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A shy bachelor becomes obsessed with a tiny, beautiful doll he sees in a museum exhibit, insisting that she is alive.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x8
Production Number: 4862
Airdate: Thursday February 21st, 1963


Charley Parkes is a mamas boy. He is thirty something years old, yet still lives with, and depends on his mother. The other guys at his work know this and make sport of him. During lunch break, Charley takes solace in going to the museum. On this day the cafeteria is closed, so he instead looks around at the exhibits. One in particular has struck his fancy. There is a doll house, complete with a lovely woman whom he sees as being alive. He asks the museum guard how they made her move. The guard looks at him confused. They both take a look at the miniature house, but nothing is moving in it now. Charley looks at his watch and notices he is late. He returns to work and notices a note awaiting for him on his desk. It is from his boss asking to see him. He is being fired for not fitting in with the other workers. Charley goes home and tells his mother. She wants to call his boss and get his job back. He tells her its no use, and he doesn't belong there. During dinner with his sister Myrna and brother in law, they tell him that they have lined up a job for him, and Myrna has gotten him a date. The woman ends up being aggressive, but Charley is not interested.
The next day, Charley goes to the employment office but is distracted while walking by the museum. He once again spends the day peering at the miniature house. This time there is a maid along with the lovely lady. A man comes there and calls on the lady, leaving Charley distraught. He goes there once again and this time the man looks like he is going to harm the lady. Charley gets upset and breaks the glass barrier. He is sent to a sanitarium and deemed as mentally ill.
The doctor tells him there was no woman, just a wooden doll. He shows Charley the actual figure from the museum, and holding it, now sees that it is indeed made of wood. Now cured, he goes back home with his family. He is informed that the job is still open and that Myrna has explained to her friend what had happened and that she had gotten him another date with her friend. He goes upstairs to take a nap before his date. He instead leaves through his bedroom window and returns to the museum.
Charley hides in a sarcophagus until the museum is empty, then goes off to visit the miniature house. After breaking in Charley's door and finding him missing, his family run off to the museum to find him. Looking around, they find no signs of him. The guard looks in the dollhouse and sees the lady and Charley sitting on her couch, looking at photographs...

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