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The Twilight Zone: Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

A man known for telling tall tales discovers that no one believes him after being kidnapped by aliens.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x30
Production Number: 4833
Airdate: Friday April 13th, 1962



In the small town of Pitchville Flats, the locals are gathered at Frisby's General Store and the owner, Somerset Frisby, spends his time playing the harmonica (badly) and telling tall tales, much to the irritation of his customers. They're interrupted when a car pulls up outside. Frisby regales them with the tale of how he developed the rear-engine automobile. As he gets them gas, they agree that he's the one they're looking for, the man with all the degrees and inventions. Frisby boasts of predicting the weather and they say they'll be seeing him soon. After they leave, Frisby goes back inside his store and closes up. He hears a man suggest he walk down the road so he can have an adventure. Frisby can't find anyone and eventually agrees to come along as soon as he picks things up. The voice tells him not to bother and lifts him into the air and drops him down in front of a flying saucer...

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