The Misfortune Cookie - Recap

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Food critic Harry Folger is in his office making snide remarks about a TV food reviewer, Dana Duchow, who is reviewing Philly cheese steaks. He boasts that his reputation is built on more upscale restaurants, but his co-worker points out that Folger enjoys trashing restaurant. Duchow mentions Mr. Lee’s Chinese Cuisine and boasts how good the food is. Folger decides to write a review without going there, and boasts he’ll go there later to get a matchbook to put in h is miniature graveyard of restaurants he’s panned.

Later, Harry goes to Mr. Lee’s and tries the food. He’s unimpressed and asks for the check. Mr. Lee brings him a fortune cookie and explains that he doesn’t want Harry to pay for something he isn’t satisfied with. He says the fortune cookie is special. The message says that a grand reward waits for Harry around the corner. As he leaves, a jewel thief runs into him and drops the bag of jewels. The thief runs away and the owner arrives. Happy that Harry managed to stop the thief instead of the guards, he pays Harry the $1,000 reward he would have given to the guards. Harry looks at the fortune cookie message and wonders.

The next day, Harry returns to the restaurant and offers to make everything right… next week. Right now he wants a table for one and asks for a special fortune cookie. Mr. Lee warns that not everyone is pleased with what the cookies say, but Harry goes ahead. At the end of the meal, he reads the message, which says that April will arrive today, bringing romance. He notes that it is September and, dissatisfied, threatens that his review will stand. However, as he walks back to the office he bumps into an attractive woman who is going to a business at the office where he works. He invites her on a date and she agrees, and then gives her name as April Hamilton.

That night, Harry takes April to Mr. Lee’s. She’s impressed by the food but wonders why he brought her there. Mr. Lee brings them both fortune cookies. April reads hers, which says that an error in judgment will soon be made apparent to her. Harry reads his, which says that he’s going to die. He confronts the bus boy and demands to see Mr. Lee, and April leaves, realizing that Harry is a jerk. Mr. Lee comes in and tells him that he only gets the fortune he deserves. Harry threatens to bring the health inspectors and walks out the door. Outside, Harry clutches at his stomach in sudden hunger. He goes to the first one he finds and tries to assuage his hunger. No matter how much he eats, he continues to starve. Finally he receives his fortune cookie. The message informs him that he’s dead. Harry realizes that he’s in Hell, damned to eternal hunger.