half hour ago.
Millicent Barnes: When will it be in?
Ticket Agent: Hard to say. It's been raining hard, road's slick, maybe a bridge or two out.
Millicent Barnes: Well, when do you think it will be in?
Ticket Agent: She'll be in when she'll be in, that's all! I told you that the last time you asked, miss!
Millicent Barnes: The last time I asked? The last time I asked was right now. Look, all I want from you is a civil answer!
Ticket Agent: You're gettin' a civil answer!! Trouble is, every ten minutes you're up here acquirin' one! Situations just don't change that rapidly. You wanna know about the Courtland bus? It's late. It was late when you asked a half hour ago, late when you come back fifteen minutes later, and it's late now. And all the asking in the world ain't gonna push it none!
Millicent Barnes: But this is the first time I've been up here, the very first time! Either you need your eyes...
Ticket Agent: Now what's the matter?
Millicent Barnes: Nothing, nothing's the matter.

Opening Narration
Millicent Barnes, age twenty-five, young woman waiting for a bus on a rainy November night. Not a very imaginative type is Miss Barnes, not given to undue anxiety or fears, or for that matter even the most temporal flights of fancy. Like most young career women, she has a generic classification as a, quote, girl with a head on her shoulders, end of quote. All of which is mentioned now because in just a moment, the head on Miss Barnes' shoulders will be put to a test. Circumstances will assault her sense of reality and a chain of nightmares will put her sanity on a block. Millicent Barnes, who in one minute will wonder is she's going mad.

Millicent Barnes: I've been thinking about something. It's very odd but... I've been remembering.
Paul Grinstead: Remembering what?
Millicent Barnes: About something I read or heard about a long time ago. About different planes of existence. About two parallel worlds that exist side-by-side. And--and each of us has a counterpart in this world, and sometimes through some freak, through something unexplainable, this counterpart, after the two worlds converge, comes into our world and in order to survive it has to take over.
Paul Grinstead: Take over?
Millicent Barnes: Replace us. Move us out so that it can live.
Paul Grinstead: That's a little metaphysical for me.
Millicent Barnes: I remember reading it somewhere. Each of us has a twin in this other world, an identical twin. Maybe that woman I saw...
Paul Grinstead: Millicent, there's another explanation. There has to be. One that comes with more reason.
Millicent Barnes: I can't explain it, but I know that's what's happened. This other woman, my counterpart...
Paul Grinstead: Forget about it, please! Don't think about it. I just thought of something. I've got a good friend, that lives in Tully. I'll call him. Maybe he'll bring his car down here for us. He might even be able to drive us into Syracuse. I'll call him. All right, Millicent? Shall I call my friend?

Ticket Agent: I'll tell you what I think. I'd say she's got a leak in her attic. Parallel planes! Counterparts from another life! You have a thing about sick people, is that it?

Closing Narration
Obscure metaphysical explanation to cover a phenomenon. Reasons dredged out of the shadows to explain away that which cannot be explained. Call it parallel planes or just insanity. Whatever it is, you find it in the Twilight Zone.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
EditorBill Mosher
CastingMillie Gusse
Set DecoratorHenry Grace  |  Budd S. Friend
Director of PhotographyGeorge T. Clemens
Art DirectorGeorge W. Davis  |  William Ferrari
Production ManagerRalph Nelson
Sound EditorFranklin Milton  |  Jean Valentino
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Assistant DirectorEdward O. Denault
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