Shatterday - Recap

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Day 1: Someday

Peter Jay Novins, a businessman, waits at a bar for his current girlfriend, Jamey. When she doesn’t show, he tries to call her but accidentally dials his own number out of habit. Someone at the other end picks up and confirms that Novins dialed the number he stated. The man at the other end is… Peter Jay Novins. He’s equally puzzled as to who is calling and insists he’s Novins. The first Novins tests the second Novins (Peter) and it turns out he knows everything he does. Novins hangs up in shock and walks out of the bar.

Outside, Novins calls his number again and Peter picks up. Peter insists he’s the real Novins and tells Novins to do what he has to. Novins threatens to come over but Peter asks if he really wants to risk it. Peter warns that two objects can’t occupy the same object at the same time. Novins hangs up and starts to walk away, and then dials back and insists they can live happy lives separately. Peter points out that Novins couldn’t live a happy life even where there was only one of him. Novins insists there’s nothing wrong with his life but Peter says that he knows what’s wrong but he refuses to make repairs. Now Peter plans to change things from now on. Novins says he’ll win but Peter points out he’s the one at home and Novins is locked out. Novins warns him that he’s the one locked in, and Novins will be waiting to step back in.

Day 2: Duesday

Novins closes out his checking account and takes the money as cashier checks. He then calls Peter at the apartment and tells him that he’s made sure that he won’t be able to order groceries. Peter tells him that he’s already ordered groceries with the $200 he hid in a jewelry box. He suggests that somehow he’s an astral projection of Novins and he can get along fine without him. Novins suggests that when he had a photo of his Korellian aura taken, something escaped. Peter tells Novins that their mother called and she knew he lied about having to leave early. She forgave him and said she wanted to spend her life with him. Peter made arrangements to have her move in with him. Novins is furious but Peter tells him he can’t live with his bad feelings. Peter calls Novins a creep and hangs up.

Day 3: Woundsday

Novins lurks outside his apartment as it rains. He calls Peter on a pay phone and admits it isn’t going to work. Novins has been getting steadily sicker from being outside. He insists he can’t live half a life and they need to work something out. Peter suggests the one of them who deserves to be Peter Jay Novins should have the entire life. Peter points out that Novins is a misanthrope that hates people, but Novins defends himself. Peter points out that Novins’ has made crooked deals and has the ethics of a weasel. Peter called and told his bosses he wouldn’t take the job.

Day 5: Freeday

A sick Nevins is at his hotel when the phone rings. He answers it. Peter tells him that he apologized to one of Novins’ girlfriends, Patty, who he messed up. Novins claims not to remember it that way. Peter also called Jamey and managed to work things out with her. He warns Novins that things change from here.

Day 6: Shatterday

Peter comes to see Novins at his hotel room. Novins admits he’s trying to come to terms with his new duality. Novins goes to the window while Peter explains that when he got loose, he was the shadow. Now Novins is becoming the shadow, the memory. Peter isn’t sorry that something broke them apart, because he would have been stuck with a lousy life and a miserable death. He tells Novins that things are going well with Jamey and their mother doesn’t have long to live. However, Peter plans to make up for the last 25 years since their dad died. Now he wants to see if Novins needs anything, and to learn if he would have done anything different. Novins admits that he wouldn’t have done anything special. Novins tells him to take care and they shake. As Peter leaves, Novins fades away into a distant memory.