Nothing in the Dark - Recap

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In the basement apartment of a condemned building, elderly Wanda Dunn. She wakes up to see a policeman outside on her doorstep. She cowers in silence until a gunshot bursts out. The policeman knocks on the door and begs for help, saying he's been shot. Wanda says that he can't fool her: he's Death. He says his name is Harold Beldon and he begs for help, saying that he's bleeding to death and can't move. Wanda refuses to open the door, saying she doesn't want to die and that she knows who he is. He continues to say he's going to die and Wanda reluctantly unlocks the door and goes outside. She touches him and notes that she's still alive, then brings him inside.

Wanda makes Harold comfortable on the bed and gets him tea, then explains that she has no phone and no neighbors. Trucks came to move out all of her neighbors and she explains that "Mr. Death" has been trying to get into her apartment. He's come in various disguises but she's always ignored the door and hidden so that Mr. Death won't collect her. Harold tries to reassure her and Wanda explains that she once saw an old woman on the boss. A young man helped her and touched her hand. He got off and at the end of the line, the woman was dead. Since then she's seen Mr. Death as a quiet presence near people when they died. Wanda explains that his face is always different but that somehow she's learned how to see him. When he asks what she does when she goes out, Wanda explains that she hasn't gone out in years and has the food brought in by delivery. She notes that she used to live in the sunlight but now has no choice but to live in the cold and dark or she won't live at all.

Harold tells her that he's the only one there and she has nothing to worry about, but he needs medical attention. Wanda doesn't believe him and then sees a man approach her door and knock. Harold encourages her to go to the door and Wanda hesitantly approaches it. The man thrusts his foot in the door and breaks in, saying he can't fool around any longer. Wanda faints and the man touches her, checking for a pulse. He gets her to the bed and wakes her up, and explains he's the contractor and the building will be coming down in an hour. He has to tear down the buildings because they're used up and tired. He doesn't like the job but warns that the building is dangerous and has to come for: the old making way for the new. Wanda locks the door but he warns it won't do any good when the door won't be there in an hour and he offers to help her. He says if she's still there he'll have to call the police and she asks Harold to explain. The contractor doesn't see Harold and warns her to leave or he'll call the police.

Once the contractor leaves, Wanda realizes that Harold is Mr. Death and wonders why he made her trust her instead of taking her right away. He explains that he had to make her understand that he's just a person like anyone else and he didn't try to hurt her. It's the unknown that she's afraid of. He offers her his hand and asks her to trust him. She finally takes it and there's no shock or explosion. He says that it's now the beginning and she wonders where they'll go. He shows her her corpse, lying on the bed, and says that they've already begun. He opens the door and they leave... together.