The Uncle Devil Show - Recap

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A little boy, Gregory, is playing at home when his father comes home with a video for his favorite show, Tim Ferret and Friends. As the parents talk in the kitchen, Gregory watches the show and Uncle Devil, the host, comes on and advertises cereal, Beezle Bits. Uncle Devil tips over the box, revealing a snake, and tells the viewers never to brush their teeth.

Uncle Devil then does his Learning Lab and sends the kids to get their learning kits. Gregory gets the one that open she sent away with. On the screen, Uncle devil performs a magical ritual and Gregory does the same thing. He ends up summoning bugs that crawl throughout the house.

Gregory needs a pet for the next experiment. He calls in the dog, there’s a flash of light, and the dog ends up with four eyes. As Gregory’s mother and father discuss home teaching, Uncle Devil brings out a wish puppet. Gregory makes his wish and turns to see that his parents have snake and bear heads. His toy bulldozer runs through a wall on its own revealing a fantasy land beyond that. Uncle Devil tells Gregory to make one more big wish and the boy turns his stuffed dinosaur into a real creature. Gregory’s mom goes to answer the door just as the video ends… and everything goes back to normal. Gregory puts away his box of magic while a single bug remains behind.