A World of His Own - Recap

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Gregory West is a famous playwright who lives in a peaceful suburban home. He’s in his study enjoying a drink made for him by an attractive blonde woman, Mary. The two of them sit on the couch and kiss… unaware that Gregory’s wife Victoria is spying on them through the window. She loudly enters the house and knocks on the study door, while Mary looks at Gregory in horror and asks if he has to “do it” again. He reluctantly admits he does. Victoria is still pounding on the door when Gregory answers it and cheerfully invites her in.

Victoria looks around the room trying to find Mary without success, while Gregory casually handles a pair of scissors and fiddles with his tape machine. She starts pounding on the walls and asks if he has a secret door, but Gregory shrugs and says it would be ridiculous to have one. She finally seems to give in and starts talking about what she imagined she saw: Gregory kissing a rather drab blonde woman. He denies that she’s drab, giving himself away. Victoria demands to know where his mistress is and Gregory finally comes clean. He explains that he’s discovered that when he describes the characters in his plays in vivid detail, they come to life. Now, he can create anything just by dictating it on his tape machine. Victoria thinks he’s nuts and he locks the door to force her to watch as he demonstrates by dictating Mary again. He talks about what she looks like and how she enters the house… and Victoria, who has stolen the key, hears footsteps outside. She opens the door to find Mary outside.

Mary is disappointed that Gregory brought her back just to convince his wife he’s not nuts. Victoria believes the entire thing is a set-up and that they’re trying to drive her nuts. Gregory locks the door and demonstrates how he destroys his creations: by burning the piece of recording tape that he cuts off of the reel. As Victoria looks in astonishment, Gregory burns Mary’s tape and the blonde woman disappears. He explains that he only created Mary because he felt so inadequate next to the perfect Victoria.

Victoria grabs the key again and tries to get out, and Gregory dictates an elephant to block her escape. He then realizes that she’s gained too much free will. Going to his hidden safe, he removes an envelope with Victoria’s name on it, and explains that he dictated her into existence as well. He promises not to summon Mary again and starts to put the tape back, but a disbelieving Victoria grabs the envelope and throws it in the fire. She starts to feel feverish and realizes too late that he was telling the truth. The envelope bursts into flame… and Victoria disappears.

Gregory starts to dictate her back into existence… and then decides on a more human wife. He describes Mary, noting she’ll now be Mary West. She appears and starts making him a drink. Rod Serling appears to provide the final voiceover, and notes that the audience shouldn’t believe such silly fictions. Gregory takes notice of him, and admonishes Rod saying that he shouldn’t talk about fictional beings so dismissively. He takes another envelope out of his safe, with the name “Rod Serling” on it. He throws it on the fire… and Rod disappears.