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The lone survivors of a nuclear war just happen to be a man and a woman from opposing sides.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x1
Production Number: 4802
Airdate: Friday September 15th, 1961



In an empty town overgrown by five years of plant life after mankind has been wiped out, a solitary woman in a military uniform walks the streets. Walking casually by skeletons and dead power lines, she spots a restaurant and goes inside to find food. She finds a can and tries to open it. A shadow falls across her: a man stands in the doorway, wearing a different military uniform. She throws a cleaver and other items at him and knocks him to the ground where they struggle until he knocks her unconscious. He wolfs down the food and then considers the enemy soldier. He considers a newspaper with a war headline and a bird cage with a skeleton of a canary. He sees a calender with a pin-up girl in a swim suit, and glances at the woman again. He goes outside and goes through a pile of newspapers advising citizens to evacuate the city, and a magazine showing women's war gear. He goes back into the restaurant and checks out the still-unconscious woman, and then pours a bucket of water on her. He offers her the rest of the food and tries to communicate with her, but she doesn't understand English. He notes there's no reason to fight any more and calls out to an uncaring uninhabited world. Realizing there's no way to convince her of what he says, he walks out and she gulps down the food...

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