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Season 3

81 :03x01 - The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon

Edgar Witherspoon is thought to be insane when he says he is told by a voice what stuff to collect to keep the planet in balance. However, after a predicted event occurs, the doctor thinks that Edgar may not be insane after all.
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as Edgar Witherspoon | Cedric Smith as Jeremy Sinclair | Barbara Chilcott as Mrs. Milligan | Eve Crawford as Cynthia | Pixie Bigelow as Miss Walker

82 :03x02 - Extra Innings

A man goes to the past to carry out his dreams of being a famous baseball player
Guest Stars: Marc Singer as Monty Hanks | Amber Lea Watson as Paula | Tracey Cunningham as Cindy Hamler | J. Winston Carroll as McIntyre | James O'Regan as Umpire | Lynn Vogt as Receptionist | Don Chevrier as Baseball Announcer
Writer: Tom Palmer

83 :03x03 - The Crossing

A priest keeps having a strange vision involving a car bursting into flames and a young woman.
Guest Stars: Ted Shackelford as Father Mark Cassidy | Bunty Webb as Mrs. Maggie Dugan | Shelagh Harcourt as Kelly | Seirge LeBlanc as Billy | Gerard Parkes as Monsignor Perrault
Director: Paul Lynch

84 :03x04 - The Hunters

An archaeologist and a boy witness strange going-ons in an unmapped cave.
Guest Stars: Vincent Guastaferro as Dream Technician | Lee Anthony as Rescue Technician | Kristi Purdy as Twin #1 | Deanna Purdy as Twin #2 | Meg Foster as Dreamer | David Hayward as Paul | Bob Warner as Farmer Jacob | Leslie Carlson as Jim Hilsen | Jonathan Potts as Teaching Assistant | Steven Andrade as Boy - Steve | Louise Fletcher as Dr. Klein | Michael Hogan (1) as Sheriff
Director: Paul Lynch

85 :03x05 - Dream Me a Life

A man helps a woman's husband pass over to the other side.
Guest Stars: Barry Morse as Frank | Frances Hyland as Laurel Kincaid | Eddie Albert as Roger Simpson Leeds |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Shaw as Husband | Michelyn Emelle as Nurse | Jack Mather (2) as Boarder #1 | Warren Van Evera as Boarder #2
Director: Allan King

86 :03x06 - Memories

A hypnotist accidentally makes it so that everyone ion the world can remember their past lives, something they want to forget.
Guest Stars: Nigel Bennett as Jim Sinclair | Barbara Stock as Mary McNeil | Alan Rosenthal as Man | Lucy Filippone as Woman | Deidre Flanagan as Mrs. Vivencore | Judy Sinclair as Mrs. Loraine Gustin | James Kidnie as Vigilante

87 :03x07 - The Hellgramite Method

A man goes through a odd procedure in order to cure his alcoholism.
Guest Stars: Alec Willows as Jamie | Timothy Bottoms as Miley Judson | Julie Khaner as Annie Judson | Gerry Salsberg as Stranger | Illya Woloshyn as Chad | Leslie Yeo as Dr. Eugene Murrich

88 :03x08 - Our Sylena is Dying

A doctor figures out that a family have figured out the secret of immortality.
Guest Stars: Terri Garber as Debra Brockman | Charmion King as Diane Brockman | Paul Bettis as Orville | Patricia Idlette as Susan | Tim Koetting as Specialist | Ron Payne as Officer | Jackie McLeod as First Nurse | Aileen Taylor as Martha | R.H. Thomson as Dr. Burrel | Robert McClure as Doctor | Ann Turnbull as Second Nurse
Director: Bruce Pittman

89 :03x09 - The Call

A man is finds a woman to be most enchanting, but she refuses to meet him and so his search begins for her.
Guest Stars: William Sanderson as Norman Blane | Julie Khaner as Mary Ann | Dan Redican as Richard | Jill Frappier as Museum Patron | Djanet Sears as Information Lady | Ian Nothnagel as Museum Attendant

90 :03x10 - The Trance

A scam artist may risk losing everything when he contacts a spirit.
Guest Stars: Peter Scolari as Leonard Randall | Neil Munro as Don | Ted Simonett as Gerry | Hrant Alianak as Dr. Greenberg | Jeanne Beker as Daphne Blake | Glynis Davies as Believer #1 | Mona Matteo as Julia
Director: Randy Bradshaw

91 :03x11 - Acts of Terror

A woman finds a protector to help her against her abusive husband.
Guest Stars: Melanie Mayron as Louise Simonson | Kenneth Welsh as Jack Simonson | Trevor Bain as Policeman | James Barron (1) as Postman | Kate Lynch as Sister | Lee J. Campbell as Phil
Director: Brad Turner

92 :03x12 - 20/20 Vision

A newly promoted loan officer is able to see the future after cracking his glasses.
Guest Stars: Michael Moriarty as Warren Cribbens | Grant Roll as Vern Slater | Diane Douglass as Mrs. Bailey | Evelyn Kaye as Farm Wife | Calum McGeachie as Farm Boy | David Hemblen as Mr. Cutler | Cynthia Belliveau as Sandy
Director: Jim Purdy

93 :03x13 - There Was an Old Woman

A woman reads stories to a sick boy and is shocked to later find out that he died.
Guest Stars: Ferne Downey as Paige | Karl Pruner as Martin | Marilyn Smith as Real Estate Agent | David Hughes (1) as Librarian | Zachary Bennett as Brian | Alfred E. Humphreys as Man | Maria Ricossa as Nancy Harris | Colleen Dewhurst as Hallie Parker
Director: Otta Hanus
Writer: Tom J. Astle

94 :03x14 - The Trunk

A man wishes for popularity and gets his wish, but at a party he finds out who his real friends are.
Guest Stars: Mark Danton as Rocco | Gerry Quigley as Cap | Kelly Denomme as Young Woman | Elena Kudaba as Mrs. Kudaba | Milan Cheylov as Danny | Lisa Schrage as Candy | Rummy Bishop as Old Man | Bud Cort as Willy Gardner
Director: Steve DiMarco

95 :03x15 - Appointment on Route 17

A man's personality changes and he finds himself attracted to a waitress after he has a heart transplant.
Guest Stars: Tannis Burnett as Tom's Secretary | Paul Le Mat as Tom Bennett | Marianna Pascal as Mary Jo | Rosemary Dunsmore as Elise | Chris Bondy as Spence | Lori Hallier as Julie | Lucinda Nielsen as Secretary #2
Director: René Bonnière

96 :03x16 - The Cold Equations

A captain on a space ship is faced with a problem when he discovers a stow away on his ship.
Guest Stars: Terence Knox as Thomas Bartin | Nicky Guadagni as Clerk | Michael J. Reynolds as Commander | Barclay Hope as Gerry Cross | Christianne Hirt as Marilynn Le Cross
Director: Martin Lavut
Story: Tom Godwin (2) | Teleplay: Alan Brennert

97 :03x17 - Strangers in Possum Meadows

A boy comes across an alien posing as an old man.
Guest Stars: Steve Kanaly as Scout | Benjamin Barrett as Danny Wilkins | Laura Press as Mother

98 :03x18 - Street of Shadows

A man experiences an unexpected transformation while walking down a rich neighbourhood.
Guest Stars: Lisa Jakub as Lisa | Philip Williams as Repairman | Marla Lukofsky as Counselor | Shawn Lawrence as Frederick C. Perry | Angie Gei as Elaine Cranston | Charles Haid as Steve Cranston | Reiner Schwarz as Butler

99 :03x19 - Something in the Walls

A doctor has to help a woman who is terrified of things appearing on her walls.
Guest Stars: Deborah Raffin as Sharon Miles | Damir Andrei as Dr. Mallory Craig | Lally Cadeau as Rebecca Robb | Kate Parr as Maid | Douglas Carrigan as Wall Person #1 | Janice Green as Wall Person #2 | Aaron Ross Fraser as Wall Person #3 | Martha Cronyn as Wall Person #4
Director: Allan Kroeker

100 :03x20 - A Game of Pool

Young Jesse has the pool game of his life with Fats brown.
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as Jesse Cardiff | Maury Chaykin as Fats Brown | Paul Coeur as customer | Guy Sanvido as owner | Elliot McIver as player
Director: Randy Bradshaw

101 :03x21 - The Wall

The military has plans for a portal discovered at a laboratory.
Guest Stars: John Beck as Major Alex McAndrews | Patricia Collins as Berenn | George R. Robertson as Phillips | Eugene Clark as Kincaid | Robert Collins as Perez | Sharon Corder as Technician | Jack Blum as Advisor | Steve Atkinson as Military Advisor
Director: Atom Egoyan

102 :03x22 - Room 2426

Martin's only escape is his mind as he is trapped in a room by the government for thoughts against the state and they want some information from him.
Guest Stars: Dean Stockwell as Martin Decker | Brent Carver as Joseph | Peter Boretski as Ostroff | Walter Massey as Professor | Nicholas Pasco as Orderly #1 | Al Therrien as Orderly #2

103 :03x23 - The Mind of Simon Foster

In a bleak near-future, Simon Foster visits a pawnshop to sell a few personal items to raise money for his rent. However, it's not enough and he receives a unique offer: money for his memories.
Guest Stars: Bruce Weitz as Simon Foster | Alyson Court as Beverly | Rafe MacPherson as Manager | Geza Kovacs as Pawnbroker | Reg Dreger as Principal | Ilse Von Glatz as Counselor | Jennifer Griffin as Carolyn

104 :03x24 - Cat and Mouse

A shy woman falls for a handsome man who can transform into a cat and who has lived for centuries. She soon discovers that love comes with a price.
Guest Stars: Page Fletcher as Guillaume | Pamela Bellwood as Andrea Moffitt | Gwynyth Walsh as Elaine | Peg Christopherson as Assistant Vet | John Blackwood as Carl
Director: Eric Till
Writer: Christy Marx

105 :03x25 - Many, Many Monkeys

Humans are struck by a contagion of blindness that seems to have no cause... except the victims' lack of empathy to others.
Guest Stars: Karen Valentine as Nurse Claire Hendricks | Jackie Burroughs as Mrs. Reed | Ken Pogue as Dr. Friedman | Jan Filips as Dr. Peterson | Norah Grant as Susan | Warren Van Evera as Elderly Man | John Gardiner as Mr. Reed

106 :03x26 - Rendezvous in a Dark Place

An elderly woman obsessed with Death seeks a way to be united with her beloved.
Guest Stars: Stephen McHattie as Death | Janet Leigh as Barbara LeMay | Malcolm Stewart as LeMay's Son | Eric House as Dying Man | Michael Miller (1) as Detective | Lorne Cossette as Reverend | Todd Duckworth as Trent
Director: René Bonnière

107 :03x27 - Special Service

His life has been televised for the past five years; that is the truth that a man is shocked to discover.
Guest Stars: David Naughton as John Sellick | Susan Roman as Leslie Sellick | Keith Knight as Archie the Repairman | Marion McGann as Receptionist | Barbara Von Radicki as Fan | Elias Zarou as Network Manager | T.O. Dillon as Man
Director: Randy Bradshaw

108 :03x28 - Love is Blind

A jealous man gets some advice from a blind musician who can see the future... and make others see what their future holds for them.
Guest Stars: Ben Murphy (1) as Jack Haines | Sneezy Waters as Blind Singer | Eric Keenleyside as Bartender | Steve Adams as Taylor | Cindy Girling as Elaine | John Novak as Man in Bar

109 :03x29 - Crazy as a Soup Sandwich

A petty crook tries to get help from a mobster after he makes a deal with a demon.
Guest Stars: George Buza as Gus | Thick Wilson as Volkerp | Anthony Franciosa as Nino Lancaster | Wayne Robson as Arky Lochner | Laurie Paton as Cassandra Fishbein | Susan Wright as Miss Thorne | B.J. McQueen as Bork | Garry Robbins as Volkerps
Director: Paul Lynch

110 :03x30 - Father and Son Game

Not wanting to die, a man has his brain surgically implanted in a younger body, angering his son who is eager to inherit the company.
Guest Stars: Ed Marinaro as Darius Stephens | Eugene Robert Glazer as Michael Stephens | Patricia Phillips as Anita Stephens | Richard Monette as Dr. Wilson | George Touliatos as Dave | Mark Melymick as Larry
Director: Randy Bradshaw
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 1985
Ended: April 15, 1989
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