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Last Lap - Recap

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Marco Flores is out driving with his sick friend Andy Perez in his GT car and they discuss old times before Andy was ill. Andy gets worse and says he’s afraid of going asleep for fear he won’t wake up. He says that the painkillers aren’t working any more and he’s dying of cancer. Marco insists that Andy won’t die.

The two men pull up to the course and are surprised to find out that it’s set up already. Andy tells Marco to drive the course and insists the cancer hasn’t killed him yet. He figures if he doesn’t drive it now, he never will. They belt in and race the track. At first everything goes well but then the tire blows out and they spin out of control. The car goes off the tracks and crashes.

Andy wakes up in the ambulance and the EMT tells him that Marco died in the crash. When Andy says it should have been him because he was dying anyway, the EMT says that there’s no indication that he ever had cancer.

The next day, Andy goes back to the track and discovers that the track is shut down and deserted. He finds a homeless man who was watching them the previous night but the man says there was nobody and nothing there. Puzzled, Andy backs away and sees his race car pull up with another car containing two girls. As Andy remembers how the same thing happened to him and Marco, the cars fade away.

As Andy walks down the street, he sees a car drive slowly by. The driver winks at him: it’s Marco. Andy goes to and talks to Ruben, Marco’s brother. Ruben seems unconcerned and Andy wonders what’s going on. Marco’s brother says he doesn’t get it. Andy finds Marco’s car parked in back and begins to wonder if Marco is really dead. Ruben says that it’s no big deal

That night, Andy goes to a club and he tracks down his sister Jami, who was Marco’s girlfriend. When he wonders why she isn’t showing respect for Marco, she says that he’s dead and there’s nothing else to do. She goes over and sits next to… Marco. He offers Andy a drink and tells him to relax. Andy drinks up and Marco laughs and then disappears. Jami tells him that he’s obsessed and Andy gets out. He sees Marco getting into his car and gets in with his friend. Marco tells him that he’s dead and then disappears. Andy stumbles out and yells for his friend.

The next day, Andy’s parents and Jami worry about Andy. He comes in and insists nothing is wrong. They sit down with Andy and ask what they can do for him. However, they seem unconcerned about Marco’s death and Andy wonders what’s wrong with them. He runs outside and finds Marco waiting for him. Marco says they need to talk and explains Andy is the only one who can see him. He wants Andy to be happy and tells him he has to be open to the fact that everybody goes sooner or later, but ends up happy. Andy doesn’t believe it but Marco says that death is nothing to be scared of. He tells Andy he’ll always be there to listen to him and says he’ll see him tomorrow.

Later, Andy goes to Marco’s funeral and his family says he’s looking better. They tell him to take a look at Marco before they close the lid. Andy takes a last look at his friend’s body and cries. Marco sits up and tells him to look at everyone else, who are comfortable with the knowledge of Marco’s death knowing he’ll always be there. Marco tells Andy that it’ll be his turn…

… and Andy is back on the track as Marco tries to break the record. The car spins out of control and crashes. Marco pulls Andy away but Andy tells him that he’s not afraid any more and dies.