Young Man's Fancy - Recap

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Thirty-four year old Alex Walker and his new wife Virginia return to the house of his dead mother Henrietta, where Alex grew up. They prepare to sell the house and go on their honeymoon but as they arrive, Alex notices a photo of his mother on the end table. He considers it a moment then goes up to his room to pack his belongings. As he goes up the stairs, he looks around pensively and starts adjusting the grandfather clock and the paintings. While Virginia calls the realtor, Mr. Wilkinson, Alex returns and looks over the house and starts deciding what to keep. Virginia, puzzled, thought they had decided to determine what to keep later after the house was sold. Alex starts reminiscing over how he and his mother used to listen to the radio and Virginia finally has to pull him away and send him to pack. They go past the grandfather clock, which has stopped working again.

After he's gone upstairs, Virginia turns to the photo of Henrietta and says that Alex is hers now. The radio starts playing an old-time musical number on its own. Virginia switches it off and goes to the kitchen with a dirty plate and starts to clean up. She hears the music again and goes back to the living room, but it's coming from upstairs. Virginia goes up to Alex's room where the music is playing on a record. She finds Alex sitting among some old childhood toys and books. He half-heartedly apologizes but continues going through his childhood clothing. Virginia finally snaps and says that his mother kept them because she wanted to keep Alex just like a child. She apologizes and Alex goes to his room and starts packing. Virginia insists she'll make him happy and he won't be sorry. She goes downstairs to wait for Wilkinson and Alex starts talking to a photo of Henrietta, saying he doesn't want to sell the house. Downstairs, Virginia finds that the grandfather clock is now working again.

The doorbell rings and when Virginia turns back to the clock, it's stopped. She lets Wilkinson in and calls Alex down. Virginia insists on getting the papers signed right away so they can leave on their honeymoon but Alex is increasingly hesitant. Virginia goes to make a call for Wilkinson and discovers the clock has become an old-fashioned model. Wilkinson goes to make the call and the phone is back to normal. Alex informs Wilkinson he wants more time to consider before signing over the house. After Wilkinson leaves, Virginia confronts Alex who makes excuses that Virginia doesn't accept. She tells him just to pack and go and he starts to suggest they live in the house. An increasingly distraught Virginia insists that she wants to get out of there and wants him to stick to his promise. She's been waiting for twelve years to marry him and even then they didn't marry until Henrietta died. Now she wants a house of her own, and insists that she loves him. Alex explains that he took care of his sick mother and his father abandoned him, but Virginia insists they need to leave. Alex finally informs her they're not selling the house and they'll talk more about it later. As he goes upstairs, she insists she won't let him keep the house. The grandfather clock starts ticking again. She goes to get her purse and trips over a vacuum cleaner that wasn't there before. The telephone has reverted to an old-fashioned model again. An old-style magazine appears on Henrietta's chair and the brownies that Henrietta used to make her son appear on a plate by the radio. Virginia runs to the kitchen and discovers that everything is reverting.

Virginia runs to the stairs to find Henrietta waiting for her. Virginia insists that Alex is hers now but Henrietta just shakes her head. She insists that Henrietta always hated her for trying to free Alex from his mother's domination. Henrietta tells her that it's not her doing. Alex emerges from his room and asks Henrietta to come back to him. Henrietta takes his hand... and he reverts to the age of 10. The boy goes into his room... and tells Virginia they don't need her any more. Virginia runs out, leaving Alex and his mother alone... together.