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The Twilight Zone: A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

A 19th-century Western settler sets off on his own to search for water to help his dying son, but instead finds he had stepped into the modern era.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x23
Production Number: 173-3654
Airdate: Friday April 07th, 1961

Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: Rod Serling


Guest Stars
Cliff RobertsonCliff Robertson
As Christian Horn

Co-Guest Stars
Ken DrakeKen Drake
As Man
Robert L. McCordRobert L. McCord
As Sheriff (as Robert L. McCord III)
Evans EvansEvans Evans
As Mary Lou
Edward PlattEdward Platt
As Doctor
Miranda JonesMiranda Jones
As Martha Horn
John AstinJohn Astin
As Charlie
Main Cast
Rod SerlingRod Serling
As Narrator/Host


A wagon train travels across the Old West of 1847 in the New Mexico Territories, led by Christian Horn and heading for California. He calls the train to a halt and checks on his son, who is on his eleventh day of fever. One of the other settlers, Charlie, insists that the others want to turn back before they die of starvation and thirst. Christian warns against it and insists he'll find them water. He heads over the nearby rim to scout out for possible supplies, and tells them to stay close. He crosses over the rim... and finds a 20th century highway and electrical lines...

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Episode Notes
Cliff Robertson would win an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1967 for his performance in Charley.

John Astin is best known for playing Gomez Addams on The Addams Family.

Robert L. McCord was also in "Long Distance Call," "The Rip Van Winkle Caper," "The Mirror" and "The New Exhibit."

Edward Platt is best known for playing the Chief on Get Smart.

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration
The year is 1847, the place is the territory of New Mexico, the people are a tiny handful of men and women with a dream. Eleven months ago, they started out from Ohio and headed west. Someone told them about a place called California, about a warm sun and a blue sky, about rich land and fresh air, and at this moment almost a year later they've seen nothing but cold, heat, exhaustion, hunger, and sickness. This man's name is Christian Horn. He has a dying eight year-old son and a heartsick wife, and he's the only one remaining who has even a fragment of the dream left. Mr. Chris Horn, who's going over the top of a rim to look for water and sustenance and in a moment will move into the Twilight Zone.

Christian Horn: What you got there?
Mary Lou: Penicillin. It'll keep away any infection.
Christian Horn: Where did you get it?
Mary Lou: At the drugstore. You feel all right?
Christian Horn: You say this is good for a sickness?
Mary Lou: Well, sometimes, depending on what it is.
Christian Horn: I've got a real sick boy back in the wagon.
Mary Lou: You mean you brought your family with you?
Christian Horn: There were three wagons. And I looked around and I...what is that? What is that? That looks just like...oh, God in heaven, how could that be? That says September 1961 when it's 1847! Who are you? Who are you and where am I? Where is this place? Where am I?

Mary Lou: Well, Doc, what do you think?
Doctor: If you had some bourbon, Mary Lou, I'd prefer that at the moment, but coffee will do for second best.
Joe: (Arriving) Having coffee, huh? Take a look at him, Doc?
Doctor: I did indeed. Malnutrition, that's his major problem, although he's not a bad specimen of a man, I'll say that. And you were right, Joe. He's an interesting customer.
Joe: Must have been the heat, huh? Or something? Well, I mean, Doc, he's just not rational.
Doctor: Now, I'm not a psychiatrist, Joe. I'm just an old-fashioned GP. But Freud himself would have something to gnaw on here.
Joe: Aw...
Doctor: Well, he happens to seem very rational.
Joe: Oh, Doc, come on!

Christian: I may be crazy, or the world may be turned upside down but I know I've been put here for a reason. A reason.

Charlie: Short trip, Chris? Nothing much on the other side, was there?
Christian: You'd be surprised, Charlie. There's a whole lot on the other side of that rim. There'll be highways and many new things. A whole new land. You know what, Charlie? It was people like us, we made it happen.

Closing Narration
Mr. Christian Horn, one of the hardy breed of men who headed west during a time when there were no concrete highways or the solace of civilization. Mr. Christian Horn, family and party, heading west, after a brief detour through the Twilight Zone.

Episode Goofs
The American Territory of New Mexico was not created until 1850, three years after the year mentioned in the opening narration, and in the episode itself. In 1847, it would have been know as Spanish New Mexico.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRod Serling
Executive ProducerRod Serling
ProducerBuck Houghton
MusicFred Steiner
Director of PhotographyGeorge T. Clemens
Art DirectorGeorge W. Davis  |  Philip Barber
Production ManagerRalph Nelson
Sound EditorFranklin Milton
Main Title ThemeMarius Constant
Film EditorLeon Barsha
SoundWilliam Edmondson
Assistant DirectorE. Darrell Hallenbeck
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