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Queen of the Nile - Recap

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Syndicated columnist Jordan Herrick arrives at the home of actress Pamela Morris for an appointment with the famous woman. The maid ushers him into the study and Jordan takes notices of the heavily-themed Egyptian décor. Jordan also notices a painting of Pamela from 1940. He hears Pamela in the pool outside and goes out to see her. An older woman, Viola Draper, approaches Pamela, who says she was to stay in her room. Viola insists she won’t let “it” happen again but Viola tells her she has no say in the matter.

Pamela arrives a few minutes later and apologizes for keeping Jordan waiting. Jordan asks her age and Pamela is more flattered than offended, but doesn’t answer his question at first. He comments on the painting and she says she was only a child when she posed for it. They have coffee and Viola comes in. Pamela introduces her and Jordan asks what she thinks of her daughter. Viola notes that Pamela is “dedicated” and has always been as young as she appears now. Pamela sends her to the kitchen and takes Jordan out on the patio. She admits she’s 38 but Jordan asks her how she could have starred in a movie in 1935. Pamela laughs and dismisses the claim as a rumor, saying she arrived in 1940 and made Queen of the Nile when she arrived in Hollywood in 1940. As Viola watches from the shadows, Pamela says that the movie inspired her taste in décor. She says she feels 15 again when Jordan is there and impulsively kisses him. He admits he wanted it and offers to meet her for dinner that night. She agrees but as he leaves, Viola approaches him. She warns Jordan not to return, and says that Viola is older than she looks. When Jordan presses her, Viola says she isn’t sure how old Pamela is. When Jordan wonders how Pamela’s other can’t know how old her daughter is, Viola says that she’s Pamela’s daughter, not her mother.

Jordan calls Krueger, his editor, and has him look up Queen of the Nile. There were two versions: the first was a silent movie made in 1920 starring Constance Taylor. Krueger remember meeting Constance, an ageless woman of incredible beauty. Jordan has Krueger check the records and there’s a marked similarity between Constance and Pamela, in looks and in their history of marrying and divorcing several husbands. Jordan asks Krueger to look up all of the men involved with Constance.

Later, Jordan takes the information to Viola. She confirms everything and tells him to leave. Pamela has had many names and says it’s been at least 70 years that Pamela has never aged. Viola talks of how she grew old while Pamela remained unchanging, possibly eternal. She doesn’t know what Pamela’s secret is but says it has something to do with a Scarabaei beetle amulet mounted on the wall. Jordan wonders why she stayed but Viola says she had nowhere else to go. When Jordan pushes her for on Pamela/Constance’s men, Viola tells her not to ask and Pamela interrupts them. Viola tells her to go so she can speak to Jordan alone. As he escorts Viola out, Pamela drops pills in his coffee.

Jordan returns and demands straight answers. Pamela agrees to tell him everything and removes a small glass case holding a beetle. As Jordan starts to collapse, Pamela explains that the beetle is a secret that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs once knew. As he starts to pass out, Pamela says that just as she told him, she was a Queen of the Nile. He collapses and she places the beetle on his chest. It drains his life force and he turns into dust. She pushes the beetle to her chest, feeding on Jordan’s life force, as Viola comes in. Pamela tells her to clean up and obey her in the future, then goes to answer the door as another gentleman caller arrives.