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The Twilight Zone: Showdown with Rance McGrew

Jesse James' spirit returns to challenge an insufferable cowboy star for his shabby film treatment of villain characters.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x20
Production Number: 4812
Airdate: Friday February 02nd, 1962



Two cowboys wait for the hero to get into their Western town. Finally their "hero" shows up: actor Rance McGrew, driving his car. Rance goes into the saloon and tells the director how to film him, then takes some antacid. They prepare for the scene and Rance manages to twirl his pistol, drop it, and throw it through a mirror. Once they replace the mirror, they proceed with filming and Rance's Marshal McGrew character comes into the bar and manages to miss the bottle slid to him by the bartender. They start filming again and Rance finally gets it right. The bad guy Jesse James comes in and a shot rings out disarming him. The crew member has made the shot while Rance is struggling with the gun in his holster... and throws it through the mirror again. One new mirror later, they proceed to filming the fist fight with Rance's stunt man filling in. They then go to the death scene where Jesse James prepares to shoot Rance in the back. The actor playing Jesse says that the real-life Jesse James never shot anyone in the back. Rance insists they do it the way he wants and they start to film the scene.....

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