Living Doll - Recap

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Erich Streator is an angry man who lives with his wife Annabelle and step-daughter Christie. One day his wife and step-daughter return from shopping with a new doll, Talky Tina. Erich argues over wasting money on yet another doll for Christie. He believes his wife thinks little of him because they had yet to conceive a child of their own. During dinner, Tina has a special message for Erich, threatening him to be nice. He grows angry believing it was Christie or Annabelle who said these things to him over some kind of microphone. Annabelle shows him that she can only say certain phrases. He tells her exactly what she said and won't tolerate this lack of respect. He tries to rid of Tina, first by trying unsuccessfully cutting off her head. Then wraps her up in a sack, ties the bag with a rope and throws it in a trash can with it's lid covered in bricks. When he enters the house he finds Tina, and not believing Christie could retrieve her, confronts Annabelle about it, She is disgusted by his actions and starts packing to leave. He begs her to stay and he will change, including being kind to Christie. Getting out of bed to investigate a noise, Erich falls over something at the top of the stairs. Falling to his death, the source of his stumble is revealed as Talky Tina. Annabelle notices Tina laying next to Erich and now is afraid he was telling the truth about the doll.