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The Twilight Zone: Back There

A man finds himself back in time to April 15, 1865 and tries to warn the town of President Abraham Lincoln's upcoming assassination.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x13
Production Number: 173-3648
Airdate: Friday January 13th, 1961



At the Potomac Club in Washington D.C. in the present day, engineer Peter Corrigan is playing cards and enters into a discussion about time travel. One of the players contends that history can be changed but Corrigan insists that a time traveler could simply set off the very events he tried to change. Corrigan bows out of the game, noting there's little point in discussing the matter since no one can travel through time. As he leaves, Corrigan bumps into the club manservant, William. He notes that it's April 14, 1961 and bids William good night. Corrigan steps outside and then feels a brief wave of dizziness. He looks around... and finds himself in 1865, wearing clothing appropriate to the era. The club behind him is closed and still dizzy, Corrigan tries to go home and finds his apartment has been replaced with a boarding house. Corrigan asks for a room and the landlady Mrs. Landers allows him to stay. A couple are departing for a play as Corrigan goes upstairs, and mention that the President will be attending. They ask him which Army he was in and after saying that he was with the Union forces, determines that they are going to Ford's Theater to see Our American Cousin... on the day Lincoln was assassinated...

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