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The Twilight Zone: Twenty-Two

During a young woman's stay in a hospital, a recurring nightmare finds herself guided towards Room 22, which happens to be the morgue.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x17
Production Number: 173-3664
Airdate: Friday February 10th, 1961

Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Rod Serling


Guest Stars
Jonathan Harris (1)Jonathan Harris (1)
As Doctor
Fredd WayneFredd Wayne
As Barney
Barbara NicholsBarbara Nichols
As Liz Powell

Co-Guest Stars
Arlene MartelArlene Martel
As Nurse In Morgue (as Arline Sax)
Wesley LauWesley Lau
As Airline Agent
Mary AdamsMary Adams
As Day Nurse
Norma ConnollyNorma Connolly
As Night Nurse
Angus DuncanAngus Duncan
As Ticket Clerk

Jay OverholtsJay Overholts
voiced P.A. Voice
Carole ConnCarole Conn
As Nurse Jameson
Joseph SargentJoseph Sargent
As Ticket Clerk #2
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


Dancer Liz Powell is resting in a hospital room and having a nightmare. She wakes up, gasping for breath, to the sound of a ticking clock. Liz reaches for a glass of water only to spill it. Hearing footsteps outside, Liz gets out of bed, sweating, and walks out to the hallway. There's an elevator at the far end with a nurse standing in it. The door close and Liz walks down to it, watching the counter descend to the basement. Liz calls the elevator car and then gets in and goes to the basement. She finds herself in a hallway strewn with medical supplies and walks down it, shivering. She comes to a Room 22, the morgue, and a nurse emerges to tell her "Room for one more, honey." Liz runs screaming back to the elevator...

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Episode Notes
Jay Overholts also appears in "Where is Everybody?," "One for the Angels," "A Thing About Machines," "The Odyssey of Flight 33," "Static, "The Jungle" and "Showdown with Rance McGrew."

Wesley Lau was also in "The Fugitive."

Jonathan Harris' most famous role is that of stowaway Dr. Zachary Smith on Lost in Space. Harris would later go on to appear in "The Silence."

This is one of six episodes originally shot on videotape, then transferred to sixteen-millimeter film for broadcast. This was done as a cost-cutting measure.

Arlene Martel was previously seen in "What You Need."

Fredd Wayne also appears in "The Arrival."

Serling wrote this episode based on an anecdote from Bennett Cerf's Famous Ghost Stories (1944).

Episode Quotes
Nurse: Room for one more, honey.

Opening Narration
This is Miss Liz Powell. She's a professional dancer and she's in the hospital as a result of overwork and nervous fatigue. And at this moment we have just finished walking with her in a nightmare. In a moment she'll wake up and we'll remain at her side. The problem here is that both Miss Powell and you will reach a point where it might be difficult to decide which is reality and which is nightmare, a problem uncommon perhaps but rather peculiar to the Twilight Zone.

Liz Powell: I know what I saw. I know what I did.
Doctor: I'll tell you what, Miss Powell. To prove my point, let's try something different.
Liz Powell: Like what?
Doctor: You say it always happens in such pure chronology, that your actions are always the same. Tonight, when you're dreaming, or as you say when you're waking up, don't reach for the glass. See if breaking the routine a bit won't stop it from happening.
Barney Kaminer: Now that sounds like a groovy idea, Doc. Why don't you try it, kitten, huh? Why don't you try it?
Liz Powell: Barney, Barney, will you tell him? When the same thing happens to you for six nights in a row...
Doctor: Overwork, fatigue, tiredness. A nightmare at this point would not be abnormal, Mr. Kaminer. A nightmare in this case would be the normal. Well, Miss Powell, let's see what this evening brings, shall we.
Barney Kaminer: Yeah, well, I gotta be running along, kitten. Now you stay hip to what the doc here is telling you. I'm sure glad to see you feeling, uh, looking so good again.
Liz Powell: Thanks a heap, Barney. You know, you couldn't boost morale if it weighed a quarter of a pound and you had a derrick. Thanks for coming over. You must do it again sometime, only make it next year, will ya.
Barney Kaminer: Ah, kitten baby!
Liz Powell: Get out, will ya, Barney!
Barney Kaminer: Sure, Liz, sure. (Barney leaves)
Doctor: Remember about tonight, Miss Powell. When you feel compulsion to repeat the nightmare, don't do it. Now, relax. Get to sleep. I think we're on our way to recovery.
Liz Powell: We're just delighted that we feel that way.

Liz: Thanks a heap, Barn. You know, you couldn't boost morale if it weight a quarter of a pound and had a derrick.

Closing Narration
Miss Elizabeth Powell, professional dancer. Hospital diagnosis: acute anxiety brought on by overwork and fatigue. Prognosis: with rest and care, she'll probably recover. But the cure to some nightmares is not to be found in known medical journals. You look for it under 'potions for bad dreams,' to be found in the Twilight Zone.

Episode Goofs
Liz is standing towards the elevator with her hand on her face. The camera shot immediately switches to her front view, but her hand is no longer on her face.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
Associate ProducerDel Reisman
CastingEthel Winant
Set DecoratorArthur Jeph Parker
Art DirectorWilliam Craig Smith
Associate DirectorJames B. Clark
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Technical DirectorJim Brady
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