Season 1

1 :01x01 - Evergreen

To control their troubled teenager Jenna, the Winslows move into a gated community called Evergreen, where their daughter soon discovers the twisted truths behind the neighborhood.
Guest Stars: Amber Tamblyn as Jenna | Paul Perri as Cliff Brooks |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Moss as Logan | Anthony Harrison as Ed | Eileen Pedde as Joyce | Chantal Conlin as Julie | Ryan Michael as Ron Agar | Sandra Ferrens as Nell Agar | Steve Makaj as Guard | Elan Ross Gibson as Woman
Director: Allan Kroeker

2 :01x02 - One Night at Mercy

Dr. Jay Ferguson saves his first life, and is then assigned to a case in which a John Doe patient claims that he is Death. Jay is skeptical at first, but when Death says that he is quitting because of depression, he realizes that the man was telling nothing but the truth. A doctor dedicated to saving lives, Jay is happy to hear that no one will die... until he realizes the terrible consequences.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Death | Tyler Christopher as Dr. Jay Ferguson |
Co-Guest Stars: Lynda Boyd as Head Nurse (Linda) | Liza Huget as Nurse #1 | Allixandria East as Wife | Kwesi Ameyaw as Paramedic #1 | Joyce Krenz as Jay's Mother | Kurt Max Runte as Senior Resident
Director: Peter O'Fallon

3 :01x03 - Shades of Guilt

When a black man becomes the victim of a racist beating, he escapes for a short minute and is given a window of opportunity for help. He begs Matt McGreevey to let him in his car, however, Matt frantically drives away. He later learns that the man has died, but realizes that his skin is becoming darker, and that his face is changing. Matt soon learns that he has fully transformed into the man he refused to save that night...
Guest Stars: Hill Harper as John Woodrell | Vincent Ventresca as Matt McGreevey |
Co-Guest Stars: Mari Morrow as Clare Woodrell | Barbara Tyson as Hilary | Blu Mankuma as Thomas Sumner | Camyar Chai as Dr. Lisker (as Cam Chai) | J.B. Bivens as Hank | Michael Shanks as Donnie | Corrie Clark (2) as Robbin | David Hurtubise as Desk Clerk (as Dave Hurtubise) | Colin Corrigan as Skinhead | Frederick Pleasure II as Man
Director: Perry Lang

4 :01x04 - Dream Lover

Andrew Lomax, a graphic novelist in the midst of a writer's block, invents his own dream lover called Sondra to try and help himself overcome it. Andrew soon becomes possessive of Sondra, angering her and driving her to try and interact with the outside world. However, Sondra succeeds and begins to get a life of her own, and threatens to push Andrew out of existence forever...
Guest Stars: Shannon Elizabeth as Sondra Lomax | Adrian Pasdar as Andrew Lomax |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Ratner as Lafe Narz (as Benjamin Ratner) | John Reardon (1) as Sam (as John Henry Reardon)
Director: Peter O'Fallon

5 :01x05 - Cradle of Darkness

A woman, Andrea, goes back in time intending to kill Adolf Hitler as baby to stop World War II from happening. Will she succeed?
Guest Stars: Katherine Heigl as Andrea Collins | James Remar as Alois Hitler |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy Sivak as Klara Hitler | Jillian Fargey as Kristina | Gardiner Millar as Chief Customs Inspector | Liduina Vanderspek as Inspector's Wife | Glynis Davies as Mentally Ill Woman | Ian Marsh as Police Officer | Mark Burgess as Priest | Colin Lawrence as Daniel Barrett | Linden Banks as Darren Caulder
Writer: Kamran Pasha

6 :01x06 - Night Route

Melina is haunted by strange phenomena: a mysterious bus that follows her around and people who know her name that she has never met...
Guest Stars: Ione Skye as Melina Kroner | Dylan Walsh as Adam |
Co-Guest Stars: Art Kitching as Jet | Wanda Cannon as Devora | Constance Barnes as Janet | Nicki Clyne as Theresa | Emily Perkins as Dina | Michael Puttonen as Elderly Man

7 :01x07 - Time Lapse

Orderly Zack Walker starts suffering from blackouts after a patient arrives in his ward. In each one he finds himself getting closer and closer to making an assassination attempt on the President's daughter.
Guest Stars: Ethan Embry as Zack Walker | Alexandra Barreto as Maria Hernandez |
Co-Guest Stars: Taayla Markell as Mei Ling | Stephen Chang as Wu Shan (as Stephen M.D. Chang) | Nathaniel DeVeaux as Carl Taggart (as Nathaniel Deveaux) | Rob Lee as Fisk | Suzette Meyers as Newscaster | Kevin McCrae as Dark Suited Man |
Uncredited: Lesley Ewen as Night Clerk
Director: John Kretchmer

8 :01x08 - Dead Man's Eyes

A widow on the verge of a mental collapse discovers that her murdered husband's eyeglasses may reveal the identity of his killer...
Guest Stars: Portia de Rossi as Laurel Janus | Kristin Lehman as Becca Niles |
Co-Guest Stars: William de Vry as Nick Janus | Dion Luther as Stanley Coe | Paula Shaw as Judge | Peter Kelamis as Lew Gallo | Chris Shields as Jury Foreman
Director: Jerry Levine

9 :01x09 - The Pool Guy

A pool maintenance man loses his grip on reality after experiencing horrifying nightmares.
Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips as Richie Almares | Erik King as Lenny |
Co-Guest Stars: Mackenzie Gray as Mr. Hunt | Venus Terzo as Dr. Anna Rosoff / Spokeswoman | Jana Mitsoula as Mrs. Hunt | Zak Santiago as Cheto (as Zak Santiago Alam) | Roger Haskett as Lab Tech | Claudine Grant as Reporter
Director: Brad Turner

10 :01x10 - Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine

A young boy summons a comic book barbarian to help defend him against bullies.
Guest Stars: Rory Culkin as Craig Hansen | Patrick Warburton as Azoth the Avenger |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter LaCroix as Darrell Hansen (as Peter Lacroix) | Suzy Joachim as Lorraine Hansen | Gina Doty as Ms. Hutchins | Ryan McDonell as Street Punk #1 | Thomas Edge as Street Punk #2 | Kenyan Lewis as Street Punk #3
Director: Brad Turner

11 :01x11 - The Lineman

A man gains the power to hear people's thoughts after a freak lightning storm, which he uses for his own personal greed.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Piven as Tyler Andrew Ward | Olivia d'Abo as Shannon | Vincent Laresca as Buddy | Zeljko Ivanek as ER Chief |
Co-Guest Stars: Grace Chen as Angela | Julie Fitzgerald as Nurse | Michael Luckerman as Sleazy Lawyer | Anita Ortega as Hispanic Woman | Darren Flam as Paramedic | Blue Deckert as Older Lineman
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Writer: Pen Densham

12 :01x12 - Harsh Mistress

A man purchases an infamous guitar which brings rewards... with a price to pay.
Guest Stars: Lukas Haas as Cory Williams | Sticky Fingaz as Rickey | Tangi Miller as Ashley |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Byrnes as Dion | Greg Kean as Executive | Joelly Segal as Engineer | Crystal Lowe as Groupie | Jy Harris as Sound Tech
Director: Brad Turner
Songs: BROTHER and Paul Goldwitz -- Harsh Mistress

13 :01x13 - Upgrade

Annie's fantasies about a new family come true and she is horrified to discover she is next on the list...
Guest Stars: Susanna Thompson as Annie | Timothy Carhart as Philip |
Co-Guest Stars: Laara Sadiq as Yasmine Haleem | Heather McEwen as New Tess | Sam MacMillan as New Sean | Robert Wisden as New Philip | Alexandra Purvis as Tess | Jaren Brandt Bartlett as Sean
Director: Joe Chappelle

14 :01x14 - To Protect and Serve

A young police officer tries to protect a prostitute from her pimp... that he shot dead.
Guest Stars: Usher as Eric Boggs | Samantha Esteban as Carla Arroyo (as Samantha Becker) |
Co-Guest Stars: Gabrielle Miller as Angela Perry | Dion Johnstone as Rigo Valentine | Daniella Evangelista as Prostitute | Klodyne Rodney as Morgue Attendant | Artine Brown as Homicide Detective
Director: Joe Chappelle
Writer: Kamran Pasha

15 :01x15 - Chosen

Perennial loser Vince Hansen is approached by two black-clad individuals who say he's been chosen. He refuses to listen but soon realize that they're approaching his friends and neighbors... and they're disappearing one at a time.
Guest Stars: Jake Busey as Vince Hansen | Nicholas Turturro as "Speed" Moorcock (as Nick Turturro) |
Co-Guest Stars: Claudette Mink as Lea | Kim Hawthorne as Muriel | Andrew Moxham as Michael | Brad Sihvon as Doyle | Ken Tremblett as Pitch Man | Mi-Jung Lee as Newcaster |
Uncredited: Michael Kopsa as Special Agent Richard Schultz | Patrick Keating as Doomsayer
Director: Winrich Kolbe

16 :01x16 - Sensuous Cindy

A man buys a "virtual girlfriend" and ends up finding the roles reversed.
Guest Stars: Greg Germann as Ben Baker | Jaime Pressly as Cindy | Tiffany Knight as Samantha | Fred Ewanuick as Garrett
Director: John Kretchmer

17 :01x17 - Hunted

In a near-perfect futuristic society, a murderer strikes at will and a squad of soldiers are sent into the forest to track the killer down.
Guest Stars: Scott Bairstow as Jeffrey Freed | Marisol Nichols as Lt. Joanne Yarrow |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Flemming as Wolowicz | Jim Shield as Hughes | Simon Wong as Kim | Scott Heindl as Kreetor | Michelle Harrison as Kelly Freed
Director: Patrick Norris

18 :01x18 - Mr. Motivation

A timid office worker is told to take control of his life by an eerie doll who tells him to stand up to his overbearing boss.
Guest Stars: Wallace Langham as Charlie Stickney | Christopher McDonald as Rick | Pat O'Brien (1) as Mr. Motivation |
Co-Guest Stars: Helene Joy as Linda | Darrell Izeard as Joe |
Uncredited: Zachary Ansley as Carl
Director: Deran Sarafian
Story: Steven Aspis | Teleplay: Brent V. Friedman

19 :01x19 - Sanctuary

Two overworked people find a home that provides everything they could ever want. Except the ability to leave the house.....
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Berkley as Marisa Sanborn | Rob Estes as Scott Turner | Nicki Aycox as Rikki |
Co-Guest Stars: Lauchlin McDonald as Paul
Director: Patrick Norris

20 :01x20 - Future Trade

A man swaps his life with someone else.
Guest Stars: Frank Whaley as Martin Donnor | Dean Winters as Mr. Gordon | Sofia Milos as Francesca |
Co-Guest Stars: Anne Marie Loder as Carroll | Cam Cronin as Skip Rollins (as Cameron Cronin) | David Kaye as Mr. Cromwell | Leanne Adachi as Receptionist | June B. Wilde as Mrs. Decker | C.J. Jackman-Zigante as Maid
Director: Bob Balaban
Writer: Clyde Hayes

21 :01x21 - Found and Lost

A businessman is given a second chance to regain his first love.
Guest Stars: Brian Austin Green as Sean Moore (as Brian A. Green) | Moira Kelly as Elizabeth Wicker |
Co-Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Kate | Marnie Alton as Alicia | Marilyn Norry as Jessica | Alfred E. Humphreys as Paul | Robbie Holloway as 17 Year Old Sean | Vanessa Morley as 15 Year Old Bess
Director: Vern Gillum
Story: Bill Mumy | Teleplay: Frederick Rappaport

22 :01x22 - Gabe's Story

Loser Gabe O'Brien discovers that his entire life is cursed... by writers who are scripting his life.
Guest Stars: Christopher Titus as Gabe O' Brien | Kelly Perine as Jumpsuit Man |
Co-Guest Stars: Jed Ross as Luke | Sarah Strange as Roxanne | Stefanie von Pfetten as Nancy O'Brien | William Samples as Mr. Jennings | Tom Scholte as Writer #1 | Brenda Crichlow as Writer #2
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Dusty Kay

23 :01x23 - Last Lap

A dying cancer patient, Andy, survives a car crash that costs his friend Marcos his life. Andy discovers that he's been cured of his cancer, but is confused when no one else seems upset at Marcos' death.
Guest Stars: Clifton Collins, Jr. as Andy Perez | Greg Serano as Marco Flores |
Co-Guest Stars: Carlos Cervantes as Mr. Perez (as Gary Carlos Cervantes) | Gina Gallego as Mrs. Perez | Jason Low as Donnie | Mercedes De La Zerda as Jami | Santo Lombardo as Ruben | Scott Elam as Homeless Man
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Rob Hedden

24 :01x24 - The Path

A magazine writer meets a man who can guide others to their perfect future. However, the question soon becomes: when does guidance become dependence?
Guest Stars: Linda Cardellini as Ally Warner | Method Man as Kneigh |
Co-Guest Stars: Colin Cunningham as Seth | Ryan Robbins as Tony | Ray Galletti as Brad | Tricia Young as Cass | Lisa Sanson as Mandy | Warren Christie as Devin |
Uncredited: Sarah Edmondson as Earnest Young Woman
Director: Jerry Levine

25 :01x25 - Fair Warning

Tina finds herself threatened by a seemingly-deranged man named George who mysteriously disappears...
Guest Stars: Taryn Manning as Tina Bishop | Devon Gummersall as George Straitton |
Co-Guest Stars: Kandyse McClure as Gwen | Andrew Johnston (1) as Detective Henley | Preston Cook as Ryan
Director: John Kretchmer

26 :01x26 - Another Life

A successful rapper has everything he wants... but has visions of being interrogated for a killing in a darkened room.
Guest Stars: Wood Harris as Marvin Gardens | Kimberly Elise as Jasmine / Police Detective | Brian Markinson as Sinclair |
Co-Guest Stars: Meshach Peters as Marvin Jr. | Doron Bell as Chuck (as Doron Bell Jr.) | Garfield Wilson as Mixer | Mark Holden (1) as Uniformed Cop

27 :01x27 - Rewind

Jonah has never been too good at gambling, but with a device that allows him to go back five minutes, it just might be his lucky day...
Guest Stars: Eddie Kaye Thomas as Jonah Beech | Marisa Coughlan as April Beech |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Bass as Trevor | John Callander as Homeless Man | Kevan Ohtsji as Tony | Jerry Rector as Guard | Kimani Ray Smith as Frank | Michael Rogers as Tommy (87)
Director: Kevin Bray

28 :01x28 - Tagged

An artist and street tagger, Marcus, is pushed by his gang into shooting a man painting over his spot. Afterward, peculiar things start happening...
Guest Stars: Paul Rodriguez as Rosas | Todd Williams as Marcus Fisher |
Co-Guest Stars: Enuka Okuma as Shauna | Viv Leacock as Dex | Adrian Holmes as String | Emy Aneke as Fido | Darcy Laurie as Santos
Director: James Head
Story: Charles Largent | Teleplay: Michael Angeli

29 :01x29 - Into the Light

A teacher sees lights on people's faces just before they die. She finds out that one of her troubled students, Ben, is about to shoot many students, can she stop him?
Guest Stars: Samantha Mathis as Rachel Stark | Reed Diamond as Teacher / Rachel's Boyfriend |
Co-Guest Stars: Kyle Labine as Ben | Peter Bryant as Principal | Andrew Francis as Brian | Elizabeth Thai as Arlie | Morgan Fane as Tony | Chris Johnson (1) as Jose

30 :01x30 - It's Still a Good Life

Long ago, when Anthony Fremont was born, his hometown of Peaksville disappeared into nowhere. The people living there never knew whether the world came apart or they were moved. But they soon learned all about Anthony Fremont, whose powerful mind could actualize any whim. Decades have passed, and Anthony has grown into a man, and sired a child, Audrey. Audrey may be more powerful than her father, and on that hope rests the one chance for the inhabitants of Peaksville - if Agnes can persuade her to take on her father.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Agnes Fremont | Liliana Mumy as Audrey Fremont | Bill Mumy as Anthony Fremont |
Co-Guest Stars: Chilton Crane as Lorna | Robert Moloney as Joe | Kerry Sandomirsky as Cynthia | Samuel Patrick Chu as Timmy | Paul McGillion as George | Kirsten Kilburn as Timmy's Mom
Director: Allan Kroeker

31 :01x31 - The Monsters Are on Maple Street

The people of Maple Street have a power outage in which cars, cell phones, and even Game Boy Advances cease their activity. Everyone believes that terrorists are the source, and settle on the mysterious new neighbors as the source of their problems.
Guest Stars: Andrew McCarthy as Marshall | Titus Welliver as Dylan |
Co-Guest Stars: Kristi Angus as Holly | Peter Williams (1) as Tyrone | Enid-Raye Adams as Phyllis | Brody Smith as Jason | Russell Jung as Simon
Director: Debbie Allen
Story: Rod Serling | Teleplay: Erin Maher, Kay Reindl

32 :01x32 - Memphis

An African-American man is hit by a car in the year 2003... and finds himself transported back in time to April 1968.
Guest Stars: Eriq La Salle as Ray Ellison | Jascha Washington as Lucas | Vivica A. Fox as Adelaide |
Co-Guest Stars: Don S. Davis as Dr. Tate | David Parker (2) as Cop | John Murphy (1) as Officer Russell | Keith Dallas as Man | Chris Shields as Dr. Tyler | Efosa Otuomagie as Dr. King
Director: Eriq La Salle

33 :01x33 - How Much Do You Love Your Kid?

A woman becomes part of a reality television program when her son is kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Bonnie Somerville as Donna Sidchek | Wayne Knight as Nick Dark |
Co-Guest Stars: Steve Bacic as Ted | Nico McEown as Wylie | Bill MacKenzie as Watch Sergeant | Geoff Adams as Custodian | Matthew Currie Holmes as Camera Man | Daniel Boileau as Sound Man
Director: Allison Liddi

34 :01x34 - The Placebo Effect

A hypochondriac is able to manifest his thoughts into the real world, posing a danger to everyone when he reads about a lethal virus in a science fiction novel.
Guest Stars: Sydney Tamiia Poitier as Dr. Leslie Coburn | Jeffrey Combs as Harry Raditch |
Co-Guest Stars: Stellina Rusich as Rhonda | Michael David Simms as Dr. Marks | Jessica Amlee as Girl | Gina Stockdale as Dying Woman | Donna Yamamoto as Receptionist |
Uncredited: Paul Batten as State Health Doctor
Director: Jerry Levine

35 :01x35 - Cold Fusion

A military scientist is sent to an Alaskan research center after losing contact with the scientists there.
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Paul Thorson | Keith Hamilton Cobb as Commander Skyles | Ian McShane as Dr. Chandler |
Co-Guest Stars: Gordon Michael Woolvett as Gordon | Scott Hylands as Admiral Munro | Nancy Sorel as Morgan | Aaron Pearl as Team Commander
Director: Eli Richbourg

36 :01x36 - The Pharaoh's Curse

A young magician tries to learn the secret of an impossible illusion from an old conjurer.
Guest Stars: Shawn Hatosy as Mario Devlin | Lindy Booth as Shannon | Xander Berkeley as Harry Kellogg |
Co-Guest Stars: Alana Husband as Jenna | Karen Holness as Veejay | Shawn Stewart as Attendant | Alexis Llewellyn as Girl
Director: Bob Balaban
Writer: Stephen Beck

37 :01x37 - The Collection

A babysitter is in extreme danger when the dolls of the child she is taking care of come to life.
Guest Stars: Jessica Simpson as Miranda Evans | Ashley Edner as Danielle Randall |
Co-Guest Stars: Ian Robison as Pete (Pete Randall) | Tamara Prescott as Ellen (Ellen Randall)
Director: John Kretchmer

38 :01x38 - Eye of the Beholder

A disfigured woman is required to undertake surgery to make herself normal. It has always failed before, could it work this time?
Guest Stars: Molly Sims as Janet Tyler | Reggie Hayes as Doctor | Roger R. Cross as The Leader |
Co-Guest Stars: Allison Hossack as Janet's Nurse | Chris Kramer as Mr. Smith | June B. Wilde as Nurse #2 | Michael Karl Richards as Orderly
Director: David Ellis (1)
Writer: Rod Serling

39 :01x39 - Developing

A woman finally gets over the death of her fiancé and starts taking photographs again, but each one captures the image of their planned dream house no matter what subject she uses.
Guest Stars: Robin Tunney as Edie Durant | Malik Yoba as Shawn |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as Alec | Kavan Smith as Matthew | Donny Lucas as Phil | Christopher Mavrikos as Ash | Stacey Fair (1) as Erin |
Uncredited: Victoria Anderson as Teenage Photography Subject
Director: Allison Liddi

40 :01x40 - The Executions of Grady Finch

Grady Finch is a man convicted of a crime he claims he didn't commit. He discovers that he can't be executed: every attempt inexplicably fails. When he can't be executed, he's released from prison during a retrial. Grady insists that a higher justice is protecting his life, but his lawyer isn't so sure.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Sisto as Grady Finch | Alicia Witt as Liz |
Co-Guest Stars: Terry Chen as Nathan Park | Stephen E. Miller as Warden Tobey | Larry Musser as Lead Executioner | Robert Clarke (1) as Dr. Yarrow | Clay St. Thomas as Prison TV Reporter |
Uncredited: Tanis Parenteau as Young Woman #1 | Marsha Regis as Attractive Young Woman

41 :01x41 - Homecoming

A father returns from the war for a reunion, albeit briefly, with his son.
Guest Stars: Gil Bellows as Rob Malone | Rebecca Jenkins as Mrs. Malone | Penn Badgley as Trace Malone |
Co-Guest Stars: Dalias Blake as Beckett | Jason Gaffney as Rosey | Benjamin Rogers as Lance
Songs: Pete Yorn -- All of Me, The Commitments -- Try a Little Tenderness

42 :01x42 - Sunrise

A group of students must sacrifice one of their own to save the Earth after they unleash an Aztec curse that causes the sun to disappear.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Jackson as Marty | Sarah Carter as Amber | Michael Pena as Noah (as Michael A. Pena) | Lauren Lee Smith as Eve | Tyler Labine as Wesley
Director: Tim Matheson

43 :01x43 - Burned

A man pays the price after having a building deliberately burned down to collect the insurance money.
Guest Stars: Jason Bateman as Scott Crane | Angela Featherstone as Kate Graham |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Cassini as Rick | Marrett Green as TV Anchor Person | Kimberly Unger as Female Anchor | Ted Friend as Male Anchor | Dominic Louis as Dimitri | Rachel Victoria as Sonia
Director: John Kretchmer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2002
Ended: May 21, 2003
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