The Twilight Zone

Rod Serling     Creator156 Eps
Rod Serling     Executive Producer156 Eps
Marcel Ichac     Producer1 Eps
Paul De Roubaix     Producer1 Eps
William Self (2)     Producer1 Eps
Buck Houghton     Producer102 Eps
Herbert Hirschman     Producer11 Eps
Bert Granet     Producer18 Eps
William Froug     Producer22 Eps
Del Reisman     Associate Producer13 Eps
Murray Golden     Associate Producer9 Eps
Thomas Scott (2)     Editor12 Eps
Richard W. Farrell     Editor10 Eps
Richard V. Heermance     Editor18 Eps
Jason H. Bernie     Editor18 Eps
Roland Gross     Editor1 Eps
Fred Maguire     Editor2 Eps
Lyle Boyer     Editor1 Eps
Bill Mosher     Editor40 Eps
Joseph Gluck     Editor14 Eps
James Lister (2)     Casting2 Eps
John Erman     Casting 
Robert Walker, Jr.     Casting8 Eps
Larry Stewart     Casting10 Eps
Millie Gusse     Casting21 Eps
Patricia Rose     Casting25 Eps
Ethel Winant     Casting22 Eps
Lynn Stalmaster     Casting2 Eps
Lud Gluskin     Music6 Eps
Rene Garriguenc     Music4 Eps
Nathan Scott     Music2 Eps
Jeff Alexander (1)     Music2 Eps
Fred Steiner     Music6 Eps
Robert Drasnin     Music1 Eps
Henri Lanoë     Music 
Richard Shores     Music2 Eps
Lyn Murray     Music1 Eps
Lucien Moraweck     Music2 Eps
Laurindo Almeida     Music1 Eps
Bernard Herrmann     Music6 Eps
Jerry Goldsmith     Music7 Eps
Franz Waxman     Music1 Eps
Leith Stevens     Music1 Eps
Van Cleave     Music12 Eps
Leonard Rosenman     Music1 Eps
William Lava     Music1 Eps
Tommy Morgan (2)     Music3 Eps
Ray Turner     Music (Played by)1 Eps
Bob Kears     Make-up 
Bud Westmore     Make-up1 Eps
William Tuttle     Make-up12 Eps
Christian Guillouet     Camera Operator1 Eps
John Travers Hill     Camera Operator 
Jack Swain     Camera Operator 
Paul Uhl     Camera Operator 
Rudy Butler     Set Designer3 Eps
Henry Grace     Set Designer21 Eps
Budd S. Friend     Set Designer 
Keogh Gleason     Set Decorator19 Eps
Russell A. Gausman     Set Decorator1 Eps
Frank R. McKelvy     Set Decorator13 Eps
Edward M. Parker     Set Decorator4 Eps
George R. Nelson     Set Decorator1 Eps
Budd S. Friend     Set Decorator2 Eps
Robert R. Benton     Set Decorator26 Eps
Don Greenwood, Jr.     Set Decorator8 Eps
Arthur Jeph Parker     Set Decorator3 Eps
Ruby R. Levitt     Set Decorator1 Eps
Rudy Butler     Set Decorator16 Eps
H. Web Arrowsmith     Set Decorator52 Eps
Henry Grace     Set Decorator99 Eps
Buck Henshaw     Set Decorator3 Eps
Jerry Wunderlich     Set Decorator3 Eps
Joseph La Shelle     Director of Photography1 Eps
Fred Mandl     Director of Photography2 Eps
Jean Boffety     Director of Photography1 Eps
Robert Pittack     Director of Photography20 Eps
William V. Skall     Director of Photography1 Eps
Harkness C. Smith     Director of Photography1 Eps
Charles F. Wheeler     Director of Photography2 Eps
Jack Swain     Director of Photography4 Eps
Harry J. Wild     Director of Photography2 Eps
George T. Clemens     Director of Photography117 Eps
Eddie Imazu     Art Director11 Eps
William Craig Smith     Art Director3 Eps
Robert Tyler Lee     Art Director3 Eps
John J. Thompson     Art Director4 Eps
Edward C. Carfagno     Art Director7 Eps
Paul Groesse     Art Director5 Eps
Walter Holscher     Art Director13 Eps
Malcolm Brown     Art Director12 Eps
Philip Barber     Art Director52 Eps
Alexander Golitzen     Art Director2 Eps
Robert Clatworthy     Art Director1 Eps
Merrill Pye     Art Director19 Eps
William Ferrari     Art Director26 Eps
George W. Davis     Art Director141 Eps
Pierre Lobreau     Production Manager1 Eps
Gerard Berger     Production Manager1 Eps
Sidney Van Keuren     Production Manager5 Eps
E. Darrell Hallenbeck     Production Manager9 Eps
Ralph Nelson     Production Manager137 Eps
Philip Mitchell     Sound Editor4 Eps
Jean Nény     Sound Editor1 Eps
Charles Scheid     Sound Editor16 Eps
Joe Edmondson     Sound Editor40 Eps
Jean Valentino     Sound Editor21 Eps
Franklin Milton     Sound Editor144 Eps
Virgil Beck     Special Effects 
James B. Clark     Associate Director6 Eps
Marius Constant     Main Title Theme156 Eps
Bill Mosher     Film Editor1 Eps
Robert Enrico     Film Editor1 Eps
Denise De Casabianca     Film Editor1 Eps
Eda Warren     Film Editor2 Eps
Al Clark     Film Editor2 Eps
Everett Dodd     Film Editor3 Eps
Edward Curtiss     Film Editor4 Eps
Leon Barsha     Film Editor10 Eps
Jason H. Bernie     Film Editor2 Eps
Leslie I. Carey     Sound1 Eps
Vernon W. Kramer     Sound1 Eps
William Edmondson     Sound44 Eps
Franklin Milton     Sound3 Eps
Tom Schamp     Lighting Director 
Kurt Neumann     Assistant Director3 Eps
Joseph E. Kenny     Assistant Director1 Eps
Nat Lilienstein     Assistant Director1 Eps
Charles Bonniwell     Assistant Director22 Eps
Ray DeCamp     Assistant Director9 Eps
John D. Bloss     Assistant Director8 Eps
Jack Boyer     Assistant Director1 Eps
Lindsley Parsons, Jr.     Assistant Director2 Eps
Henry Weinberger     Assistant Director2 Eps
E. Darrell Hallenbeck     Assistant Director37 Eps
Donald C. Klune     Assistant Director9 Eps
Edward O. Denault     Assistant Director (1959-1960)9 Eps
John Conwell     Assistant To The Director18 Eps
Fred Steiner     Conductor2 Eps
Richard P. McDonagh     Story Consultant 
Jim Brady     Technical Director6 Eps
Millie Gusse     Casting Director1 Eps
Van Allen James     Sound Effects Editor27 Eps
Robert J. Serling     Technical Advisor1 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1959
Ended: June 19, 1964
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