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The Twilight Zone: A World of His Own

A playwright discovers he can make the characters described into a tape recorder materialize before his eyes.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x36
Production Number: 173-3634
Airdate: Friday July 01st, 1960


Guest Stars
Mary La RocheMary La Roche
As Mary
Keenan WynnKeenan Wynn
As Gregory West
Phyllis KirkPhyllis Kirk
As Victoria West
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


Gregory West is a famous playwright who lives in a peaceful suburban home. He’s in his study enjoying a drink made for him by an attractive blonde woman, Mary. The two of them sit on the couch and kiss… unaware that Gregory’s wife Victoria is spying on them through the window. She loudly enters the house and knocks on the study door, while Mary looks at Gregory in horror and asks if he has to “do it” again. He reluctantly admits he does. Victoria is still pounding on the door when Gregory answers it and cheerfully invites her in...

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Episode Notes
Keenan Wynn is the son of Ed Wynn, who appeared in "One for the Angels" and "Ninety Years Without Slumbering.

Keenan Wynn is best known for playing Willard "Digger" Barnes on Dallas.

Phyllis Kirk is best known for starring as Nora Charles in The Thin Man (1957-59).

Mary La Roche returns in "Living Doll."

In the final scene, as Serling begins to make his ending voice-over narration, the character actually starts to interact with him.

This episode marks the series first on-camera appearance of Rod Serling.

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration
: The home of Mr. Gregory West, one of America's most noted playwrights. The office of Mr. Gregory West. Mr. Gregory West - shy, quiet, and at the moment very happy. Mary - warm, affectionate...And the final ingredient - Mrs. Gregory West.

Victoria: Oh, listen, wouldn't you like to have me describe her to you?
Gregory: (sits on the sofa) Well....
Victoria: Oh, let me, let me. She had, uh, masses of blond hair, and she wore one of those frumpy little blouses with a kind of a tacky little brooch at the bosom, and one of those dreadful sort of peasant skirts. But the funny thing was that she handed you a drink.
Gregory: Oh, such detail. It's quite remarkable.
Victoria: Yes, isn't it? Of course, if I had thought about it, darling, well, I... I would have realized how ridiculous it was. (she starts to flatter him, he drops his guard) I mean, I would have realized if I had thought about it for a minute that a man of your grace and extraordinary taste couldn't possibly be interested in such a drab, ugly, little creature.
Gregory: Oh, she's not so drab. (realizes he just gave away his secret)

Gregory West: You’ve got to believe me, Victoria. People in my plays do come alive. I’ve seen them, I’ve talked to them, I’ve even shaken hands with them.
Victoria West: You even made love to them, remember?
Gregory West: Yes… I mean no!

Gregory West: I can describe a dog or a cat or any character you want. But I'm sure you would prefer to see Mary and I've created Mary so many times that she'll be much more.
Victoria West: I'll just bet she is. Give me the key, Gregory.
Gregory West: (recording all this on tape recorder) Her name is Mary. She's thirty years old. Five feet six inches tall. Nicely built, blond hair, fair complexion. A simple, unassuming female but with that quality of inner loveliness that brings real beauty to a woman. She's dressed in a soft blouse, old-fashioned broach, and a full skirt. Her hair is attractively arranged. She's coming up the front walk. She's crossing the porch. She's opening the front door. She's closing it. She's walking across the hall.
Mary: Good afternoon, Mrs. West.

Victoria West: Is this another one of your tawdry little tricks?
Gregory West: Now why do you think I got so upset when you came back here awhile ago? Not because of Mary, but because you came back against my will, for the first time, for the first time.
Victoria West: Do you think you're frightening me?
Gregory West: No, I guess not. You're beyond that. I made you too strong. I forgot to add a little human frailty. Well, I asked for it. I'll put this back in the safe.
Victoria West: Gregory, would you like to know what I think of your childish nonsense? This! (she tosses her envelope, marked VICTORIA WEST into the fire)
Gregory West: Victoria!
Victoria West: Oh, Greg! I feel so strange! You don't mean that you were telling me the truth? You were right! (she vanishes)

Serling: We hope you enjoyed tonight's romantic story on the Twilight Zone. At the same time, we want you to realize that it was, of course, purely fictional. In real life, such ridiculous nonsense could never…
Gregory West: Rod! You shouldn't! I mean you shouldn't say such things as...nonsense and ridiculous.
Serling: Well, that's the way it goes.

Closing Narration
Leaving Mr. Gregory West, still shy, quiet, very happy - and apparently in complete control of the Twilight Zone.

Episode Goofs
SciFi Channel cut the sequence where West dictate-creates an elephant to stop his wife from leaving. The cut is quite noticeable. It's a shame since, according to The Twilight Zone Companion they went to great lengths to get an elephant on the set for that one brief scene.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
EditorJoseph Gluck
Set DecoratorHenry Grace  |  Keogh Gleason
Director of PhotographyGeorge T. Clemens
Art DirectorMerrill Pye  |  George W. Davis
Production ManagerRalph Nelson
Sound EditorFranklin Milton
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Assistant DirectorDonald C. Klune
Sound Effects EditorVan Allen James
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