Found and Lost - Recap

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Businessman Sean Moore arrives at his office and prepares to make a major deal. His secretary Kate checks in with him, noting his mother’s birthday is the next day. Sean casually dismisses it as well as an interview he has with a reporter. The secretary convinces him to talk to the reporter and he reluctantly talks to her. The reporter, Elizabeth Carter, wonders why Sean is selling the business he helped build and he boasts that greed is good. Elizabeth asks him about a baseball that his father gave him as a child and sold for $8,000. Sean grows tired of the conversation and cuts the interview short. Elizabeth leaves and Sean complains to Kate about his headache. He opens his drawer to get some aspirin… and finds the baseball. He realizes it’s the baseball he sold sixteen years ago.

Sean thinks Elizabeth planted it but Kate denies that Elizabeth was ever out of her sight. She offers to check and tells him he needs to finish his presentation. That night, Sean goes back to his apartment and Kate calls to tell him that no one knows about the baseball. Elizabeth calls to set up another interview, and another woman, Alicia, asks to come over. They end up in bed together and Alicia says she loves him. He asks her to leave and she notes he hasn’t paid her for the entire night yet. He gives her money and tells her not to go so heavy on the “I love you.” As he dresses, he notices his old high school football jacket in the closet. He accuses Alicia of receiving money from Elizabeth to put it there but she claims she doesn’t know anything about it. Sean says he burned it years ago but it’s the same jacket. He finds a letter in the jacket from his first girlfriend, Bess Wicker. As Alicia leaves, he reads the letters and it talks about how Beth couldn’t forgive him.

Sean goes back to his office and finds Elizabeth waiting for him in the parking garage. He demands answers and she notes he’s afraid to look at his past. Elizabeth points out that he lives alone and nobody cares about him and he doesn’t care about anyone. She says she loves him and he recognizes her as Bess Wicker. Kate walks by and when Sean turns back to Bess, he discovers she’s gone.

In his office, Sean calls the editor of the magazine Bess said she was from. The editor has no idea what article Sean is talking about and says there’s been a mistake. He explains that Bess Wicker was killed in a car crash three days ago. Sean reads the obituary and Kate suggests it might be a hoax, but Sean is sure it was Bess. Kate wonders if it was a ghost and Sean wonders why Bess is trying to get him to remember the past. Kate says that he needs to focus and won’t get a second chance. Sean realizes that Bess is trying to give him a second chance.

Sean goes to see his mother, Jessica, who says it’s been a while. He wishes her a happy birthday and gives her a kiss, and she’s surprised. He asks her about Bess and Jessica says it’s a shame that Sean let her get away. Sean says he saw Bess recently and she gave her the baseball. Jessica says that it broke his father’s heart when Sean stole it and sold it. Sean tries to justify himself but Jessica refuses to take it, saying it’s too late. Sean bends down to pick up the ball, which has fallen into the sewer.

At the sales meeting, Sean gives his presentation to the buyers but the footage is of Sean’s father and mother at their new home, taking a videotape of Sean and Bess as teenagers. There’s footage of Sean’s mother and father kissing and Bess saying “I love you” to Sean. He starts to cry and walks out. He goes back to his childhood home, now abandoned. Bess appears behind him and says she hoped he’d return there. He talks about the plans they had to buy the house from their parents and fix it up. Sean admits it’s too late to change the path, and figures that’s why she came back. Bess says she can’t give him anything, but he has to be willing to take it.

Sean walks up to the door and notices that she’s disappeared. As he reaches for the doorknob, he hears his father’s laughter on the other side. He opens the door… and finds the house inside in its original condition. The baseball is on the mantle, and a 17-year-old Sean takes the baseball. As he prepares to leave, he remembers how the theft affected his father, and hears Bess calling his name. He turns around and puts the baseball back. Sean’s parents come in and Bess arrives, wearing his high school jacket. She notices the baseball in place and says she didn’t think he’d be there. He says they had plans, and he and Bess go out to a movie. His father asks if he needs any money, and Sean says he has all he needs.