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The Twilight Zone: The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross

A man schemes to trade age, wisdom and riches with others and become the fellow his girlfriend desires.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x16
Production Number: 2612
Airdate: Friday January 17th, 1964

Director: Don Seigel
Writer: Jerry McNeely
Story: Henry Slesar



Salvadore Ross is a low class, mean spirited man. There is one thing in life he does love and that is Leah Maitland. Mr. Maitland on the other hand, doesn't care much for Salvadore, and doesn't believe he is the right man for his daughter. Salvadore leaves with a promise of making himself into a new man that even Mr. Maitland would approve of. During one of his tirades, Slavadore manages to break his hand. While in the hospital, he agrees to trade his busted hand with an old man who has a bad cold. As he wakes up he finds that his hand no longer hurts, and he now has a cough. The old man. writhing in pain begs to trade back, but Ross refuses. He's not sure how he did it, but then tries trading something else he needs. He offers a millionaire years of his life for cash and his upscale apartment. He now is an old man, but trades some of his new found age to a group of teenagers for money. He arrives back to see Leah, now a millionaire. But there is one thing he is still lacking, compassion. He trades that with Mr. Maitland, who now is a cranky old man while Salvadore is a compassionate sole. When asking for Mr. Maitland's blessing to marry Leah, Salvadore is shot dead by Mr. Maitland...

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