Cavender is Coming - Recap

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New movie attendant Agnes Grep is at the theater working when her boss Mr. Stout summons the employees for inspection... and knocks Agnes flat. Meanwhile, up in Heaven, two angel field reps summon Harmon Cavender, an apprentice angel who has failed to win his wings. The head angel, Polk, give him one more chance and direct his attention to Agnes. Cavender is told to assist her for 24 hours and if he helps her, they'll reopen his case.

Agnes gets to her feet and lines up with the other attendants. Stout goes through the hand signals and Agnes is quickly and thoroughly confused. A spotlight shines down on Agnes' position and she muddles up the instructions and finds her hands filled with tickets. She runs to Mr. Stout's office and runs through a mirror. Outside after being fired, she gets on a bus and Cavender appears next to her, dressed in a suit. He suggests she shouldn't panic and tries to explain he's her guardian angel. She's unimpressed as he tries to explain his assignment and talks about the bus fare. He offers to demonstrate his abilities by providing a convertible with a chauffeur but warns he tends to mess things up. They end up in a horse-drawn carriage on the first try and finally in a convertible. He then puts them back in the bus, which arrives at Agnes' stop with a very puzzled driver who resigns, jumping out the window. Agnes quickly gets away but notices Cavender drawing "Guardian Angel" in sparkle dust in mid-air.

Agnes goes into her apartment and greets the neighbors, who all know and love her. Inside, Cavender appears on her couch and notes he has 23 and a half hours left to change her life. She offers him a drink while he tries to figure out a way to make her rich so she doesn't have to worry about employment. He summons a notebook out of mid-air and finds a manor for her to live in, then produces a bank book to make her independently wealthy with $23,000. He then transports her to a high-society function that she's throwing and dresses them accordingly. Everyone knows and likes Agnes, and a Frenchman comes on to her. Agnes is quickly overwhelmed by all the strangers and finds the entire thing uncomfortable.

After the party is over, Cavender wakes up and discovers that Agnes has gone back to her apartment where nobody remembers her. He wonders what she expected and she explains that all she wanted was friends. When Cavender tries to take her place to the manor, Agnes refuses so she can stay with her friends and neighbors. Cavender views it as a failure if he does and begs her to accept her new good fortune. She insists she was happy the way it was and he reluctantly gives in, restoring everything to the way it was. Agnes hugs him and runs inside to find everyone now knows her again. She calls down to Cavender on the street and thanks him for his efforts. Cavender notes she has an abundance of wealth and he's learned something important. He bids her farewell and lightning cracks out of the sky. Cavender returns to Heaven where Polk goes over his performance and declares him a disgrace. Polk prepares for Cavender's reclassification but notices that Agnes is happier than ever. He decides that there are other deserving subjects who could use some angelic assistance, and Cavender is to help all of them.