The Mirror - Recap

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Ruler Ramos Clemente steps out onto the balcony of his new manor and waves to the crowd, then returns to his ruling junta to celebrate their recent takeover. The men drink to the revolution and then Clemente drinks to his four lieutenants. He throws his glass at the portrait of the previous ruler, General DeCruz, and has him brought in. He displays him to the people and boasts that he will cover DeCruz with honey and stake him out for the ants. DeCruz refuses to beg or cower and says that they will soon become spoilers just like him. Clemente slaps him but DeCruz is unimpressed and warns that Clemente will discover the fear and paranoia that is the legacy of rulership. A Clemente is taken out, he notes that Clemente has his mirror, which an old woman gave to him. She said it was magic and that looking into it he could see the faces of his assassins. DeCruz tells Clemente to look deep and he will see his assassins, there and everywhere.

Once DeCruz is taken away, Clemente orders their thousand prisoners to be shot as there isn't enough time for trials. When one of his men, D'Allesandro, question him, Clemente snaps at him and orders his other man Cristo to do it. Clemente considers the mirror and sees D'Allesandro facing him with a rifle. Clemente turns but D'Allesandro is unarmed. The ruler accuses him of plotting assassination and then throws him over the balcony to his death as the crowd cheers.

Later, Clemente wonders why the peasants are so quiet after being given justice and speaks of them with contempt. His lieutenant Tabal is mourning the death of D'Allesandro and refuses to believe Clemente's accusation that he was an assassination. As gunshots ring out throughout the street, Clemente considers the mirror and sees Tabal and Garcia pulling out guns to shoot him. He turns to consider them, unarmed, and sits at his desk, and they wonder what he saw. He sends Garcia and Tabal to check DeCruz at the prison and they wonder if the former general was right. DeCruz tells them to go and once they leave, he calls the prison and orders his men there to kill his two lieutenants.

Clemente's last lieutenant, Cristo, admits now there are less men to split the pie, and Clemente wonders how he can kill them so casually. Cristo warns that Clemente has enemies, and he has no friends. Clemente considers his words and goes to the mirror, and asks how Cristo considers himself. Cristo says he's a follower but Clemente wonders how long. Cristo assures him that he will be loyal until Clemente shows himself weak. As Clemente considers the mirror, he sees Cristo offering him a glass of poisoned wine. Clemente turns to his lieutenant, who offers him a glass of wine. Clemente slaps it from his hand and Cristo accuses him of going insane, then draws his gun. The phone rings: it's word that Garcia and Tabal are dead. Cristo says there was no poison in the wine and Clemente is imagining things. He goes to the mirror and Clemente shots him. Cristo says that Clemente will not be alone and then falls dead.

Later, Clemente dozes at his desk when Father Tomas enters. Tomas is there to protest the executions, which have been going on for a week. Clemente insists the executions will continue until he has eliminated all of his enemies, and he doesn't care what the people do. He says that he can't live with the fear any more. Tomas warns that dictators ultimately have only one enemy, who they never recognize until too late. The father leaves and Clemente considers the mirror. In it he sees himself. He smashes the mirror with his gun and Tomas comes in to find that Clemente has killed himself.