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Cradle of Darkness - Recap

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Three citizens of the future plan to send one of their number, Andrea Collins, back in time to Austria in the 20th century to alter history. Andrea arrives at the proper time and place and goes to a home. She introduces herself as Marta Eickelman, the housekeeper for the couple that owns the house: Alois and Klara Hitler. The maid, Kristina, brings in their baby son: Adolf.

Alois appoints Andrea to watch over Adolf since his wife Klara is suffering from mental strain. Andrea prepares to smother the baby with a pillow, but Klara wanders in and talks about how Alois has forbidden her to see her son, but she very much loves them both.

As Andrea serves tea to Alois, he flirts with her and asks her to the opera. Andrea deflects him by suggesting he take Kristina again. Alois considers the matter and later Kristina asks Andrea to watch Adolf while she goes out with Alois. Kristina finally admits that she's having an affair with Alois, and that his wife Klara was a maid before Alois married her.

That night, after Alois and Kristina leave and Klara dozes off, Andrea tries to smother Adolf but can't bring herself to harm the innocent child. She goes to the cathedral to confess and talks obliquely of her mission, but the priest tells her that only God has the right to take a life. Andrea returns to the Hitler household and tells Klara to leave the country with her son. Klara refuses to abandon her husband. Outside, Andrea runs into Alois who talks of his hopes of uniting Germany and Austria and defeating the Jews who oppose them. A gypsy woman, clearly shell shocked and holding a baby, bumps into them and Alois condemns the gypsies as well.

That night, the HItlers entertain an Inspector and his wife. Andrea finally decides to dispose of Adolf the only way she can and steals out with him. Kristina notices that Adolf is missing and runs after her. Andrea takes Adolf to a bridge and throws herself and the child into the river below. Kristina arrives and sees them die. As she goes back to the house, she sees the gypsy woman holding her son.

Andrea returns to the Hitlers and presents "Adolf" to his father. Alois seems to notice something odd but Klara quickly embraces her son and displays him to their visitors. Alois is satisfied, and Kristina takes "Adolf" back to his room to fulfill his destiny.