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The Twilight Zone: Stopover in a Quiet Town

After a night of partying, a couple awakens to a strange house in unfamiliar town, with no people in sight and a sound of a little girl's voice.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x30
Production Number: 2611
Airdate: Friday April 24th, 1964

Director: Ron Winston
Writer: Earl Hamner, Jr.



Bob and Millie Frazier wake up in a place they can not recognize. Nor can they remember what happened as they were driving home from a party. They had a bit too much to drink, and the effects are still apparent. The house they are in is unfamiliar to them. They decide to call someone and drive them home, but the phone tears off the wall, unconnected to any wires. Millie figures since they are here they might as well make some coffee. She tries opening the drawer, but the facing breaks off. Bob also tries with the same result. He looks into the refrigerator, but finds only props as food. They decide to look around town and leave this crazy house. Millie sees a squirrel, which seemed tamed; it falls over, being only a stuffed prop too. Suddenly, they hear a voice of a child laughing and figure someone is watching them. Bob lights a cigarette and throws the match on the ground, which starts a small fire. After stomping it out ,he notices that the grass is made of paper mache'. They search a church, only to find it empty. They spy a man sitting in his car, but he ends up just being a mannequin. But Bob sees the car keys in the ignition. He tries starting the car but to no avail. Opening the hood, he finds there is no engine. Finally, they hear a train and feeling relieved, hop on board and say goodbye to this weird place. As the train slows down, they look out the window and find out they are back in the same town. They will now walk down the road until they are rid of this place. Just then a shadow appears overhead. A big hand comes down and scoop them up. They have been in a toy train town all this time and are the new pets of a little girl. Her mom says "Be careful, daddy had to go all the way to Earth to bring you your new pets."..

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