The Little People - Recap

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Astronauts Peter Craig and William Fletcher have been forced to land on a planetoid to make repairs. Fletcher, the commander, does all of the work while co-pilot Craig gripes about the rations. Fletcher has enough and tells him to shape up and be thankful they're alive and unharmed. Craig, unimpressed, storms off while Fletcher wonders what he wants. Craig tells him he wants people under his command, on his terms. He hears something, the sound of voices, but Fletcher doesn't hear anything.

Later, Fletcher is making repairs when Craig wanders back. The commander wonders where his co-pilot has been exploring but Craig is vague. Fletcher orders Craig to work on the charts but realizes that he hasn't been drinking despite the heat. He demands to know what Craig has found and grabs him, and Craig drops a box containing wet lichen. He claims he had just finished testing it for purity but Fletcher examines it under a microscope and realizes that the "lichen" are miniature trees. Craig explains that he found them next to a stream and he found something else: a miniature truck. A boastful Craig takes Fletcher to the stream and shows him what at first appears to be an empty area. Upon closer examination it is a miniature landscape, complete with buildings and people. Craig says that he's managed to communicate with the intelligent beings and they've provided him with whatever he wants. He tells Fletcher that finally he has what he wants: a group of people that will do whatever he tells them. A maniacal Craig starts stomping on the tiny civilization but Fletcher knocks him unconscious and tries to ask the tiny civilization for forgiveness.

Fletcher has completed repairs and the spaceship is ready to launch. He goes to find Craig, who has left the ship. He goes to the miniature civilization and finds a statue of Craig. Craig is there, having convinced himself he's God. Fletcher tells him they're leaving in 15 minutes and Craig draws a gun on him and tells him to leave. He fires a shot, scratching Fletcher's cheek and blasting the head off of the statute. Fletcher leaves and Craig tells the little people that the new age of Peter Craig is upon them. He sees the spaceship leave and smashes the statue head down on them. Laughing maniacally, he tells them not to make him angry and throws himself on the ground.

Craig hears the sound of a spaceship landing, a sound that gets increasingly louder before dying away. He then hears a loud rhythmic pound noise. Looking up, he sees two giant humanoid figures looming over him, hundreds of feet tall. He screams at them to go away but one of them picks hm up and accidentally crushes him. They're there to make repairs to their spaceship. They toss Craig down into the dirt and go back to their ship. A little later, the little people pull the statue down on him, cheering.