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An ancient radio picks up mysterious signals from decades earlier, rekindling the romance for a pair of elderly lovers.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x20
Production Number: 173-3665
Airdate: Friday March 10th, 1961

Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Charles Beaumont
Story: OCee Ritch


Guest Stars
Dean JaggerDean Jagger
As Ed Lindsay
Carmen MathewsCarmen Mathews
As Vinnie Broun
Robert EmhardtRobert Emhardt
As Professor Ackerman

Co-Guest Stars
Arch JohnsonArch Johnson
As Roscoe Bragg (as Arch W. Johnson)
Clegg HoytClegg Hoyt
As Shopkeeper
Stephen TalbotStephen Talbot
As The Boy
Pat OPat O'malley
As Mr. Llewellyn
Alice PearceAlice Pearce
As Mrs. Nielsen
Lillian OLillian O'Malley
As Miss Meredith

Bob DugganBob Duggan
As Man #1
Eddie MarrEddie Marr
voiced Real Estate Pitchman
Jay OverholtsJay Overholts
As Man # 2
Bob CraneBob Crane
voiced Disc Jockey
Diane StromDiane Strom
As Girl in Commercial
Jerry FullerJerry Fuller
As Rock & Roll Singer
Roy RowanRoy Rowan
voiced TV/Radio Announcer
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


At a boarding house, the elderly residents gather in the main room to watch TV. A bored Ed Lindsay is playing checkers with Professor Ackerman and easily winning, and is disgusted with everyone else's focus on the screen. He tells them it doesn't make a difference what is on the television and flips from channel to channel. He stalks off to the basement and finds a picture of a man and woman together. He removes the cloth from an old radio while a boy looks through the window and wonders what it does. Ed and the boy bring the radio upstairs and another resident, Vinnie Broun, notes that she thought Ed had thrown it away years ago...

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Episode Notes
Alice Pearce was the original Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched.

Bob Crane is best remembered for playing the title role in the TV series Hogan's Heroes.

This is one of six episodes originally shot on videotape, then transferred to sixteen-millimeter film for broadcast. This was done as a cost-cutting measure.

Jay Overholts was also in "Where is Everybody?," "One for the Angels," "A Thing About Machines," "Twenty-Two," "The Odyssey of Flight 33," "The Jungle" and "Showdown with Rance McGrew."

This episode marked Bob Crane's first appearance on TV.

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration
No one ever saw one quite like that, because that's a very special sort of radio. In its day, circa 1935, its type was one of the most elegant consoles on the market. Now, with its fabric-covered speakers, its peculiar yellow dial, its serrated knobs, it looks quaint and a little strange. Mr. Ed Lindsay will find out how strange very soon, when he tunes into the Twilight Zone.

Ed: Ever since I can remember, women have been running run my life. "Do this, do that, come to dinner, don't come to dinner.."
Vinnie: Frankly, Mr. Lindsay, I don't care whether you starve to death. I just want to make sure that it's on purpose and not because you forgot that food was available.
Ed: I'm not that old yet.

Ed: Bragg, how is it that a man with such a tiny brain can have such a big mouth?

Vinnie: Professor, is it so impossible?
Professor Ackerman: Impossible? Now that's a dangerous sort of a word to use nowadays, Vinnie. We take things for granted today that we called impossible just a few years ago. Let's call it "highly unlikely."

Vinnie: Right now, Ed Lindsay, you're just about the meanest, sourest, most cantankerous old man on the face of the Earth.
Ed: Thanks.
Vinnie: And I'm not much better. We've been living like two hermits under the same roof for the last twenty years, staring at each other every morning. Day in, day out. Twenty long years wondering what went wrong.
Ed: I don't know what you're talking about.
Vinnie: Oh, yes, you do. You know exactly what I'm talking about but you won't admit it. We were going to be married.
Ed: Oh, now, Vin, for heaven's sake.
Vinnie: Don't get your back up. I'm not trying to change anything. I'm just talking. We met in this boarding house in 1940 and it was here that you proposed. I wanted to set the date but your mother was ill, you remember, and so you decided to wait, and that's just what we did. We waited and waited until, by the time your mother had died, it was too late.
Ed: Now, Vinnie, I'm not gonna sit here and listen...
Vinnie: Don't interrupt me! I've gotta get this thing said. Oh, I know you don't care anything about me now. I'm just a silly woman who watches television, dyes her hair, grows old. You don't even like me anymore, and I don't blame you. You're a bachelor, set in your ways. You can't change what you are, and neither can I. We had our chance and missed it, Ed. But I'll tell you one thing that's true and I know it's true. You did love me as much as a man ever loved a woman. Didn't you?
Ed: Yes, Vinnie. That's true. I did, yes.
Vinnie: And now you love what we were, what we might have become together. So just about this time every year, it would have been our anniversary, you start getting unhappy. You wanna go back to 1940 and start all over again. Why do you think you keep hearing "Getting Sentimental Over You" on the radio? That was our song, Ed. And those programs. We used to listen to them together in the dark.
Ed: I had forgotten.
Vinnie: When you hear those programs, you're like a young man again with all of your life ahead of you. But it isn't so, Ed. It's all over between us. We missed our chance. We can't go back.
Ed: You think it's all in my mind, don't you? You think that I've just imagining that
Vinnie: Ed!
Ed: I hear the radio, don't you? That's what you think. That's not true at all. It's not true. Get out of here, Vinnie. Get out of here. Leave me alone. Just leave me alone.

Ed: You know, when I first started listening to radio again, I kept wondering, "Whatever happened to the picture tube?" And then I remembered. (taps his head) The picture tube is right here. I tell you, radio is a world that has to be seen to be believed.

Closing Narration
Around and around she goes, and where she stops nobody knows. All Ed Lindsay knows is he desperately wanted a second chance and he finally got it, through a strange and wonderful time machine called a the Twilight Zone.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
Associate ProducerDel Reisman
CastingEthel Winant
Set DecoratorBuck Henshaw
Art DirectorRobert Tyler Lee
Associate DirectorJames B. Clark
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Technical DirectorJim Brady
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