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The Twilight Zone: The Mighty Casey

A robot pitcher named Casey is hired by the manager of a losing baseball club.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x35
Production Number: 173-3617
Airdate: Friday June 17th, 1960


Guest Stars
Jack WardenJack Warden
As Mouth McGarry
Abraham SofaerAbraham Sofaer
As Dr. Stillman
Alan DexterAlan Dexter
As Mr. Beasley
Jonathan HoleJonathan Hole
As Team Physician
Rusty LaneRusty Lane
As Commissioner
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


Dr. Stillman arranges to have his human-like robot have a try out as a pitcher for the Hoboken Zephyrs baseball team. The team zooms into fourth place thanks to the Mighty Casey . After being beaned in the head, a doctor discovers Casey has no heart. The rules say nine "men" make up a team, and without a heart Casey is not human. Dr. Stillman gives Casey a heart which makes him become too compassionate to strike out the opposing players. The Zephyrs lose the pennant and Casey is washed up as a baseball player. Dr. Stillman gives Coach McGarry the blueprints to Casey as a memento. While looking at them, the coach gets an inspiration and chases down the doctor. ..

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Episode Notes
Abraham Sofaer's most famous role is that of Hadji on I Dream of Jeannie.

The story was reworked from an earlier Serling play.

Mouth Mcgarry was originally played by Paul Douglas but during the initial filming he acted erratically and it was believed he was having a recurrence of a drinking problem. Two days later he died of a heart attack. All of Douglas' scenes were refilmed with Jack Warden, with Rod Serling making up the cost of $27,000 out of his own pocket.

Jack Warden had previously appeared in "The Lonely" but may be best known in the TV version of The Bad News Bears as Coach Morris Buttermaker and Crazy Like a Fox along with many movie roles including Coach Halas in Brian's Song.

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration
Once upon a time there was a major-league baseball team called the Hoboken Zephyrs who, during the last year of their existence, wound up in last place and shortly thereafter wound up in oblivion. There's a rumor, unsubstantiated of course, that a manager named McGarry took them to the West Coast and wound up with several pennants and a couple of world's championships. This team had a pitching staff that made history. Of course, none of them smiled very much, but it happens to be a fact that they pitched like nothing human. And if you're interested as to where these gentlemen came from, you might check under 'B' for baseball, in the Twilight Zone.

Team Physician: Well, there's not a thing wrong. Everything is just fine. It's just that...
Mr. Beasley: Just that what?
Team Physician: Well, this man doesn't have any pulse. No heartbeat. This, this man isn't alive.
Dr. Stillman: It'll have to come out now, Mr. McGarry.
Mr. Beasley: What's this all about, Mouth? What are you trying to pull off?
Mouth McGarry: Well, you're not going to like this, Beasley, but...
Dr. Stillman: Doctor, I think you should know this before you go any further. This man hasn't a pulse or a heartbeat because he doesn't have a heart. He's a robot.
Team Physician: A what?
Dr. Stillman: That's right, a robot.
Team Physician: You're sure?
Dr. Stillman: By all means. I built him.
Team Physician: And he's been pitching for the Hoboken Zephyrs. Under the circumstances, as team physician, I'm afraid I must notify the baseball commissioner.
Mouth McGarry: Casey, move over.

Commissioner: Article Six, Section Two of the baseball code. I quote: a team shall consist of nine men, end of quote. Men, understand? Not robots! He's suspended. That's my final decision.
Mr. Beasley: Commissioner, to all intents and purposes, he is human! Casey, talk to him! Tell him about yourself.
Casey: What should I say?
Mouth McGarry: You see, he talks better than me. And he's a lot smarter than most of those mutton heads I got on the club.
Commissioner: He is not human!
Mr. Beasley: How human do you want him? He's got arms and legs and a face and he talks.
Commissioner: And no heart! He doesn't even own a heart. How can he be human without a heart?!

Casey: The thing is, Mr. McGarry, I just couldn't strike those poor fellows out. I didn't have it in me to do that. Hurt their feelings. I felt compassion.
Dr. Stillman: That's it. He's got compassion. See how he smiles? Give a man a heart, Mr. McGarry, particularly someone like Casey, who hasn't been around long enough to understand competitiveness or drive or ego. That's what happens.
Casey: I'm sorry, Mr. McGarry. I just can't hurt fellow's careers. Dr. Stillman thinks I should go into social work.
Dr. Stillman: That's right.
Casey: I want to help people. Goodbye.

Closing Narration
What you're looking at is a ghost, once alive but now deceased. Once upon a time, it was a baseball stadium that housed a major-league ball club known as the Hoboken Zephyrs. Now it houses nothing but memories and a wind that stirs in the high grass of what was once an outfield, a wind that sometimes bears a faint, ghostly resemblance to the roar of a crowd that once sat here. We're back in time now, when the Hoboken Zephyrs were still a part of the National League and this mausoleum of memories was an honest-to-Pete stadium. But since this is strictly a story of make-believe, it has to start this way. Once upon a time, in Hoboken, New Jersey, it was tryout day. And though he's not yet on the field, you're about to meet a most unusual fellow, a left-handed pitched named Casey.

Episode Goofs
Casey throws a pitch which the batter hits past his left shoulder. In the corresponding close-up though, he looks over his right shoulder.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
EditorJoseph Gluck
Set DecoratorHenry Grace  |  Keogh Gleason
Director of PhotographyGeorge T. Clemens
Art DirectorMerrill Pye  |  George W. Davis
Production ManagerRalph Nelson
Sound EditorFranklin Milton
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Assistant DirectorDonald C. Klune
Sound Effects EditorVan Allen James
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