It's Still a Good Life - Recap

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Forty years ago, Peaksville, Ohio was cut off from the world by a young boy with the power to do anything and sense their every thought. The boy, Anthony Fremont, is now 46 and has a daughter, Audrey. Audrey doesn’t have any of her father’s powers but he still loves her.

Audrey is playing with a friend Timmy when she slips from a tree. Her grandmother Agnes tries to console her but Anthony hears the noise and comes out to see what happened. Audrey begs Anthony not to destroy Timmy and Anthony agrees. Timmy’s father George comes up and Anthony accuses him of raising his son to push his friends out of trees. He catches George thinking that he doesn’t want Timmy to play with Audrey, then sets him on fire with the power of his mind. Agnes begs Anthony to send the charred body to the cornfield and Anthony does so, then sends Timmy home to his mother.

Audrey is furious that no one will play with her from now on and Agnes warns her to think good thought about her daddy. She emphasizes that Audrey has to shield her thoughts like she trained her. Audrey gets mad, focuses on a picture of Anthony… and shatters it with her mind. Agnes gets her to admit that she’s used her powers before and that she can read Anthony’s mind. Later, Audrey asks Anthony what happens when people go to the cornfield and he tells her it’s a good place. She wonders why he only sends them there when he’s angry and he says he only does it for their own good, but he can’t bring them back. Agnes takes Audrey for a walk and visits the neighbor woman Lorna, and has Audrey display her powers. Agnes is thrilled that they finally have a weapon to use against Anthony, who killed their husbands and his own wife. Now she plans to be strong enough to destroy Anthony once and for all.

The next night is bowling night, and Anthony makes every strike as the townspeople applaud. He notices that everyone is watching Audrey but Agnes manages to dismiss his suspicions. Agnes confronts Lorna, who admits she told the others. Meanwhile, Anthony insists that Joe play a game against him and Joe throws the game. Anthony insists that he at least try and starts to get angry, but Audrey distracts him and he calms down. They leave together but not before he considers Lorna, who has been drinking heavily.

That night, a drunken Lorna is talking to her tomatoes when Anthony comes over and demands to know what she and Agnes were talking about. At home, Agnes is showing Audrey an old photo album and explains how Anthony got rid of all the cars and electricity and people because they annoyed him. They talk about how Anthony made all the watches disappear… and Audrey makes Agnes’ watch come back, something Anthony can’t do. Anthony returns and reveals what he’s discovered, and wonders if he can trust anyone except Audrey again. He asks Audrey to send away the photo album to demonstrate her powers. She does so and Anthony is pleased with her abilities. He calls a town meeting and refuses to tell his mother what it’s about.

The next day, everyone assembles and discovers that Lorna has been rendered brain-dead. Anthony accuses them of all being sneaky people to be punished. He chooses Joe, his wife, and two other people to send away to the cornfield. Agnes offers herself but when Anthony refuses, she finally snaps and curses the day she gave birth to Anthony. She says he’s the worst man who ever lived and asks Audrey to wish Anthony away. Audrey considers her father… and refuses to hurt her father. When Joe tries to attack Anthony, Audrey sends him away. Agnes screams in terror, and Audrey sends first her and then all the other townspeople away. She tells Anthony they don’t need anyone and takes his hand.

Back at home, Anthony is lonely and Audrey has something to cheer him up. She concentrates.. and the world returns outside of Peaksville. Audrey says they can go out and see the entire world, and a couple pulls up for directions. They start honking the horn, and Anthony starts to glare at them…