The Toys of Caliban - Recap

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An elderly couple, Ernest and Mary Ross, are in their home with their mentally challenged son Toby. As Toby looks through a book, he sees a picture of a stuffed unicorn. He concentrates and summons it. They have dinner and Toby keeps asking for doughnuts. Once he finishes his meal, Ernest starts to get out a picture of doughnuts. However, Toby concentrates and causes doughnuts to appear in his hand. Ernest is surprised and worried to see that Toby can do it without the picture.

Later, Toby is writhing in pain on his bed and Ernest figures Toby’s been summoning food when they don’t know it. Ernest warns Mary that they can’t find a doctor to make a house call but Mary insists they need to get help. Ernest finally calls an ambulance. They take Toby to the ER where the doctor tells them Toby is suffering from food poisoning and they want to keep him overnight for observation. Ernest insists that Toby can’t stay but if he must, he needs a private room without comic books or television. The doctor agrees and makes the arrangements.

The next morning, Mandy Kemp with Social Services arrives with some questions for Toby’s parents. She notes they have no record of his schooling and the Moss parents explain that Toby is mentally handicapped and they want to take care of him themselves. Toby spots a nearby magazine and tries to grab it and Ernest snaps at him. Mandy can’t understand why they’re depriving their child of magazines. The Moss couple leaves with their son while Mandy prepares to begin an investigation into the Moss household.

Once the Moss family gets home, they send Toby to play while Mary worries that he saw a squirrel. Ernest assures that if Toby summons it, it’ll arrive dead and he’ll bury it. He also assures Mary he’ll take care of Mandy if she arrives. In his room, Toby concentrates and summons the magazine from the hospital. He thumbs through it. Mary goes to check on her son and finds the magazine. He’s holding something in his hands and Mary collapses to the ground, clutching at her chest. The magazine falls, revealing a picture of a human heart. Ernest comes in and realizes that his wife is dead.

Later, Ernest mourns his wife and holds a picture of her while Toby plays with his toys. Mandy arrives to give her condolences and Ernest says that Mary was tired after so long. The social worker comes in and sees Toby with all his toys. Mandy offers Ernest some literature on mental institution but he tears them up and tells her to leave. She tells him that she can have Toby removed from his custody because he keeps Toby prisoner. Toby cries and clutches at his father’s leg and Ernest reassures him. He then tells Mandy to sit down as he tells her what the situation is. He brings out a book and shows Toby a photo of a dagger. Ernest tells him to “bring” and Toby causes the dagger to materialize in his hands. Mandy thinks it’s some kind of magic trick so Ernest tells her to pick any picture. She selects a photo of a suit of knight’s armor and Toby brings it.

Ernest explains that it’s a curse and that Toby can’t summon anything living: it dies upon arrival. However, Toby forgets and their backyard is filled with animal corpses. Ernest warns that Toby is able to bring things without a picture. Mandy apologizes as Ernest says that he and his wife were the prisoners. Mandy insists that Toby still needs help but Ernest observes that the authorities will abuse Toby’s power until they have no further use for him. Ernest orders Mandy out but Toby sees a picture of Anne. He concentrates… and Anne’s corpse appears in the rocking chair. Toby screams in terror and Mandy runs out in horror.

Later, Ernest buries his wife’s corpse in the backyard and apologizes to her. He hears sirens in the distance and says it’s time. He goes back inside and gives Toby a book. As he praises his son, Ernest turns the pages to a picture of a burning house. He says he loves Toby, who says “bring” one more time. The house explodes into flames, killing them both. Mandy and the police can only look on