The Rip Van Winkle Caper - Recap

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In Death Valley, a moving van and a car pull up to a rocky outcropping and four men emerge. Farwell, the leader of the group and a former professor, assures them that tomorrow they'll be as rich as kings from the gold that they stole from a train. As they unload, Farwell explains that they'll put the gold in the nearby cave and then destroy the vehicles. They go into the cave and Farwell inspects four glass coffins. DeCruz isn't comfortable with the plan: they'll go into suspended animation and spend the gold when they wake up, having evaded detection. DeCruz says he'd rather take his share of the money now but Brooks and Erbie, the other two gang members, back up Farwell. DeCruz still isn't comfortable with the idea, and Farwell explains he doesn't know exactly how long they'll be asleep, but he estimates approximately 100 years.

After storing the truck, Farwell and the others get into their caskets and their leader runs one final check, explaining the procedure one final time. They release the gas and go into suspended animation. A hundred years later, Farwell is the first to awaken and he emerges from his dusty casket. DeCruz and Brooks emerge next but DeCruz notices that their hair and nails haven't grown. Farwell notes that their body functions stopped and nothing would have grown. They grow outside and DeCruz notes that nothing outside has changed, and the gold is useless to them. Farwell realizes that Erbie isn't with them and they go back inside. A rock fell on Erbie's casket and the gas leaked out, and Erbie is now nothing but a skeleton, proving that a hundred years have elapsed. DeCruz is eager to leave with the cold but Farwell takes a minute toconsider the fact they have jumped forward a hundred years. DeCruz is unimpressed but Farwell wonders what kind of world they now occupy.

The men load the gold aboard their truck and Brooks is suspicious of DeCruz and insists that he drive. When Brooks goes to get the water, DeCruz runs him down and then drives the truck off of the cliff. He then informs Farwell they'll carry the gold out in backpacks. they proceed along the road but the older Farwell soon flags from heat and dehydration. It will take at least another 24 hours to get to the nearest town and no cars have passed them. Farwell wonders if there's been a war and no survivors. However, a plane flies overhead and DeCruz is confident they'll make it. Farwell realizes that he dropped his canteen back on the road and DeCruz sells him a drink from his canteen for one bar of gold. Farwell has no choice but to pay and DeCruz warns that the price may go up. They continue along the road, with Farwell paying for each drink he needs.

The next day, DeCruz raises the price to two bars of gold and a furious Farwell smashes his head in with a bar of gold, killing him. Farwell begins to sob and then staggers down the road. He collapses and a couple pull up in a futuristic vehicle. Farwell offers them gold in return for a trip to town, but he dies before he can get an answer. The man returns to the car where his wife is, and they consider the bar of gold in confusion. They note that gold no longer has any value, and remember that it was once used as money a hundred years ago until they found a way to manufacture it. The man tosses the gold to the ground and drives off to notify the police.