Mr. Garrity and the Graves - Recap

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Mr. Jared Garrity, a "salesman" walks into a local saloon of Happiness, Arizona, and orders a beer. He then engages in a conversation with the bartender, who tells Garrity about the town's lawless past before law & order was finally restored. The bartender also mentions Boot Hill Cemetery, with 128 interred, all except one having died from gunshot wounds. When the barkeep asks Garrity about his line of work, Garrity calmly responds that he resurrects the dead. This revelation causes the bartender to drop his glass and call for the sheriff.

A short time later, Garrity tells the sheriff and several other bar patrons that he indeed brings back the dead. He tells them that he had heard about the town's chief claim to fame as having the largest graveyard west of Chicago. An incident outside gives Garrity a chance to prove his claim. A wagon accidentally ran over a dog, killing it instantly. Garrity goes out and brings the dog back to life. Garrity claims that his skill is merely the result of scientific principles acquired over the years. He then tells the astonished townspeople that at midnight, he can bring back all of the occupants of Boot Hill.

Back at the saloon before midnight, Garrity arrives and tells the townsfolk that the departed will be returning shortly. The first person coming down the street is the bartender's brother, allegedly killed by a stray bullet. The bartender confesses to Garrity that his brother was a thieving swine who all but looted his business and offers Garrity $100 to reverse the resurrection. Garrity asks for $1000 but settles for $750. The bartender's brother disappears soon after. Another man, the town drunk, tells Garrity that his late wife had broken his left arm on six different occasions. Garrity charges the man $500 for the de-resurrection, which annoys the barkeep, who just paid $750. When the sheriff upbraids the two men for paying for keeping their loved ones on Boot Hill, Garrity applauds the sheriff's courage, considering that a feared gunslinger that the sheriff once killed will be amongst the departed returning at midnight. When the sheriff starts having second thoughts, Garrity tells him this is his chance to dispel some nasty rumors that suggest that the sheriff and several deputies actually bushwhacked the outlaw while he wasn't looking. The sheriff then takes Garrity aside and asks how much it will cost to reverse the procedure, Garrity tells him $1200, which the sheriff pays on the spot. It turns out that none of the townsfolk want the dead resurrected, so Garrity charges $500 per head, which they quickly pay up.

Later, Garrity stops his wagon at Boot Hill and picks up his accomplice and his dog, who was merely playing dead. The accomplice had also imitated the bartender's deceased brother heading back to the saloon. After counting up their take and making plans for their next stop, the parties then leave. After they leave, the occupants of Boot Hill actually rise from their graves! They appreciate Garrity's abilities and can't wait to get back into town and settle some unfinished business!